Around mid-January, I was already used to the restrictions imposed by the country so far that it seemed like a normal part of our lives. Can't go to the gym? Ok, I do workouts at home. Can't go to the restaurant? No problem, I support local restaurants with home deliveries. No parties and clubs? Nothing to do, enjoying solitude with a sexy girl at home. I spent the first half of January with Anna, who has been living with me for some time. I don't know yet how I feel about it. Since the New Year's fight, we are living very well for the time being.

Natālija has written to me a few times in the meantime, I have responded neutrally and refused her calls to spend time together. Perhaps she has understood the hint and has not written to me lately.

In January, my big project was to start renovating my parents’ summer home. I had already found a team of builders, and before they could give me an estimate, I had to go and see everything on the spot. I decided to combine the useful with the pleasant, and I decided to turn the trip to the summer house into a romantic weekend in the countryside with Anna. The plan was as follows, after discussing the work with the builders, Anna and I would stay in the summer house. I knew that the house had not been heated for a long time, but I had thought that after lighting the fireplace, a few drinks and passionate moments in bed, we would not be cold at all. Unfortunately, I can immediately say that nothing of the intended happened and my romantic event went completely differently than thought.

Everything in that house is still from the Soviet times, including bed linen, so I had stuffed the trunk of the car full of warm blankets, normal pillows, two duvets and clean bed linen. There were also various drinks and GanBei sushi. Around 14:00 we were ready to leave Riga, a meeting with the builders was arranged for 17:00 on the spot. The parents' summer house is located in the Madona district, near Vecpiebalga, in a very remote place. The roads were then full of snow, and quite a large part of the drive was on country roads, so I do not know how much they will be cleaned, so for safety I gave at least 3 hours for our trip there.

We arrived at the summer house before the builders. From the beginning, things did not happen as I had planned. Everything was thoroughly snowed in and we could not enter the area. We left the car on the side of the road and wandered through the snow to the house. Anna was already beginning to show dissatisfaction, her city boots were not designed for such snowy mountains. Admittedly, I probably hadn't thought about everything, of course I hadn't taken a winter shovel with me, it would be really useful here.

When I unlocked the door, the next problem arose - ice had formed at the bottom of the door, which was blocking it from opening. It was not possible to open the door, the only solution was to break it off. I thought I should find some kind of thing in the shed with which to do it. Anna really started getting annoyed about it all, she stood next to me, trembling and asking how long it would all take. I replied that I don't know, I hope to get in in about 5-10 minutes. She announced that she would go back to the car to wait there. I gave her the keys and went to the shed myself. The shed, like the rural shed, was full of different, I apologize for the expression, shit, but I also found something useful there to solve the existing problem - an axe! I took the axe and felt like a real countryside man, I even regret a little that Anna has gone to the car and does not see me with an axe in my hands.

After a short time, I had freed the bottom of the door from the ice, and when I got inside, I realized that I had miscalculated everything. It will not be enough to turn this frozen house into a cozy romantic atmosphere by lighting a fireplace. The builders had also arrived around that time, and Anna was back from the car. We talked to the builders about everything they needed then when I asked them - when was the fastest time they could start working? Then came the next unpleasant discovery - it turns out that the house is not ready for someone to stay here (in the frost) in the winter and perform repair work, because there will be a problem with water. I did not understand and cannot repeat all the specifics they told me, but to put it simply, the local sewerage system that this house is equipped with is not designed for frost conditions, and as long as there is no stable warm weather, water cannot be used here. This not only meant that the repair work could be started only after about two months, but also that we would not be able to stay here with Anna tonight.

When the builders left, I reassured Anna that the romantic weekend had not been cancelled. Let's find a cool hotel and everything will be tip-top. Anna was very skeptical. We sat in the car and I started looking for a hotel or guest house nearby. We hadn't eaten anything since lunch, so Anna opened a box of sushi. That's how we sat there, in some countryside, in the dark evening in the car, looking for hotels and eating sushi with our fingers. There was some romance in it all.

I don't know if it's because of Covid or winter, but there was no meaningful hotel offer nearby. We had been in the car for some time, and it became increasingly clear that the trip had completely failed. Anna started to get grumpy again and announced that she wanted to go back to Riga. It was the wisest decision in that situation.

It seems that this could have ended the day. However, as it turned out, the adventures in the countryside had only really begun. But I'll talk about that in the next blog post.

The end!



In this blog I want to share the stories from my personal life. You will be able to read my beliefs, thoughts and confessions from personal experience. In order not to hurt anybody, I've changed people's names and introduce myself with pseudonym Mr Hunter.


Riga, LV


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