It was early. I drove home to take my bag and went straight to the gym - I had to discharge my anger somewhere. As I lifted the bars, I noticed a familiar girl. It was the same "Instagram girl" that followed me some time ago. I had seen her several more times in this sports club, but just while "passing by". This time I had the opportunity to see her "in action" at a nearby trainer. I will admit that while watching her, I for a moment forgot about my suffering today - slim, with a tempting hip shape and graceful movements. This girl was not just pretty as I thought at first, but very beautiful! She pulled me close to her like a magnet - it could be felt even from a distance. I felt an overwhelming impulse to talk to her. Yes, I wouldn't say no to a "band-aid" tonight, but that wasn't the main reason. There was something about her that was hard to explain in words. I just had to do it. It sounds stupid, but I was enchanted.

The girl got off the trainer and came in my direction. My turn! "Hello, will you be my spotter?" She stopped while thinking about what I had just said. Then she laughed spontaneously, realizing my joke, but as if on receipt, she controlled her laughter and showed a serious facial expression again. Then, without answering anything, she continued to go to the treadmill. So, okay. I'm thinking. Maybe she didn't know what a spotter was and got confused ?! When I finished my exercises and said goodbye to the coach, who was already waiting for the next client, I went to warm up on the treadmill next to her. After a while, I tried to start a conversation. I explained what a spotter is and so on. She just smiled (and what a smile, dazzling!) and said she was a fitness trainer and knew what a spotter meant. She replied in such a way that the conversation was short and without any prospect of continuing, and this motivated me even more to establish a connection. I tried to steer the conversation in such a way as to find something in common for both of us - I praised her that rarely anyone was so purposeful and came to the gym as diligently as she did, and quite late in the evening. I mentioned that we could practice together. But nothing "caught" her, all answers were evasive. Then, as I remember, I mentioned that she followed me on Instagram. I remember how she stopped at that moment and watched in confusion as to whether we really didn’t know each other. And then she said indifferently that she definitely wouldn't follow me and there would be no reason to do so. Ouch! I was stunned, I felt pretty idiotic. I logged into my Instagram account and found that this girl wasn't really among my followers. Perhaps the girl follows a lot of people so they follow back and then delete them herself. By herself or with the help of a bot. Well, overall, that was a good basis for our next conversation. But for now, I felt quite ashamed to address her again now. Although I didn't see any interest from the girl after this conversation and I felt like a fool, I was excited to find a way to interest this girl. From now on, when I get to the date, I am convinced of my ability to seduce her!



In this blog I want to share the stories from my personal life. You will be able to read my beliefs, thoughts and confessions from personal experience. In order not to hurt anybody, I've changed people's names and introduce myself with pseudonym Mr Hunter.


Riga, LV


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