Now we are all in lockdown again. But looking back at the relatively "normal" summer, it's time to look back at all the events that happened during summer. I remember that right at the beginning of the summer, celebrating the good times and the opportunity to visit the bar terraces, we met with Dāvis for a beer and started discussing summer plans. We talked about possible parties, visits to the seashore and how we will enjoy the fact that we are both free guys and get to know many different girls. Blonde girls, brunettes, Latvians and Russians, younger and older women… We talked about trying everything life will bring this summer. We toasted our glasses and promised that no matter what happened, we would not enter into a serious relationship until the end of the summer to realize these plans. Thus, the conversation jokingly turned to specific laws that must be followed in order not to get caught up in the relationship. We came to a whole list and during the summer, gaining experience, we added several additional rules. So now I can present to you my checklist - "How not to get involved in serious relationship". If you have corrections and additions while reading, please pass them on to me, this topic is still relevant!

  1. Do not allow girls to leave any of their belongings in my apartment.

I don't know, either intentionally or by accident, but I've noticed that almost always after a night out, some girls' stuff stays in my house, and I don't know why it always happens to the girls who show the most desire to continue dating afterwards. I have long understood that the seemingly chaotic actions of girls are deeply thoughtful and manipulative. Not only is the hair comb left a great way to request another meeting later, it also serves as a landmark. If another girl sees a comb with women's hair in my apartment, she'll know right away that this guy is in a relationship. Because storing a comb in a friend's apartment is a big step. In the previous apartment, I had a case where a girl started asking me about the cotton swabs that women use to remove cosmetics left in the bathroom by another girl whom I had one night stand with. So, in the last few months, when a lady stays with me overnight in the morning I pick up all the hair ties, combs, makeup removers, etc. she left in laying around and put it back in her bag.

  1. I refuse to meet at places and events where the girl's family participates.

This point should be self-explanatory. I avoid any opportunity to meet the girl's parents, relatives, brothers or sisters. It is clear that after one night stand I will not go to meet her mother and dad and tell a story about how their daughter got drunk and went home with a stranger at the party in Andrejosta quarter. But often girls start inviting me to events like garden parties, birthdays, brunches, where there may be one of her relatives. In those cases, I always ask for an exact list of guests and refuse completely whenever a relative or family friend is involved. I just had one occasion when I went to a garden party, kissed a girl I had just met and suddenly noticed that the girl's parents were standing next to me. To make the situation even worse, the girl was called to the kitchen by other guests at that moment, and I stayed in the middle of the garden next to the girl's mother, and she began to ask me how long we had been meeting and what my future plans were. Thanks to the higher forces, the situation soon cleared up, the parents left after a brief moment and, as an apology, we had great sex that evening in the bathroom of their family home, while the party next to us was still in full swing. Of course, I didn't meet this girl after that.

  1. Maintain an alternative cell phone number.

I had been thinking about this for a long time, and I tried it for the first time this summer. I bought a "Zelta Zivtiņa" number and used it on my old phone. I give this phone number to girls I met at parties (and also to other people I'm not sure I'll want to see again). After a party or one night stands I let the phone vibrate from the girls' calls and messages. If I want to meet this girl again, I answer and flirt, but if not, I ignore the news. I keep this phone at home and only take it with me when I go to hang out. From the beginning, I left it at home all the time, but at one event I met a girl, and when I asked for her phone number, I wrote it down on my daily phone, and when she asked me to call her so she can save my number, I was in a crossroads because I was forced to call from my daily number. So I started carrying the alternative phone to the party. For safety I assigned an 8-digit security code to that phone.

This phone is full of contacts like: “Arta. Blonde. Mārupe party ”; “Linda. Cuba cafe. Crazy"; "Marta. Woke up together after Piens ”etc.

  1. Think of a story about a long business trip.

It cannot be said that I practice this very regularly, but after an experiment and an interesting experience, twice I came up with a tale that these are my last days in Latvia before a long work trip. At one time, I went to sea to work on a merchant ship for seven months because  I'm studying to be a captains' helper. For the second time, I came up with a very soapy story that in a week I was traveling to South America to volunteer. I myself am not very proud of these lies, but I found it interesting how the girls would react to such fairy tales.Both times it turned into a very interesting conversation. To them I seemed like such a mysterious adventurer, and one of these conversations also led me to a one-night stand, so it could be said that the success rate for this tactic is 50%. But in general, I realized that I don't particularly like to lie so openly. I came up with these fairy tales just to experiment. First, sometimes it gets boring to always answer the same eternal question "what are you doing". Secondly, telling a girl that I am a person that will disappear from her life in a few days, allows her to relax and look at me only as a potentially short-term connection. And believe me, once it radically changed the behavior of a seemingly very reserved girl.

5.SOS call from a friend, for an emergency.

We have a common understanding with Dāvis that, after a particular signal, we will save each other with an emergency call that needs to be addressed right now. How does it work? Here is one case: After an August party in the piena quarter, I woke up in a girl's home - in a total Latvian student communal apartment. She shared the apartment with 6 other people who lived in the other 4 rooms. I had a terrible hangover and my head was torn while the girl was carefully preparing breakfast and coffee in the kitchen. I didn't want to stay there with all the other students who were also in the kitchen. I sent Dāvis a message: "SOS 10min". We've talked before that if one of us receives a "SOS" message, it means that the other has to call and tell a fictional story to get the other out of a situation. It was necessary to speak very convincingly, because it is possible that someone around you can hear this conversation. "10min" indicated the time after which the call should be made. So Dāvis called me back 10 minutes later, with a tale of how he can't get inside the office, which had very important documents that he needed, and only I have the key, so I have to go to the office with the key immediately.

  1. The law of five dates.

Do not meet with any girl more than 5 times. No matter how successful in bed or how cool is the time we spend together, I decided to follow this five-date rule this summer. I also had a second, sub-rule for this point: sex must take place at least at the third date. But it turned out to be even better than expected, and almost all of my erotic adventures took place in the second or even the first date this summer.

These were my events this summer. As I said before, I saw it all more as an adventure and an experiment, and I realize that some of these points may seem a little cynical to someone, but that was my summer commitment and I did it. However, as I wrote in the introduction, these rules worked ALMOST perfectly. Why "almost"? Because when I started thinking about the publication of these rules and my summer, I suddenly realized that at the moment:

  1. My apartment has Alise's cotton pads.

  2. I was at Alise's family home on Midsummer and met her parents.

  3. Alise has my daily cell phone number.

  4. She knows what I do on a daily basis and that I will not go on any business trips.

  5. I have never sent Dāvis an "SOS" message when we woke up together.

  6. We have met at least 6 (or even more) times until October.

Hmm..have I gotten into an unwanted relationship?

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