Mr. Hunter.

In this blog I want to share the stories from my personal life. You will be able to read my beliefs, thoughts and confessions from personal experience. In order not to hurt anybody, I’ve changed people’s names and introduce myself with pseudonym MisterX.


24. You are as young as you feel it. All life is still ahead for you!


Honest, active. I like the expression – those who don’t take risks, don’t drink champagne. Who doesn’t like to celebrate the life?


Women, luxury goods.

I’m still chasing girls. I don’t remember what for, but I’m still chasing them.

/Joe E. Lewis/

I believe that it is really important to be brave because bravery is the quality that provides the rest.


BMW 530. Even tho I love my baby, I am looking for a new one.

Place of residence

Latvija – Riga. Somewhere in between lit parties and enjoyable peace. Everything is in balance. My current location:

Riga, LV