The year 2021 has arrived. The whole internet is roaming with memes about how awful the past year has been. Of course, 2020 will go down in history with a pandemic, American racial struggles, Kobe's death, and other negative events. However, to be honest, in my life this year can not be written only with a bold minus. Although financially I was a winner last year, other areas of life had to be paused due to certain circumstances. First of all, there were definitely not enough parties this year. However, at the very end of the year, despite all the restrictions, I was at one illegal party. My friend's family owns one cool property in Garkalne district. It is quite close to Riga, but in a remote place, and there are no neighbors next to them. Two days before the new year’s, on Tuesday, a small, illegal New Year's party was held. It was almost like in a spy movie. Although there are no neighbors in the immediate vicinity, the driveways lead along several other houses. So everyone was given instructions on how to come to the party so that it would not be suspicious. First of all, we were not allowed to drive our own car, it might look very suspicious that during the pandemic, at the house where there are usually 2 cars, suddenly a whole car park is parked. Secondly, everyone had to arrive at a certain time. So me and Anna called Bolt and went to the secret party.

If you like quiet music, hiding from neighbors and a nervous atmosphere, then this party would be just for you. I say this as a joke, because the event itself was quite bad. The friend who hosted it all was constantly worried that the music wasn't too loud and that no passers-by would notice or get upset about the underground event. But this party was special with something else - I finally got to drive a BMW M5. The story is that a friend of a friend who was also at a party had recently gotten a 2014 M5, 560 horsepower twin-turbo monster. He broke the rules of this party and came to it with his car (I would have done the same), just parked further. When I found out what this guy was up to, I was envious, I introduced myself to him right away, and I told him my grief that I can't wait to also get my dream car. We immediately found a common language and the conversations were about cars. Each of us had only drunk one beer at a time when my new friend mentioned that the party was so stupid that without alcohol it would not be possible to endure it for a long time. As if jokingly, not hoping he would agree, I said, "I can not drink and take you home with your car." He looked at me, overlooked what was going on around him, looked at his empty bottle of beer, and agreed. I was ecstatic.

Dāvis and Ramona were also invited to this party. I had not met them since Ramona openly harassed me. I still felt a little awkward in their presence, so after a little small-talk, I didn't look for Dāvis’ and Ramona's company the following evening. While I was talking to Māris, the owner of the M5, I noticed that Anna and Ramona were sitting on the couch sipping cocktails, laughing and looking like friends. Honestly, I didn't like it. I had a completely different attitude towards Ramona now, and the thought that she might make friends with Anna confused me. I began to wonder what the two of them were talking about. There were also several of Ramona's girlfriends at this party, why doesn't she spend time with them but sit down with Anna? I was wondering how to find out what they were both talking about. Did Ramona really want to get to know Anna just like that, or is there a hidden reason. Was Ramona quietly telling her about our past adventures? Was she warning Anna to be careful? Or maybe offered a threesome? The latter option, although funny, was not very realistic. But the others scared me. Now I couldn't wait any longer for this party to end. Luckily, Māris settled everything and handed me his BMW keys, announcing that it was time to go. I was glad that we were leaving this event, especially because I would finally be able to drive the M5.

Before we got to the car, I had to listen to a lecture from Māris about what I can do and how I can do and how I have to drive, what I shouldn't do and what to look out for. I believed that all this briefing was not necessary, but I also understood his point of view. I wondered how I would feel giving a complete stranger my beloved sports car. It even seemed that he regretted his decision to let me ride it, but now it was too late to change. I listened calmly to all his advice, and after a while we were ready to go to Riga.

There was a little snow, which made the whole experience even more enjoyable. Māris was already quite intoxicated and all the way I had to listen to his worries and advice on how to drive properly in winter conditions. Although I did not need his advice and teaching, it could not spoil the feeling of driving at the wheel of this car. The car was always trembling nervously, like a sports horse, eagerly waiting for the command to run. My butt felt every acceleration and change of direction like no other car. Every movement of the arms and legs was immediately converted into a dynamic movement on the road. I was thrilled! Come on, I can’t wait for my car! The trip went without excesses. We took Māris to his house, we took a Bolt back to Plaza, and after a night of snacks, TV series and making love, we went to bed around 3 in the night.

The next day I couldn't stop thinking about my own car, which was still waiting for me in Lithuania. I realized that from the new year I am most looking forward to the moment when I will receive this car. But it made me wonder what else I expect from this new 2021.

So my New Year's commitment is:

1) Do my best to get my car faster.

2) As this year, with all restrictions, has been so empty in terms of travel, in 2021 I promise to travel a 2-year norm.

3) I want to invest money in real estate and, like my uncle, get passive income from real estate management. My plan is to find an apartment in a poor condition, to renovate it according to modern standards, and to rent it out in the long term or in the short term, I have not yet decided. In the beginning, I need to find a good option to turn into my first real estate project.

4) Since my parents spend every summer in a summer house, which has not seen repairs since the 90's, then I have an idea to surprise my parents and quietly renovate the summer house in January, February and March. I have accumulated good experience and contacts with good builders who could take on this project.

5) Start making money with a business that I have with a friend. That case is still quiet because of the pandemic I was not able to start working on it. I would like that this year, this business would also start to fill my bank account.

If you are reading this blog for the first time, then first of all, thank you for coming here. Secondly, if you have questions about how I can afford to set such New Year's goals, then you can find out about my money-making strategy in the "How do I earn" section. Following my instructions, you will also be able to learn how to make money online in a short time, so that the local and even global financial crisis will not affect your account much.

I feel that this year will be very good.



In this blog I want to share the stories from my personal life. You will be able to read my beliefs, thoughts and confessions from personal experience. In order not to hurt anybody, I've changed people's names and introduce myself with pseudonym Mr Hunter.


Riga, LV


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