It is said that this social distancing and sitting at home negatively affects families. Stuck at home, men can't stand their wives, wives their children, and children everything else. However, I, who live alone of my own choice, work from home and do not feel tied to any place or person, feel these limitations and they push me to the ground. I've neglected this blog and haven't been posting regularly for a long time. The funniest thing is that I have full free time, but when I have nowhere to go, when I can't travel and even go to the gym, I feel like I'm not in my skin.

Right now, the only thing that keeps me on the strip is making money. The realization that this situation will soon pass and I will be able to live again makes me spend more time on my money-making strategy. It also resulted in higher incomes. I sympathize with people who have now lost their jobs and incomes, but I believe that every loss is a new opportunity. Anyone who is not just sitting on the couch at the TV right now can get to know my academy, study it and test it with play money and start with the lowest stakes. In the meantime, my account will be steadily replenishing and I'm waiting for the moment when I can celebrate properly. I watch a lot of travel vlogs and plan my next trip abroad. There are countries that do not have as strict bans as we do. Think of a short trip to warmer lands. Cyprus, Portugal, Greece or the United Arab Emirates - I’m still exploring where restrictions are less and travel more enjoyable.

But it is not that my life here, even in Riga, has stopped altogether. Also in December, my daily life was occupied by sports, work and women.

Before the gym got closed, I went to workout every day. Although from the beginning my plan was to avoid Anna, later I calmed down and resigned myself to my usual training regimen. The first time, after my romantic outing and Anna's bailing of me, I met her coming to the hall when I was already going away, so there was an impersonal greeting. The second time I noticed her making deep squats with a weight ball. Damn…. her butt in sports leggings looked sexy. I couldn't hold on and thought I needed to talk about our "incident". Maybe I had misunderstood her flirting, maybe I can get some useful information for the future, but maybe she's just a cold-blooded flirt who likes to play with men.

I settled on the adjacent benches for training with dumbbells and started a conversation. To my surprise, the conversation turned out to be very nice. Very understanding, and seemingly without resentment, she explained that she isn’t one of the people that ran on a date as soon as she was called, even when it was done with 99 red roses. We talked about having the next workout together. From training to training, word for word, a friendly relationship developed between us. I realized that Anna is a woman of high standards, and if I want to get her, romantic clichés alone will not suffice, I will have to work harder and be patient here. Not without a flirtation, but at least for now, a purely platonic friendship developed between us.

Events with Natālija, the tenant of an uncle's apartment, developed quite differently. Two days after our adventure, she wrote me a WhatsApp message: “Hey! Thanks again for the help with the sofa. I hope you are doing well and everything is fine? ”. I replied that everything was ok for me and thank you for a nice evening. The texts continued. We exchanged text messages for a couple of days. At no point did she offer a specific appointment, but I felt that all her messages meant that she wanted to meet. I answered her questions evasively but politely and tried to be as neutral as Switzerland. Don't get me wrong, she's a sexy bunny, smart too, with good taste and, not least, in bed just as kinky as I like, but I don't want to complicate my relationship with my uncle.

She then sent a message that she had to pick up a large package with various interior decors, which she had ordered from the Danish design store BoConcept. She tried to talk to her father to help bring her in, but the father was in the countryside, and she asked if I could make up for her. To me, it all sounded rather suspicious. It seemed that she could arrange the package to be delivered without my help, but since I had mentioned in the text messages that I had no plans for that day, I could not find a reason to refuse. To be honest, I wanted to meet her. I lacked physical intimacy, and if she weren't the daughter of my uncle's friend, I wouldn't have responded to her signals immediately after the first WhatsApp messages, but I really didn't want any trouble. After discussing it with myself for a while, I convinced myself that I was just going to help the girl get the package home, although I felt inside that I didn't really believe it.

We talked to meet at the post office. I drove in and she was already waiting for me with the whole package. Damn, also dressed in winter clothes, she looked sexy. We talked about everyday things in the car and did not discuss our previous meeting. The journey to her house was short. I found a place to park the car and pick up the package to my old apartment. Just after crossing the doorstep, Natālija immediately lit a scented candle on the coffee table. She asked to put the box on the ground in the hallway, told me to take off my shoes and to stay over for coffee. I convinced myself that it would be rude to refuse. For a moment she disappeared into the bedroom, and after a moment she appeared in "home clothes". Having been out of her winter clothes, Natālija was standing in front of me dressed only in a provocative top, the falling fabric of which highlighted nipples. It seemed to me more and more that she had carefully planned all this to get me back to her apartment. She came close to me and asked in a playful voice, "tea or coffee?", Before I could answer anything, Natālija had completely broken into my private area and kissed my throat. 

I was ready. All the defenses that kept me from being with her had collapsed. With one hand I pressed her firmly against me, with the other I grabbed her butt. We started kissing, and this time she didn't stop me. I picked her up and sat her down on the kitchen counter. We continued to kiss passionately until I pulled her top so hard that I could hear it falling apart. Continuing in this way, I will soon tear all her clothes. She wrapped her long legs around my waist and passionately continued to kiss my neck, cheeks and lips. We moved to the couch. Kissing my belly, she slowly but purposefully reached up to the buttons of my jeans. This time she was dictating the rules, and I had no idea not to let her. 

I lay on my back and enjoyed Natālija’s kisses and caresses. When she had undressed me, I got up and forced her close to me and took the lead. Everything happened naturally and this time sex with her was even better. This new sofa was really very successful.

However, the feeling of bliss ended with the end of our session. I realized that I did not want to stay here longer than necessary. I don't know if it felt like my uncle or something else made me emotionally distant from Natālija, but I had to figure out a reason to leave. Saying goodbye, she kissed me and said she hoped to see me again soon. I went home, and even though I had just had a passionate sex with Natālija, I couldn't stop thinking about Anna.



In this blog I want to share the stories from my personal life. You will be able to read my beliefs, thoughts and confessions from personal experience. In order not to hurt anybody, I've changed people's names and introduce myself with pseudonym Mr Hunter.


Riga, LV


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