On a Friday evening, after a successful workday, I enjoyed nice relaxation on my new couch. I looked with pleasure at my new apartment and realized that it was created for a social event. It had a party atmosphere. It's hard to explain, but when you get into a party atmosphere apartment, it immediately becomes clear. Well and what? I took the phone and took a couple of pictures with panoramic windows, my new sofa and a bottle of champagne and put Instagram on it with the text: My new home. Apply who wants to come to celebrate.

I got texts from various friends and talked to meet me the next night. The whole day was spent in one run, a lot of work had to be done, so the phone conversation with Dāvis was quite sloppy. But maybe I turned the focus off a bit after Dāvis said that his entertainment with Ramona was starting to turn into a real relationship. Although I enjoyed Dace's lit body and pleasant company the day before, the news did not please me very much. Anyway, I also invited Dāvis to join me for an evening party.

I had just managed to cross the door still, carrying drinks and snacks in my hands, as the people were already gathering at my place. I was expecting about five, but in half an hour there were already twenty-five people in the apartment! During the day I was so busy that I completely forgot about glasses, forks, and plates - I called one of my friends, who had not yet arrived, to bring disposable cutlery and napkins. I wasn't used to thinking about such practical and self-evident things and it just slipped past me. Dace was nowhere to be seen, although I had called her too. There was no sign of Dāvis either. However, Ramona had honored my new apartments with her sparkling presence. It was enough for her that music was playing in the background so that the party could really start. “Coyote Ugly” bar counter dances pale against Ramona! Watching Ramona's sensual dance movements, fantasies about how I grabbed her and pulled her right here in the bathroom, arose on their own. I stopped myself out of respect for Dāvis. I went to the kitchen to lower my body temperature by a few degrees while drinking cold water. When I turned, Ramona stood very close to me, put her arms around my shoulders, and tried to kiss me. I murmured something that we shouldn’t do this because of Dāvis and so… but in fact, I wanted to tear Ramona's dress in the air, sit on the kitchen counter and make love! Although Ramona didn't seem so easy to calm down, I somehow managed to control this impulse and accompany Ramona back to the living room, where apparently her favorite music piece was on, as she immediately whirled in the crowd and continued to dance. The next few hours were spent carelessly partying in great company.  We uncorked all the exclusive alcoholic drinks I had just brought from my previous apartment. Passionate dances by the panoramic windows certainly aroused the envy of the district's neighbors, who watched it all. We ordered more food, played games, enjoyed the hookah until the morning dawned imperceptibly and everyone gradually left, one by one or in pairs. Only Ramona was left, soundly asleep in the corner of the couch. In her sleep, she looked almost harmless… 

Dace didn't come after all. Dāvis did not come either. I went closer to Ramona. Relaxing on the couch, the dress was so high up that you could see miniature panties under it. The view was so inviting! I couldn't decide - touch Ramona with a gentle caress or cover with a blanket… or still caress ...



In this blog I want to share the stories from my personal life. You will be able to read my beliefs, thoughts and confessions from personal experience. In order not to hurt anybody, I've changed people's names and introduce myself with pseudonym Mr Hunter.


Riga, LV


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