Latvia has not had such a hot and sunny summer for a long time, so I have neglected this blog a bit, because who wants to sit at home at the computer at such a great time? But since the first few weeks of autumn are relatively cold, I have sat down at my laptop to write about how my summer was

First of all, I will start with the serious topic - Covid-19 vaccination. I have realized that if not among my closest friends, then at least there has not been as much difference of opinion on this issue as it is among Facebook acquaintances and the whole Latvian society. I don't want to be too involved in the discussion about all this, because I'm neither a doctor nor a scientist, but since I have been sick with this illness once, I know I don't want to experience it a second time. It was enough for me to get sick with it once to realize that this disease is just as serious as it is talked about, and if I have the power to help reduce it, then I am all in.

Since my Covid-19 certificate expired in June, I decided to get vaccinated. I didn't have any serious complications, I got the Pfizer vaccine, and ignoring the slight pain in my shoulder, I didn't feel any other side effects. As I said, I try to avoid discussions on this subject, but the only thing I want to say is that since I am not a medical scientist myself, when I have to decide whether or not to get vaccinated, I trust people that have spent all their adult life researching these types of things rather the various theories roaming the Internet. That is to say, in matters of science, I rely on scientists, not on the Facebook news and theories of influencers. Thank you, I will not comment on this anymore. 

The day after the second vaccination, I decided to stay home because people said that there were usually some complications after the second vaccine. It was a Friday and I was sitting at home and didn't know what to do. I scrolled through the Facebook until I came across a video posted by my former classmate. The video showed a party at an outdoor bar by the water with yachts in the background and people having a good time. It was from the Andrejosta quarter, where I had never been before, but I had heard that the hottest parties of this summer were taking place there. It was around seven o'clock in the evening, and since I still didn't feel any complications, I wrote to Matīss (the classmate who posted the video) that we hadn't met in a long time, and I was going to go to Andrejosta to party for a bit tonight. Matīss replied that it was a very pleasant surprise, and told me to drive there. I also wrote to Dāvis, but he replied that he couldn't come, because at that moment he was on a date with a girl from Tinder. He promised to tell me later how it was going, and maybe he would join later. Dave had really broken off the chains, just now he was with Kristīne, now Tinder… good luck to the guy. In the meantime, I had to hurry, because at that time the outdoor cafes still had a time limit for how long they could stay open, so I rushed into the shower and called Bolt to go explore what Andrejsala quarter had to offer.

I arrived in Andrejsala and WOW! It seemed that all the stylish people of Riga were here. I had been to Andrejsala restaurants such as Naples and KOYA before, but this quarter of Andrejsala was completely different. My first thought was that it was like being abroad! There are so few places in Riga that "inhabit" water. Apart from the waterfront promenade and the cobbled streets of Ķīpsala, the rest of the Daugava shoreline in Riga is overgrown with bushes, port areas or some mystical commercial spaces. But here people have taken advantage of the availability of water completely. There were tables in all possible places, including the boards of the old dock and the pontoons in the Daugava itself. DJs played good club music, people chilled and enjoyed the summer near the water, and you didn't even need intoxicating drinks to feel the party atmosphere. However, some alcoholic drinks would not be bad. Before that, I googled whether or not I could drink alcohol after a Covid vaccine, and I concluded that it was not forbidden by doctors. Then the green light was given, and before I went to look for Matīss, I joined the queue for my first cocktail.

I stood in line at the bar, enjoying the atmosphere, and watched people relax after this long winter of social distancing. Suddenly I looked around and noticed a familiar face. Is that really her? Yes! Patrīcija was sitting in the distance surrounded by her friends. My ex, who I broke up with a year and a half ago when I left for the USA. By the way, the first post on this blog was the story of Patrīcija. At that time, she evicted me from her apartment, and we hadn't met afterwards. In general, I have always liked Patrīcija, and after the break up I wasn't bitter for long. We weren't on the same wave then, because she and her whole family were waiting for me to propose to her and we would start a family, but I wasn't ready for that then or now. However, I wanted to know how she was doing - after all we had a pretty serious history and we once lived together, and since more than a year had passed since the breakup, we could talk like two adults.

Once I had my drink, I glanced at Patrīcija again. I didn't want to go to her right away, but I wanted to know how she was doing. I came out of the bar area onto the terrace and looked around to find Matīss. However, when I looked at Patrīcija again, she noticed me and looked right at me with such a sincere and friendly smile. I realized that she was definitely not angry with me anymore. I nodded at her and went to greet her and talk to her. When I was almost there at her table, Patrīcija got up. I, on the other hand, almost sat down! Her belly was like an inflated balloon… yes, Patrīcija was in the eighth month of her pregnancy. It derailed me a little at first, and I said some polite phrases and didn't know anything else to say. Patrīcija showed me her hand and on her finger was a wedding ring and she started telling me things I didn't ask her at all. She started telling her that she was married and he was a lawyer and they live in Mārupe and so on. I just smiled politely and said from time to time "cool", "how nice", "I'm happy for you". To be honest, I really was happy for her, but at the same time, I realized how happy I was that that wasn't my life. I imagined that if I hadn't gone to the USA then, this could have been my reality - the future dad in the world of Mārupe's private houses who is driving around Riga with a VW crossover - no thanks!

We talked a little more, I told her a little bit about how I was doing and wished her a happy life. Yes, I don't want such a life for myself yet, but when we were together Patrīcija was constantly dragging me into thinking about marriage and family, so I'm glad she had achieved it. We each want different things in life, and that's good when we succeed in realizing our dreams.

I later found Matīss and we partied until the bar closed. Then we went to a private party in Babīte with Matīss's friends. It was a couple our age who lived in a private house, they had a dog, a cat and a baby who slept in the house so the party was in the garden. Unfortunately, there were no pretty free girls at the party itself. They were all either with their guys or not quite to my liking. I sent a message to Alise if she wanted to join, but she replied that she was not such a spontaneous girl, and next time to tell her sooner. I went home quickly because I didn't feel in the mood for a party. Meeting Patrīcija had made a greater impression than I had initially thought. I suddenly felt so grown up. So far it seemed to me that we are still young, enjoying a carefree life and the only responsibility we have is work, but see, some of my peers are already pregnant and living in Mārupe and Babīte with dogs, cats and babies. Do I also have to start thinking about it all? No! The time has not yet come for that. I'm better off like I am right now - free, and I'm not ready to tie myself to family life yet.

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In this blog I want to share the stories from my personal life. You will be able to read my beliefs, thoughts and confessions from personal experience. In order not to hurt anybody, I've changed people's names and introduce myself with pseudonym Mr Hunter.


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