I've never liked drama. I can't say that I specifically avoid it, rather I calmly take things that others tend to turn into unnecessary drama. So the quarrel with Anna could not knock me out of my daily routine. I decided to devote my energy to achieving the goals of the new year. I started negotiations with a team of builders, with whom we cooperated during the repair of one uncle's apartment. We talked about going to the parents’ summer house in the middle of January, so that we could start repairs there as soon as possible. The more I think about it, the more I realize that I want to start this case sooner. Of course, the primary thing is to create a nice surprise for parents, but I look at this project as gaining experience for future projects, with which I also plan to earn income.

All my week was not busy communicating with the builders alone. After the fight with Anna she had not answered me for 2 days, so I continued chatting with Natālija. As if neutral, and with just a slight flirtation, I was well aware of where it was going. However, I convinced myself that this is just a chat for now. Since Anna had left several of her belongings at my place, I wrote her what to do with them. In a rather aggressive tone, she replied that I could do whatever I wanted with them, it didn’t matter to her. Okay, I stacked all of Anna's belongings in one box and put it on top of the closet. Several days had passed since the new year, and for several days I had not met "in real life" with anyone except Rimi sellers and Bolt couriers. I began to lack physical contact with real people. Judging by Anna's behavior, I realized that everything between us was through, even before it really started. It's a pity, but life doesn't end there. I thought more and more about Natālija. We have a cool sense of humor together, conversations are natural, and she is not boring in bed (to say the least). Why am I avoiding her that way? I convinced myself that there was no reason not to meet her and wrote a message asking for dinner together. Natālija agreed to the date without thinking, and invited me to come to her in the evening. She will have dinner, I just had to bring wine and dessert.

I went to the store for wine and some sweets. While I was choosing wine, I received a message from Anna. She wrote to not to throw her belongings out after all, that one day this week she would gladly come to take them. The fact that she wants to pick up things instead of coming to meet me has shown me that everything between us is through. I replied to her in advance to let me know when she was planning to arrive, and went to choose a cheesecake for a date with Natālija.

I arrived at Natālija’s. She opened the door dressed in a sexy easy-falling top and home leggings. To be honest, I immediately wanted to take off all her clothes and take her here and now, and it seemed to me that she would have no objection to that. However, Natālija had worked hard on the romantic atmosphere, and had prepared one of my favorite dishes, lasagna, for dinner. I can't remember telling her that I really like lasagna. Was she really reading my mind? I decided to hold my hands and not immediately engage in physical activities. At first we just ate and talked about last year and the predictions for the new year. There was visible sexual tension between us, and from the very first minute, we both knew what this evening would end with. I looked at her expressive décolleté and knew that even if I wanted to resist, I would not be able to stop myself in this situation. Part of me wanted to take off her clothes, grab her ass and enjoy her body. I had to lie a little bit about how I spent New Year’s eve, I didn't want to tell Natālija about Anna, for obvious reasons. After lasagna, we started with dessert. After eating, Natālija offered to move to the couch. We both smiled, realizing what would happen next, but we didn't say anything out loud. Natālija put some kind of background music channel on the TV while I sat on the couch. The atmosphere dictated its rules, and as soon as Natālija sat down next to me, we started kissing. This time there was no long foreplay, gentle caresses or romantic words, we practically tore the clothes off of each other and in a few seconds we were already completely naked. For a moment I was embarrassed, wondering if Anna's nail scars were still on my back. It seemed to me that they should have disappeared, but I wasn't sure, so I tried not to turn my back on Natālija for the rest of our adventure. When we were done, I went to the bathroom, stepping back and looking at Natālija. She definitely thought I was a big romantic who couldn't even go to the bathroom without taking a look at her, but of course I didn't reveal the real reason for her. In the bathroom mirror, I concluded that Anna's nail prints had already disappeared, so I could relax in front of Natālija. It was quite awkward, but it seems that Natālija did not notice anything funny in my behavior. She said that she would like me to stay overnight and not leave this time, I agreed. This time I even wanted it.

Waking up in the morning in Natālija’s bed, I thought the previous evening had been very pleasant, and I decided not to run away from Natālija right away, but I would give us both a chance to see if this could turn into something more serious. When she woke up, I found out that she didn't have plans for these days either, so we decided to spend the day together.

We didn't do anything serious that day. During the day we went for a walk outside, we talked about all kinds of non-serious topics. I told her about my plan to renovate the parent’s summer house, and then buy an unrenovated property to put it in order. It turned out she was very interested in interior design, so Natālija offered to help in this area. I answered neutrally that we will talk when those things come closer, I was not ready to connect with her professionally yet. She was still the daughter of my uncle's friend, I wasn't sure if it would cause any unnecessary tension in my relationship with my uncle.

After the walk we returned to my old apartment, ordered pizza and spent another lazy day and a passionate night together.

I woke up for the second day in a row with Natālija, and looking at the phone, I discovered a text message from Anna. She asked if she could come to me, take her things, and talk about stuff. I told Natālija that I had to go to meet the builders of my parents' summer house, so it's time to go. I didn't feel good about lying to her, but I couldn't tell the truth.

I arrived home, and after half an hour Anna was here. I offered her to stay for tea and she agreed. Anna took off her winter clothes and looked so hot, but I didn't say anything. To my pleasant surprise, Anna started with an apology. She explained that this is a nervous time for her too. The fact that she couldn't make a big party for her birthday and the fact that the gym is closed had made her nervous. Anna apologized that this fight was her fault and asked if we could forget it. Then she sat on my lap and announced flirtatiously that she wanted her belongings to stay here for a while. She kissed me and I realized that for some reason, I want Anna more than any other girl, including Natālija. Anna stayed with me overnight, and everything between us was like before the fight.

I had two feelings about this situation. On the one hand, I was glad that Anna was back, that she apologized, that everything was fine between us again. On the other hand, I didn't understand if I was hurting Natālija. She had not asked me what the status of our relationship was, and I had not promised her anything. I haven't even told her she's the only girl I'm meeting right now. However, although technically I did not cheat on her because we were not a couple, I felt a little guilt inside about Natālija.

The next morning I received a message from Natālija asking how the meeting with the builders went and whether I wanted to stay with her again tonight. No matter how much I didn't like it, I had to lie again.



In this blog I want to share the stories from my personal life. You will be able to read my beliefs, thoughts and confessions from personal experience. In order not to hurt anybody, I've changed people's names and introduce myself with pseudonym Mr Hunter.


Riga, LV


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