In the first weeks of January, I still lived in a post-Christmas chill mood. However, by the time of February, I had already returned to my normal daily rhythm. I worked with my profit strategy for a couple of hours a day, doing things in parallel so that I could start a business with a friend soon, and I went to to look for some interesting real estate offers.

In the relationship with Anna, everything went relatively calmly (I use the word relatively because Anna has never been very calm). Except for our adventures in the countryside, we had basically entered such a normal daily routine. She practically lived with me, and except that she occupied most of the sleeping area at night, and when she was pushed back to her side of the bed, she resented it, otherwise, we lived quite well. We have also found a common rhythm in bed. If for the first time they were a little dull, then now that we are free and used to each other, sex with Anna is the most passionate adventure of my day. She likes to play a little sharp in bed, sometimes even annoys me and not immediately give me what I want. I'm not complaining, I like it too.

February, of course, is Valentine's Day, so I started thinking about a romantic event for two. I hadn't fully figured out what exactly, but I didn't want to celebrate in the apartment again. We already celebrated Christmas and New Year here, so I started looking for some romantic offers outside the home.

On Wednesday, 5 days before Valentine's Day, I received an invitation from Kaspars to meet, he had a new business idea and he was looking for a partner to start it with. I said to Anna that I was going to be away for a couple of hours and went to Kaspar's apartment. He lived with his girlfriend, who was visited by a couple of friends. Jokes started that we are like the Illuminati because we meet illegally, this was a fun company. While they were in the kitchen, Kaspars and I discussed our business in the living room. There, even in the living room, Kaspars had a mini-fridge for drinks only, and he was already drinking beer, which he also offered to me. Since I had arrived by car, I refused from the beginning. But the sounds of a fun company party coming from the kitchen, fogged bottles of beer in the fridge, and the fact that it was Wednesday - the small Friday, made me think about a plan to leave the car here and go home by taxi. At one point, I also told Kaspars that, and he gladly handed me a cold bottle of beer.

I didn't even really notice when it happened, but the party had already moved to the living room, and Kaspars and I didn't talk about work at all anymore. I sent Anna a message that I wouldn't be home so soon, put the phone aside, and started to feel really good in this fun company. We were 7 people: Kaspars with a girlfriend, another couple and their friends, a guy and a girl who was not a couple. It was not a planned party, but a spontaneous gathering of friends.

Kaspars lived in a new project where many apartments had not yet been sold, so there were no real neighbors who could call on us. Since I had come here without alcohol and was drinking theirs, I offered everyone a pizza. At that moment, I noticed some 6-7 messages from Anna on the phone. She is one of those people who does not write a message in compound sentences but sends each part of the sentence as a separate message. Nothing crazy was there, she asked when I was going to be home and what we were doing. I quickly replied that I did not know yet, but I had not met Aigars for a long time and we drank a few beers.

The party with Kaspars dragged on and I didn't keep track of time at all. I hadn't been in such a cool company for so long that I definitely didn't want to stop. The last party was like before the new year when I got to go on the M5, but that party was completely boring. Some messages were coming from Anna, around midnight I received a very angry message from her. Anna wrote that she is not the type of girl to sit alone at home and wait for her boyfriend while he parties. I wrote for her to come here, to which Anna replied, “No! You pull your ass home, HOW YOU PROMISED !!!! ”. Once Anna's texts had moved to CAPS LOCK, I no longer responded to the texts. I wrote that she could join us if she wanted to, and I didn't want to linger on longer texts. Next, I just enjoyed the evening in cool company. I had missed such parties.

I woke up in the morning on Kaspars’s sofa with all my clothes. The others had gone home by taxi in the middle of the night. I looked at the phone, it was almost 11 in the morning. Kapars and his girlfriend were still sleeping in his room. I rinsed my face, drank water, and tried to figure out if I could drive or not. I had a hangover and I didn't feel like I couldn’t drive, but I decided not to take the risk and called Bolt.

Arriving home, Anna sat on the couch and as I entered, she continued to watch TV demonstratively and didn't even turn to me and didn’t say anything. I already sensed that there would be shit, so I just said, "sorry, the evening at Kaspars went on for longer than planned" then she exploded! She started accusing me of lying that she didn't need a guy who promises to be home, but instead disappears into the night with some other partygoers. I said I wasn't lying that I just got to sit in fun company. Then she started to accuse that company. When she found out that there were girls besides Kaspars, the real drama just started. I tried to explain something to her that there was Kaspars' girlfriend, another couple and I even lied that the other girl who was free was also with her boyfriend, but Anna didn't care much. In her head I was probably with every girl in a row. I understand that she has a right to be angry, but when she started accusing me of cheating, it was too much. In short, this situation turned into a real fight. At one point, she said, "Ramona warned me about you!" What has Ramona told her? While we were fighting, she got dressed and, when she was dressed, opened the front door of the apartment and announced that she was not interested in such a relationship and I could go live with Kaspars if I wanted to! She slammed the door and was away again.

I understand she has reason to be frustrated, but still, you don't need to inflate an elephant from a fly. That day, I wasn't worried about our relationship with Anna, I just wanted to sleep through the hangover and spend the day at home. In a way, I'm even glad I'm alone, it's easier to get over the hangover.

In the evening I sent Anna a message asking if she was okay. Anna didn't answer anything for a while, then said no, it's not ok, and if I didn’t understand,then go to hell. I replied that all this was a misunderstanding, I apologize and wrote if she would come to me today? To which she replied that she was not going to come to me at all anymore and that everything between us was through. I sent a message, that I sincerely apologize for the fact that I did not want to offend her and leave her alone at home. She replied that this would not be enough this time. Since there was no news from Anna the next day, I realized that we were broken up. At least that solved the fact that I hadn't planned anything for Valentine's Day.

After spending Friday in solitude after a long time, I thought about what I like better, living alone or with Anna? I can't understand if Anna's emotional behavior is something I would like and could live with on a daily basis. However, I missed her anyway. However, we had fun together. Workouts, entertainment, sex and peaceful sitting on the couch while watching a movie. When Anna was in a good mood, we were really good together. However, I will not sit and cry that she is gone, life goes on and I came to Natālija's Instagram profile completely unknowingly.

I noticed that in the last picture of her there are fresh flowers in the background. I think that she must have a guy, because, of course, such a cool girl will not be alone for a long time. I decided not to write anything to her in order for her to live her life peacefully. And almost the same time I put the phone aside, I received a message from my uncle that I needed to go to my old apartment at Natālija’s. It turns out that there is running water from the washing machine to the floor, and someone needs to go and to assess the situation, whether it is a problem that needs to be fixed, whether to buy a new washing machine, or whether the water supply hose has just been unscrewed. Look as, however, fate (or whatever you believe) gave me a sign. This time I decided to go to Natālija myself. I sent Natālija a message that I could be at her place in 40 minutes to see what she had wrong with the washing machine.

I went to Natālija on Friday afternoon. She met me dressed in home clothes and greeted me quite coolly and said she wanted to talk to me. Ok, we sat down on the couch and she said everything she thought about our situation. Without going into details, she found that she liked me, but she was not interested in such an on / off the relationship. Of course, I didn't tell her anything about Anna, I just explained that I don't know if I want a serious relationship right now, but that I also like her very much, and I definitely don't want to hurt her. This was the first time we had ever talked about anything like this. I still felt double about Natalia, as if I realized with my mind that she was a cool, sexy, and interesting girl with whom everything fits perfectly in my bed, but for some reason, I didn't want to get into a serious relationship. However, there is no denying it, she seemed very desirable to me even now that she was dressed in home clothes and did not try to flirt openly with me. She asked if I was at least willing to try to build any relationship with her? I realized that I don't want a relationship right now, but I would like to continue meeting with her and make that decision in the future, so I replied that I was ready to try. She asked me what my plans for Valentine's Day were, I replied that I had no plans and we could celebrate it together. Natālija was very happy about that. This was a carousel that I didn't want to enjoy at all. Again after the dispute with Anna, I was at Natalia's apartment on our sofa.

One thing led to another, and very soon we were already kissing. This time I really didn't plan it, 3 days ago, I enjoyed living with Anna, and now I found myself in Natālija’s embrace again. It wasn't my will, it seemed like things were just happening on their own. Of course, nothing ended with kisses. This time we immediately moved to the bedroom, where I freed Natālija from her house clothes, she took me from mine. And again, quite unplanned, I had spent the night with Natālija in her apartment.


It was strange that just during my visit, the washing machine wasn’t broken.



In this blog I want to share the stories from my personal life. You will be able to read my beliefs, thoughts and confessions from personal experience. In order not to hurt anybody, I've changed people's names and introduce myself with pseudonym Mr Hunter.


Riga, LV


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