As a rule, summer goes hand in hand with Dāvi's stormy birthday parties, as it was this time. The gift I had carefully thought of for Dāvis, as I mentioned above, was not delivered on time, but I did not tell why. Then here is what was up…

Usually, I didn't stand out with the gift for Dāvis - running to the party, I grabbed a more expensive bottle at the store at the last minute. But seeing how often we went to have fun together lately and had become even better friends, I was thinking of giving something special. After the stormy New Year's Eve in Las Vegas, I realized that Dāvis is fascinated by the American way of life - the fast pace and scope of how things are going there. So I imagine that the gift must be from the United States or at least related to the states. As Dāvis is a passionate follower of sports and plays basketball himself, I decided to gift him Kristaps Porziņģis Maveriks shirt.

After the specified delivery time, the shipment in Latvia was expected no later than three weeks before the birthday party. Of course, I had taken into account that this crazy and unpredictable time for the whole world would also have affected the delivery of postal items, but I hoped that there would be enough time.

There were only two weeks left until the party, but the shipment was still delayed. Checking the e-mail several times a day and the incoming text messages about the delivery of the shipment began to become an intrusive gesture. With only a week left, I began to experience that, despite my good intentions, Dāvi's birthday might not be different - I would have to look for a gift on the high shelves of "Spirits & Wine" again, and it would have been better not to think so, because at the end that was what happened!

A few days after the party, I finally managed to find the shipment number and see where it was stuck - it has been in the Latvian DPD warehouse for more than two weeks now! I called DPD, where I was told that the shipment did not have the correct address, but I could pick it up. I was mad at the nonsense because of which I only managed to get to the shirt I ordered after Dāvi's birthday! However, after I received the shipment, I wanted to know what was wrong with the specified address. Checking it out, black on white was written on my home address! What happened to DPD? How is it possible that a courier cannot find the right street and apartment number in the center of Riga? Even the door code does not work at the moment and anyone can come in the stairwell. I got a desire to return to DPD to find out what's wrong with their couriers! This was not the first time DPD had been a headache for me. For health benefits, I used to order "Zinzino" fish oil. Despite its quality and positive effects, after a couple of months of use, I was still forced to stop. And the reason was one - it was supplied by DPD from Scandinavia. And nothing could be changed there. Every month, when I had problems with the delivery of the packet, I just got sick of it one day. Delivery time could not be arranged with DPD. At that time, I was still working hard on the development of my company and I was at home only in the evenings. DPD, on the other hand, could only deliver the package to my home during working hours. Also, they could only deliver it to the office in the evenings or at lunchtime, when I usually went to the gym. I offered the gym as an alternative, but delivery to the gym could only be done when I was not there.

DPD once said they will deliver the package to the office between 12:00 and 15:00. I said it would suit me, but I'll be in the office at 13:00. Okay, they will hand it over to the courier. At 12:01 a courier called me and said that he had arrived. I said I'd be there at 13:00, to which the courier angrily hung up. Then I talked about leaving my packets in the gas station. DPD did not have its own parcel post then. But there were also problems with it. There was a case when I received a text message about the delivery of a packet in a gas station, but it turned out that the packet was not there at all. Another time there was a packet, but the code was not accepted. The confused employee said that there was no way to give the shipment if the code was not accepted. After another failure to receive the shipment delivered by DPD, it took several days due to preoccupation until I managed to call them and explain the situation to which I was told that the package had been returned and nothing could be done there ... It was a time when seeing  DPD car, I just wanted to puncture its tires! But so far I have persevered.

Due to DPD's undelivered shipment, I was left without a gift another time. For example, when I went to my parents one day, my father complained that he could not sit at the computer because of his sore back. That's how I came up with the idea of ​​giving my parents a good computer chair. It was Christmas time when I didn't want to show up in the shops. In the online store I saw the text: buy today, receive tomorrow. I found the best offer and bought it, hoping that the delivery will be as promised - on December 22. You can tell me if I really got it! I was still asleep and the phone was in silent mode when shortly after 7 in the morning I received a call from an unfamiliar number. Later, I tried to find out what called me so inappropriately early, but several attempts proved unsuccessful because at the other end no one answered. As I later found out, the caller was a courier who was unable to contact me and agree on delivery time. So I gave my gift to my dad after the holidays when I went to the store myself and chose a good chair on the spot, but to I told to keep my chair and return the money to me if the product cannot be delivered on time.

I have long been trying to avoid DPD. Of course, there have also been successful deliveries, but more than 50% have gone wrong. I am not sure how the Latvian branch can have so many problems, because I know that in other countries DPD is considered to be one of the most reliable suppliers. Courier, unable to find a simple address in the center of Riga - is it possible to fall even lower !?

What experience have you had with DPD? Maybe I'm the only one not lucky with them on a regular basis?



In this blog I want to share the stories from my personal life. You will be able to read my beliefs, thoughts and confessions from personal experience. In order not to hurt anybody, I've changed people's names and introduce myself with pseudonym Mr Hunter.


Riga, LV


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