When nothing interesting happens in this crazy world, except for the fight with Covid, my daily life has become much more monotonous, so there are no interesting stories to share. Not because I would be a very law-abiding citizen, but almost all entertainment possibilities are currently closed. I know that various illegal parties are taking place even more actively at the moment, which may seem like an interesting adventure to many, but I do not have the mood and wishes for them at the moment. It seems that the parties will wait until the conditions are calmer and in the meantime, I will work harder and earn more money. However, in order to have something to say, I had the idea to share some interesting adventures from my past, about which I can only look back at myself now and laugh.

One of the most comical events I will immediately remember happened when I was 19 and I was still a boy. I had graduated from high school and had just started my studies at university. As a real student, I had no money, no car, no girl. Okay, the car was partially available to me. I regularly borrowed from my father his old e36, which is also popularly called a “rat”, but I couldn't call it my own car. My father did not want to give it to me, but offered to buy it back from him. It was meant to be a kind of lesson to me that nothing falls from the air, everything in life must be earned. However, in reality, I used this car much more than I paid for it and it is difficult for me to say whether I learned the right lessons from this experience. I drove the car happy, although it was not the car to make a good impression and, for example, take girls on a date.

I tell this because it was time to make a good impression on the girls. That's what this story is about. A girl appeared who I really liked. Her name was Emma. I will admit, I didn’t really know how to treat and seduce girls yet. The sympathy had been around for a while, but I hadn't gotten to trying to show it anyway. The lack of skills to enchant the girls at that time had to be compensated with diligence, but it also came awkwardly, because I was quite shy. It was good that she was in my circle of acquaintances and the contact was regular.

So we talked at one time and heard that she would go to her countryside home in Madona. I also had a plan to go in that direction over the weekend because my relatives are coming from that side. I wanted to visit my grandmother and go to my parents' summer house in Vecpiebalga. That's why I manned up and offered to take the girl and bring her back to Riga on Sunday. She was very happy about such an offer. For me, this was a great opportunity to stay with her for a long time and get to know each other better. Since I realized that I was not a Don Juan, I wanted to make a good impression differently. My old e36 - rat - wouldn’t help here.

I asked a good friend if I could borrow his Mercedes because I had recently helped him with moving and he owed me. Before I went after Emma, ​​I took the car to wash and bought some snacks in the store, which we could enjoy together during the trip. However, with this spending, I had just over 10 euros left in my account, which was just enough to fill the fuel tank on the way to my destination. It won't be enough for me on the way back, but I already had a plan. Refill it with 10 euros here in Riga and it will be enough to get to Vecpiebalga, where I will be able to ask my parents for some more money to get back home.

I had just taken Emma, ​​got into “Statoil” gas station and started refueling, and I was careful not to pour more than 10 euros. And only when I had already poured 2 liters of fuel, the enlightenment came over me, what am I doing now ??? As usual, I poured gasoline in my father's “rat”, but my friend's borrowed Mercedes was a diesel. I've always laughed at those blondes who pour diesel instead of gasoline or vice versa. This time I was the blonde everyone laughed about. I had removed the filling hose, but there was huge despair in my head. What to do now? Can I somehow get out the gasoline I had poured in, or do I have to call a tow truck right away to take me to the nearest service station and try to get the whole sling out? Of course, that would also mean the failure of my whole plan. Before I told a friend what I had worked on in his car, I decided to try my luck on one SOS call to dad, maybe he would have some suggestions. Dad both laughed hard at me and still calmed me down. He said that 2 liters is not crazy yet, but now I have to fill the tank with diesel and then everything will mix.  So even some diesel owners are doing this in the winter to be able to start their cars when it’s really cold. I remember vividly that feeling - shame about my mistake, relief from the solution, discovering that I don't have money to buy extra fuel, and then I saw Emma watching me impatiently from the car. She must have wondered why I didn't fill up quickly and go to Madona. I wondered in my head how to tell her my nonsense and, craziest, how to ask her if she can lend me money for a full tank of diesel. It was definitely one of the most embarrassing moments I have ever experienced. With difficulty and a long face, I told Emma the situation and, sweating forehead asked her to lend me money. However, Emma took it all in peace and even announced with a smile on her face that she could pay. I appreciated the girl's positivity and the fact that she looked even happy to help. The next frantic moment, of course, was at the checkout, when a girl was standing next to me with a credit card and wanted to pay for 2 liters of gasoline and at the same time for a full tank of diesel. The salesperson looked at me very strangely, but it also didn't ask me why I needed both gasoline and diesel in the middle of the summer.

All the way to Madona, I wasn't really in my skin. Conversations didn’t happen easily between us. At least I felt like I was nervous and unsure. However, looking at Emma, ​​she seemed to like the trip. She smiled, settled down very comfortably, ate almost all the M&M candy I had bought, and also felt good enough to be able to help me. Of course, I had promised to give her all the money back, but she seemed to enjoy the opportunity to help others and be helpful. Probably how hastily I would return the money didn't even bother her.

As it turned out, our adventures were not over, because there was still a common way back. I had visited my parents, my mother had given me money, I had visited my grandmother, and taken her almost through half of Latvia. My grandmother seemed to have a much brighter impression of my Mercedes than Emma did, ​​who had hardly noticed the car brand at all.

On the way back, my grandfather, as is already due in the Latvian countryside, poured one can of diesel into the tank, which farmers could get without excise tax. So I could go to Madona again after Emma and maybe on the way back to Riga we will finally manage to have a cool conversation and in the end, I will get to invite her to a real date as well. I had washed the car again, as far as it was possible in the countryside with a garden hose, and went to the same place in Madona, where I had taken Emma. I helped Emma load her bags and started the trip home. But after a few hundred meters the car started to gag and at the end it stopped and I couldn't start it. Madness! Do I really have to fail in front of the girl again ?! So I was in a friend's car in Madona, where I didn't know anyone except Emma and had no idea what had happened and what to do next. Emma also offered to settle this time, because there is a family friend nearby, whose car service can also be opened on Sundays. So we were taken to a service, where one of Emma's friends came to work especially on Sunday to see what had happened to our carriage. One thing I can say is that in the countryside, if you can call Madona that, everyone is unexpectedly helpful. While looking at the car, we were taken back to Emma's house, where I had the first opportunity to meet Emma's parents. Of course, this is not the ideal way and time to get acquainted with a girl's parents. Especially if she's not your girl yet. Fortunately, two hours later Emma got a call that the car was repaired and we could go after it. The next question in my head was, I wonder how much this repair will cost me ... And will I be able to pay for it at all, or will I have to ask Emma again for money? My mother had given me money, but I didn't know if it would be enough

. Oh, this fun student life, when you never knew exactly whether the money in your wallet and on the card would be enough to spend the current day. It turned out that something had gotten into the fuel tank, which had blocked the fuel supply. It was definitely the fault of the canned fuel in the countryside. The guy asked me for only 25 euros, which I could even pay myself and finally, we could go home.

This was one super embarrassing weekend. Nevertheless, when I stopped at Emma's house, I invited her to a movie date. To my surprise, she immediately replied, “Okay, but I choose the movie. And this time, please, you will pay for everything! Thank you for driving me. ” She sharply got out of the car and entered her stairwell. I was still standing and, looking at the already closed door, I thought, how did I do it? The worst series of events led to a date? So that’s how it happens? I turned up the music very loudly and thought again about everything I had experienced this weekend. Luckily I was more successful with Emma in the future, but I will be happy to tell you another time.




In this blog I want to share the stories from my personal life. You will be able to read my beliefs, thoughts and confessions from personal experience. In order not to hurt anybody, I've changed people's names and introduce myself with pseudonym Mr Hunter.


Riga, LV


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