When I moved the boxes to my new home and saw the apartment for the first time in daylight and with only a few pieces of furniture, I realized that it was bigger than I had remembered and much larger than the previous home. At that moment, it became clear to me that so far I have always stayed in the uncle's apartments, on which a designer had worked. I came in and I had a bed already made with perfectly color arranged terry towels in the bathroom and a soap dish… something like that! Now I had almost empty spaces in front of me. I had to start with something and the most logical thing seemed to me to start with the sofa because without the sofa there is not even a place to offer guests to sit down. I will not say exactly how much time I spent in the design furniture online store looking for a sofa that would fit perfectly here and be comfortable, but it was a long and not so simple process because the apartment was almost completely empty and means the rest of the furniture and interior will have to match. . So - an important choice and I finally succeeded! I negotiated delivery the same evening. When the sofa was put in its intended place, I will admit that the apartment still looked empty, but I was overwhelmed by such a pleasant feeling of independence. And I wanted to celebrate it. I called Dace and offered to "consecrate" my new purchase and show the beautiful view outside the window. It all happened so nice that Dace was free tonight and I didn't have to wait long for her to be there. We drank champagne from the bottle because of course, I didn't have glasses. Dace was excited about the view from the window (I had no doubt about that). The adrenaline rush of the successful move, the beginning of my completely independent life, alternating with the intoxication of champagne, and the silhouette of Dace, which stood out against the backlight of the city lights, began to attract me irresistibly.

I approached her, put a strand of hair on one shoulder, and kissed her neck. She got goosebumps in the pleasant sense of the word, which told me that she was now completely in my power - I took off the straps of the dress from her shoulders and kissed them too. Then I stroked her sexy ass and at the same time, I was looking for her hot tits with my mouth. Dace's breath, which grew faster, excited me greatly. Our mouths clenched in a passionate kiss as I carried her to the couch. We dropped our clothes and our hot bodies collapsed tightly. Controlled, then quickly and faster - appetite arises when eating. It's also about Dace in bed! At first, she is gentle and caressing like a cat, then she becomes more and more savage and uncontrollable as a hungry panther wraps her slender legs around my body and takes everything she can. We fell on the couch, sweaty and choked. When Dace regained a moderate breath, she announced that she should go now. What ?! I had thought that we would order something to eat, maybe “consecrate” the sofa again… Dace's facial expression was such that I didn't want to ask her in particular and look like a jealous boyfriend. I sat on the couch and watched as Dace, as if regained her sense of reality, hurriedly took her thrown things, kissed me, and quickly walked out the apartment door. This episode reminded me of something unpleasant I had experienced before. But nothing should have damaged my uplifting mood, so I took those thoughts away. I bought myself a new “Alan Deko” table for 1300 Eur and my goal was to earn that money back the following days. So I sat down at my new table in my new apartment, enjoyed the novelty of this fact for a moment and started working.



In this blog I want to share the stories from my personal life. You will be able to read my beliefs, thoughts and confessions from personal experience. In order not to hurt anybody, I've changed people's names and introduce myself with pseudonym Mr Hunter.


Riga, LV


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