When Madara finally left, I fell back in bed. I did not feel well. Hangover, yes. Physically and morally. I tried to realize that our relationship with Dace had come to an end. Nothing is eternal, it is clear and I do not claim anything like that. But I felt double thrown and it humiliated me.

Towards the evening I felt fresher and I really went to the gym. Well, and there I saw the best in those two days - the girl from the gym. I didn't try to approach her that day, I wasn't in the mood, and the last time we met and she said no to me brutally, I still had that in fresh memory.

In order not to fry about the situation with Dace, I went to the hall every day. I noticed that Anna was there every day, at the same time. Each time we met, however, word for word, I managed to get her into a conversation that was not limited to my questions or suggestions. Once before the training, we met by chance in the parking lot and then we seemed to go to the training together. I also managed to talk between training sessions. She gradually opened up, but at the same time kept her distance. Laughed at my jokes, but also said something harsh or critical. Dace was still in my head, but Anna's presence electrified me. I probably have a weakness for irresistible women who gently pull with one hand and repel with the other. And the more Anna practiced this "play" the more I wanted to gain her trust. Through small gestures. I once noticed that she was coming to a workout soaked. Her car was at the repair service and for the sake of walking, she decided to walk home, but had no umbrella at all - behind the principle, that it only starts to rain when the umbrella is taken. I didn't want to ruin her rituals of not inviting rain by offering an umbrella. However, I applied to drive her home. She reluctantly agreed, because at that time the rain had only become stronger. I took her home to a nice private house, but then I recorded the address because I was thinking of a surprise. 

I was excited and planned a surprise the next day. I arranged a huge delivery of a bouquet of flowers and told the courier the address I visited yesterday. I had planned everything in detail. Arranged the delivery of flowers in the evening, so that she receives them after training when she returns home. I ordered 99 dark red roses. I put a red card there. Inside the card was an invitation to the restaurant "Hercogs" the next evening at 20.00 in the evening. Of course, this wasn’t a safe move, but that's why it had to succeed - which girl wouldn't agree to such a romantic invitation ?!

Apparently, Anna was just such a girl. I went to a restaurant full of enthusiasm. I hadn't spoken to Anna today, but I called the courier and made sure that she received the bouquets. Described as a nice blonde in a sports suit - it was definitely her. I arrived 15 minutes earlier, sat down with a view of the entrance, ordered a bottle of Prosecco. I sat down at the restaurant waiting for her for an hour, but she didn't come. It cannot be that she confused the day, the place, or the time - it was clearly written on the card in black and white. I emptied the Prosecco bottle alone and left. It seemed that no girl would refuse such a gesture, but I had probably underestimated Anna's ability to reject me in any situation. I just had Ramona and Dace. And now the girl I really liked is as inaccessible as the top of Everest. What is happening, have I lost my skills with girls? !!!



In this blog I want to share the stories from my personal life. You will be able to read my beliefs, thoughts and confessions from personal experience. In order not to hurt anybody, I've changed people's names and introduce myself with pseudonym Mr Hunter.


Riga, LV


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