Summer has finally come to Latvia, that is good news. The bad thing is that there are still all sorts of dramas going on in my life that I could do without.

Anna had returned after a weekend party with her family, and I don't know if anything happened at that event that upset her, but Anna wasn't in a good mood. I was completely derailed when she asked if I knew that Ramona and Dāvis were looking for a shared apartment. So she and Ramona have become such good friends that she even talked to her on a daily basis? I was not at all pleased with this revelation. I immediately thought that Ramona could reveal our spicy past to Anna. And knowing Anna's character, it is quite clear that I will get an outburst of emotions and slander that the world has not experienced since the volcano in Pompeii. So I said yes, I know that, but how does she know that? Anna explained that she and Ramona were texting almost every day, and she liked that Ramona was a crazy girl in a good way. No, no, no…. This friendship of theirs started to scare me. I tried (as neutrally as possible) to find out from Anna what she had talked to Ramona about and if Ramona had told anything about our past. I really don't think I asked anything that would have been offensive, but on the second or third question about Ramona, Anna blew everything up again. She began to insult me ​​for not being able to think about anything except Ramona as I was asking her all these questions. I said a few sharp words that maybe I didn't need to say, she said things she definitely didn't need to say, and the same scenario as before was repeated - Anna started packing some random stuff and at the same in a loud voice time told all these imaginary stories she started believing in. She accused me of cheating and claimed that I only needed her to make food and tidy the house. Here I want to mention that she does not do any housekeeping, nor does she know how to cook anything more than dumplings. But I didn't say that, I just let her continue her monologue, and after a while, as before, Anna was out the door, and again, I didn't really understand what exactly I had done for her to act so dramatically. I have to seriously consider whether I want to live with a drama queen like Anna. Of course, when all is well, then all is well, but these regular fights, when she slams the door and disappears for a week, were quite tiring. But on the other hand, I already know this scenario by heart. Now she will not communicate with me for a week, will not answer text messages and will not pick up the phone, then one day she will show up at my door, as if nothing had happened. I don't know how long I will be able to endure this behavior. Anyway, I decided to use this week of freedom usefully.

One of the useful things I did the day after Anna's drama was I went to a summer house where renovations had just begun. Of course, it was important to speak out and give the right instructions to the builders' brigade, but the real reason was that I wanted to vent my head and go somewhere further with the car. The day I drove to the countryside, unlike the Liepāja trip, was a beautiful spring day with dry asphalt, which made the trip with my M6 especially enjoyable. I was already used to the power of this car, and in good weather I was able to better test what my M series is capable of. The trip to the countryside was my therapy, exactly what was needed. While I'm at the helm of this beast, dramas such as Anna, Ramona and others, couldn't cloud my mind and I could just focus on the road and catch a driving vibe. Others meditate, others go to therapists, others go fishing, I need one such trip outside Riga at the wheel of my M6, and I have recharged my batteries for my daily routine and personal dramas. There are people for whom a car ride is just an appointment from point A to point B, but I really like the process of driving and being at the wheel. I will definitely write an article with pros and cons soon, about how it is to live with the M6 ​​on a daily basis. I can say for the time being that finding cons will not be so easy.

In any case, the trip to the summer house was just in time. We talked all things with the builders, and I promised that if they do this work well, then very soon I will give them a new object, because I don't plan to drag along the plan to buy a repairable apartment in Riga.

Anna hadn't said anything for two days and had ignored my calls. It didn't surprise or worry me anymore. Where there used to be a worry in my heart, now peace and indifference broke out. Rather, I began to enjoy the opportunity to ignore her dramas and focus on work. During this time, I went to see one apartment in Pardaugava and one on Maskavas Street. Maybe I would have chosen one of these options, but then an unexpected and very advantageous offer appeared. A friend of Kaspars (the guy at whose party I caught Covid) had told him that his relatives wanted to quickly sell an apartment where an old aunt-relative had lived before, or something like that. Kaspars, knowing that I had long wanted to get involved in the real estate business, told me this and I was interested. For some personal reason, which did not interest me, the landlords were ready to sell the apartment a little below market value, to a buyer who is ready to buy now and pay immediately - Win-win! I went to see that apartment, well it was a terrible trash can, of course, but by and large, the condition of the fundamental elements was normal. The staircase was also ok, you can also see that the house was adequately managed and the location was in high demand in Āgenskalns Priedes near the Botanical Garden. When the unnecessary partitions in the apartment will be demolished, a new bathroom, kitchen, floors and windows will be installed, there will be a good quality apartment. This is a 43m2 two-room apartment in a Khrushchev brick house. Of all the Soviet-era projects, this Khrushchev variant is one of the highest quality. Yes, everything here is small, but if properly planned, this apartment can be turned into a very coveted property. I did not think for a long time, and when I checked that the property was not bothersome, I shook hands with the owner and agreed that I was ready to go to the notary even tomorrow. The next day we started sorting the paperwork, and after a few days all the documents were submitted, the money was paid and I had received the keys to the new apartment. Let's go! New project in my portfolio! It was very unexpected how quickly from the moment I decided to cling to my plan to buy real estate, I really got to a real apartment. Now that I think about it, there were a few doubts about whether it should have been done, but I immediately reassured myself that even if this project does not turn out to be a big profit, it will be a great learning opportunity and I will learn a lot of valuable things. Only those who do nothing do not make mistakes. Now all I have to do is coordinate all the reconstructions and wall corrections, and when the summer house is finished, the work here will be able to start as well. Such projects must not be delayed. Every day when no one lives here brings only losses!

So completely unexpectedly, this week, after another drama with Anna, turned out to be very productive and resulted with a new challenging project. And although my mind was mostly overwhelmed with and around my apartment, I also thought about my relationship with Anna and where it all leads. If we continue to be together, do I have to tell her about Ramona? It won't end well, but it will be even worse if Ramona tells it all first.



In this blog I want to share the stories from my personal life. You will be able to read my beliefs, thoughts and confessions from personal experience. In order not to hurt anybody, I've changed people's names and introduce myself with pseudonym Mr Hunter.


Riga, LV


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