When we got to my place, I let Dace choose which movie she wanted to watch. Personally, I really didn’t care, because I clearly knew that the moment the movie will start we will do more interesting things. I was ready to watch even Titanic, or Lord of the Rings. Meanwhile, I put popcorn in the microwave, poured wine, and started fantasizing about Dace’s round butt, which I noticed during the day. 

She suggested Scarface, which surprised me. I was ready to watch this movie in its entirety. However, the plans were different. I had already prepared a strategy when I let the girl drink wine, then I innocently asked her to come closer, but in a pose so at any moment I can caress her body and also turn and kiss her. In this part, there is no need for smart talk, or need to show off. We simply allow ourselves to feel each other's bodies side by side, with a hand I caress her hips and butt and in a moment when I want it the most, I softly turn to her and kiss her. It’s sort of a routine for me, but with the right girl, I feel goosebumps over my skin in each moment. And I enjoy it. While kissing, I grab her butt stronger, then also her breasts. This is sort of a test to see how open the girl is for a fast continuation of events. Dace not only didn’t resist, it also really aroused her. And the way she got aroused, made me even more passionate. I knew that even if she resisted in some of the next steps, I still would be able to arouse her again and again, till she won’t be able to resist instinct and pleasure. She didn’t resist. A few minutes later we were naked. The rest of the evening didn’t need any strategy, just to turn off the brain and enjoy it. 

We merged into one whole, panted, and enjoyed the simple magic of spontaneous sex.

When we had come and were close to exhaustion, we curled up under the blanket and continued to watch the movie. We made it just to see the famous scene where Tony Montana where he fires at enemies with a gun until bullets adorn his entire body and he falls dead. Genius movie.

The next morning we awoke together and I started wondering - maybe should drive somewhere outside Riga? Somewhere with no people and where I could calmly relax. When Dace awoke, I suggested the idea I had thought of, that we could drive to Liepaja. I remembered that my relatives had an apartment there that was being renovated and while not being too fancy, it would be fun. 

Dace smiled and agreed. Why not, she said and added, that she would need to take clothes from home. I said that I could drive her by her place for her to get everything she needed. 

When we ate breakfast we dressed up, I packed a bag with some things that would be needed leaving home for some time and we went to the car.

However, as I already had doubts, not everything went as planned. I drove Dace home, so she could get her stuff. Meanwhile, I drove off to do some of my dealings. After thirty minutes I got a text - “Sorry, not gonna happen”. I was in a bit of a shock because now I have no time to replace her with someone else, but what else to do. I tried to call her, but she didn’t pick up. Well, not much to do, sometimes girls are just unpredictable. What could have changed during these thirty minutes? Dace didn’t explain the sudden change of plans. Maybe she knew from the start that she wouldn’t drive anywhere, but couldn’t say that to my face? Has this been just a one night stand without any continuation? 

Ok, I was left with no company. I could drive there by myself. Why not? It would be great to calm the mind. To think about things and to understand my next plan for life. As well as calmly work sitting on a beach in Liepaja.

When I drove onto Liepaja highway, I opened the window and let the wind blow in my face. Enjoyable. I stopped only to buy coffee and continued further. I put on my favorite music and drove without looking into a speedometer, possibly breaking my own personal record during the route Riga-Liepaja. 

I arrived at my destination and after I had settled into the apartment, I didn’t hesitate much and immediately went on a drive through the city center. Liepaja during quarantine wasn’t the same. Of course, I saw people here and there, but altogether the impression was like a horror movie or post-apocalyptic thriller. Streets were empty, cafes and entertainment places were closed. There was a strange quietness in the city. The everyday activity charm had disappeared. 

I continued to the seaside, to the popular Red Sun Buffet. Thankfully, it was open and a smaller number of people made it possible to work smoothly. I ordered caffe Latte, took my laptop out of my bag, and turned on music on my headphones. At least one thing happens more successfully during the quarantine than usual, which is the possibility to work in prolonged and fruitful sessions. After a few hours, I felt that I had worked enough and I wanted to have some fun. What to do in a strange city during quarantine?

I decided to use Tinder as my traveling consultant. More like girls that I had a match with. I had opened the app a few hours ago, so I was already visible to local users. To the girls whom I had good contact with while chatting, I didn’t hesitate to ask a question - what to do here in Liepaja, while everyone is self-isolating at home? The most popular answers were about hiking or trips to nature. Northern fort, bird watching towers near Liepaja’s lake and walks through the park followed as frequent answers. One girl even reminded me that there is an art nouveau center in Liepaja and it would be nice to just walk around, lift up the head and view the historically renovated buildings. This idea was nice. Also, the girl who mentioned it gave off an impression of an intelligent companion. But, for my taste, too serious and correct. If I am here for only a few days I understand that I need to search for a girl that is more open to spontaneous ideas and values life’s enjoyable moments. 


Soon I started chatting with this kind of girl. At least that was the impression she left. When I asked what to see in Liepaja, her first answer was - my bedroom!. And added many smiling emojis. She explained that that was just a joke and she thinks the best entertainment is to drive through Liepaja city center with bicycles. I think that in every joke there is some truth and this time, time-constrained, I wanted to meet this kind of crazy girl. Our chat turned out fun, with many jokes and ambiguous texts. I reminded her about the bicycle idea and invited her to meet up. At first a little reluctantly, but she agreed.

We met the next day. The only problem was, I had no bicycle here. I found the closest bicycle shop and bought myself a new one.

This was a successful choice since the girl joined me on a completely new and beautiful women’s bicycle. However, with the bicycle ended all the good things which I could say about her. I couldn’t say that the girl wasn’t beautiful, but in real life, the impression was definitely worse than in her Tinder profile. There she had just one picture, but it was very captivating. In the picture, she looked like a 9 or a 10, but in real life best case she was a 6. She also lost the charm and confidence. The open and nice persona she created in her profile was completely ruined. Or I had made it up in my head? No, something made me think that this flirtatious persona she had learned to create only virtually, to please people she talked to. 

After a brief and awkward talk, we went on a drive. I still had hope that she was just shy and after some time she would open up. We checked out the city center, drove through the park and seaside. In a moment when we were relaxing and there again was the awkward quietness, I just wanted to check Tinder, to see what’s new there. I usually don’t use my phone during dates, I try to give all my attention to my date, but this time the hand itself went for the phone. One other girl had answered, who was also crazy enough to go on a date today. I texted her that a friend is showing me around the city on a bicycle, but after some time she could replace the friend. Meanwhile, my date glared at my angrily, thinking I’m yet another slave to the technologies, who couldn’t live without a phone even for seconds. 

I answered her that I finally got a text from a friend, who was the reason I even came to Liepaja and that this evening was the only chance for him to meet me. This was a good enough reason to quickly end this suffering. We got to her house. Without formalities, I said goodbye and went to the next date. 

With the other girl, we decided to dine together. This girl was more open, already in the first moments, I saw things that I liked in her - long, dark hair, skinny jeans, expressive blouse neckline that distracted the eyes all dinner. I drove to pick her up at her house and just as she stepped in the car she offered to drive out of the city to Pilsberģu restaurant Jūrkalnē restaurant, which seemed pretty daring idea from a girl, who just stepped into a strangers car. But well… While driving we chatted about various things. She was born and raised in Liepaja. Finished high school, but then took some free time to decide what she wants to do in her life. So we got to the destination. We were the only people in the restaurant and there was truly a surreal feeling. One bonus in the quarantine - it seems like you are a rich person, who rented the whole restaurant for private dinner.

I already saw things, which I liked in her. But then...came a moment, where I accidentally mentioned the good and the bad things during the self-isolation. Unfortunately, this topic “clicked’ in her head and as if breaking the dam, the girl started spewing out countless arguments about viruses and conspiracy theories. I tried to erase most of it from my brain, but these were her approximate arguments. Coronavirus was made in American laboratories. In 2019 Americans had had some kind of military training near Wuhan. The virus was cultivated by Americans to lessen China’s power in the world economy. Everything is being sponsored by billionaires such as Bill Gates and other hidden world leaders. The virus apparently was made to later profit from the vaccines. Media is apparently exaggerating everything and all of the restrictions can be ignored, getting through the sickness just like the flu. For humanity to have immunity against this virus around 75% of citizens need to get sick. That’s why we should encourage people to get sick so we get natural immunity. And the people who die are old and sickly. Maybe it’s even better because in the end, we get a cleaner race and the country will have enough money for seniors that are leftover. 

Needless to say, I do not agree with all of this. I am open to many viewpoints, but this is too much bullsh*t for me. I was in shock, tried to not say anything anymore, to not get any more comments. I paid the bill and asked her to leave. I will be honest, I all the time had thought, the crazier the girl, the better, but this girl, although pretty, was too crazy for me, so I decided to not find out how crazy she would be in bed. 

I had made two revelations. First, always get to know people better before meeting for a date. Second, never meet with a girl who has just one picture in a dating app and she is not on Facebook or Instagram. 

While driving home I remembered my night with Dace and her round butt. Of course, I would want to meet her again, but after the way she rejected me, I wasn’t about to text her first. After some time I received a text just from Dace - “Hey, what’s up? Are you back already?:)”. It looks like our adventures will continue. 



In this blog I want to share the stories from my personal life. You will be able to read my beliefs, thoughts and confessions from personal experience. In order not to hurt anybody, I've changed people's names and introduce myself with pseudonym Mr Hunter.


Riga, LV


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