Although this super hot summer is coming to an end, I want to tell you about the events that took place in the beginning of June. Me and Dāvis hadn't spoken since he learned about this blog. I had called twice, he did not pick up and did not answer the texts, so I left him alone and respected his actions. Until suddenly on June 1, I received an unexpected but pleasant message from Dāvis: "Let's go to the arena to watch hockey?" Hockey is one of my favorite sports, and I have been waiting for the opportunity to attend the championship in person for a long time. In 2006, when the championship was in Riga for the first time, my dad had taken me to the infamous Latvian-Canadian game. I was still a child at that time, but the atmosphere that prevailed in the Arena has remained in my memory for a lifetime. When I found out that I would be able to attend the Latvian-German game in person, I started looking for friends to go to this game with. But everyone I spoke to had not yet managed to get vaccinated, or had not contracted the virus and did not qualify for a certificate. That's why Dāvis' message pleased me twice, first of all I will be able to go to the hockey live, which will be the first public event I would attend in more than six months. Secondly, there will be an opportunity to talk things out with my friend. Since I fell ill with Covid in early March, I qualified for the Covid certification standard in the early days of June, and after completing all the formalities I was able to attend the World Cup in person. 

I replied to Dāvis that yes, I would be very happy to go to the hockey game, and even offered to buy tickets for both of us as a small gesture of apology for the current situation. 110 EUR per ticket is not a small amount of money, but at the same time it seemed acceptable for an event of this scale, although I understand that for a large part of the Latvian population, it is far too much for one event. Dāvis had no objection to me buying tickets, so I started the complicated ticket buying process. Turns out it was a much bigger hassle than I had imagined. The system was probably not ready yet, as several first attempts failed. I changed the browsers, the system lagged anyway, and after almost an hour I almost threw out the phone through the Plaza window. In the end, however, I succeeded, and after almost an hour of hassle in the ticket purchase system, I had two tickets in my hand (on the phone) for the World Championship game Latvia-Germany.

My feelings about attending the championship games were twofold. On the one hand, it was very unfortunate that the championship is taking place in Riga, but the real fans are not allowed to attend the games, and thus there is a lack of atmosphere in the arena. On the other hand, this limited approach to one game gave some touch of exclusivity, which gave me the satisfaction that I was one of the few who has enjoyed this championship live.

It was already known that beer would not be sold in the arena during the game, so I decided to go to the game by car. I said that I would pick up Dāvis on the way and, when I came to his house, I sent a message that I was waiting for him downstairs. Dāvis and I are two grown men, and I knew we would resolve this conflict, but I still felt a little anxious while I waited for him because I didn't know exactly what his attitude would be. After a while, Dāvis arrived. We greeted each other, as always, as if nothing had happened, and it was another signal that our friendship was not in danger. We thought that I would park my car right there at Dāvis' house, because he lives a short walk from the Arena and it is quite certain that we will not be able to park anywhere closer to the Arena. This walk was also useful to talk about the current situation and bury the war axe. Dāvis said that what shocked him the most was not that I had included him in my stories, but that I had not told him about the blog itself. Of course, he was not happy about my and Ramona's history, and said that if this situation ever happened again, I would tell him straight away. As they say "Bros before hoes"! We agreed that I could continue to include the nuances of Dāvis' life in this blog, unless he said specifically "don't write about it."

So we talked through this situation as two adults, without drama and unnecessary insults. I am very glad that our friendship did not suffer from this situation, and we were able to enjoy life again, now like two free guys, because we had got rid of our drama queens in the form of Ramona and Anna. Dāvis even made an offer: "Let's just enjoy life this summer, and most importantly we are not involved in any relationship." I liked the idea, and by shaking hands, we had officially buried our war axe and were able to enjoy a hockey match.

There wasn't much about the match to tell. You all know how it ended. This damn Germany has set foot before us many times. The atmosphere in the arena was funny, because all the stalls were closed, so the alcohol was not sold, the guards checked so that everyone had masks and also so no one would just walk around the arena. To be honest, I don't even want to write much about the game, I still feel bad about the result, because after the victory over Canada, it seemed that this could finally be our championship, but again the same usual 11th place.

After the game we went home, but the next day I had a football game on the beach with friends from school. We talked that Dāvis would join as well, and after the football match we would go somewhere to party a little. Various covid restrictions had already been lifted, and the outdoor bars were already open, so we will at least be able to have a drink in a normal public place, and this drinking in apartments and houses will finally be over. 

The next day Dāvis and I were driving to Jūrmala to play football. Driving through the city traffic, at some point we came to a red light to stop next to a red Peugeot convertible. It was headed by a pretty girl and next to her sat no less beautiful girl. Dāvis nodded at them and, opening the window, asked, "Where are you girls headed?" The girls smiled and replied that they were driving to Jurmala. The green light was on and I started driving, but Dāvis was bumping me so I wouldn't drive too fast and try to stop next to them again at the next red light. I drove along the left lane of Kalnciema Street, her on the right. Our lane moved a little faster, but Dāvis made me keep up with the red convertible, ignoring the usual traffic etiquette, so as not to miss the opportunity to continue flirting with girls at the next traffic light. We stood next to the next intersection again, and Dāvis called the driver to give him her phone number. She laughed and said that no. She pointed to a traffic light that it would turn green immediately and would have to drive on, then completely unexpectedly Dāvis pulled his phone out of his pocket, unlocked it and handed it to her, saying, "Take it, enter your number, and return it at the next intersection." Not only both girls, but especially me were surprised by such a move! Dāvis has usually been a bit quiet type, calm, balanced. I did not expect such a spontaneous outing from him at all. However, the girls picked up the phone and handed it back to Dāvis at the next red light. We had already reached Spice, and I wasn't ready to squirm all over the Jurmala highway next to the slow-moving red Peugeot, so since we had their phone number, I pressed the accelerator and we went to play football. Along the way, Dāvis already started texting with the girls. The girl at the wheel was called Alise and her girlfriend Kristīne. Since Dāvis had already started flirting with Alise, Kristīne “was” for me according to the unwritten laws. Even before we started playing football, Dāvis had already agreed about having a cocktail with both girls in Jūrmala cafe after 2 hours. Wow!

After the football we ran into the sea, although the water was still quite cold, and we went to meet our new friends. We met in one of the cafes on Jomas Street and had a few drinks, Alise and I both were driving so we each had one drink. The girls were a little younger than it initially seemed, both were 19 years old. Alise had just got her drivers' license, and her parents had given her her first car, this red convertible. We had stuck to the idea that Dāvis was trying to snatch Alise, so I had to flirt with Kristīne, but already in the cafe on Jomas Street, I somehow had a more natural conversation with Alise. First of all, she really liked my car, and the first thing she said when we met was, "I like your M6!" Usually the girls at best distinguish that it is a BMW, but the fact that she immediately told the M6 ​​pleasantly surprised me. In any case, the chatting went smoothly, and unexpectedly there was a time when the cafes had to close their doors. Without discussing this idea with me before, Dāvis offered to continue this evening at my home. I had no objections, but again I was already surprised by Dāvis' initiative and confident behavior .After a little persuasion, the girls agreed and we went to Plaza to continue this evening. Since we had agreed with Dāvis on more openness between us, I told him in the car that I like Alise better than Kristīne. It turns out that Dāvis also has liked Kristīne better than Alise! We both laughed that this type of thing didn't happen often, but now we had to think of how to "exchange" with the girls politely, and hopefully they would feel the same way about us. We didn't come up with any genius plan, we talked only when we were at my place while I made drinks in the kitchen, that Dāvis would sit next to Kristīne, and I would sit next to Alise, and then we would see how the girls react to it. 

When we got to my place, we sat on the couch as planned, and it seemed that the girls had no objection to it. We had a couple of cocktails, except for Alise, because she promised to go home and not drink anymore, but that didn't stop us from having a nice chat. Dāvis and Kristīne were already behaving like a couple, and from time to time I noticed that Dāvis' hand was sometimes on Kristīne's shoulder, sometimes on her leg, sometimes on her butt. Shortly before midnight, Alise announced that she had to go home because she had to work the next day and had to get up early tomorrow. Dāvis had already agreed with Alise that she would take him home as well. I felt that, given our recent acquaintance and the fact that she was sober today, Alise would not sign up for anything more tonight. However, she had no objections to a kiss on the cheek. I definitely don't think about building any relationship with Alise, because Dāvis and I decided to avoid stuff like that this summer, but such an innocent summer romance would be just in time with Alise, who also looked like she was not looking for something serious and just enjoying the summer in her red convertible.

P.S. In the morning I received a message from Dāvis that Kristīne had not gone to her house, and instead woke up next to him in Dāvis' bed. Hmm… Dāvis had broken off the chain and has surprised me at least 3 times in 24 hours. However, I think that is exactly what he needs now - to have fun and enjoy life. He has always been balanced and prudent, but this daring and confident, even a little crazy, Dāvis has pleased me, and I look forward to getting to know this slice of his character.

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In this blog I want to share the stories from my personal life. You will be able to read my beliefs, thoughts and confessions from personal experience. In order not to hurt anybody, I've changed people's names and introduce myself with pseudonym Mr Hunter.


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