Now that autumn has clearly arrived, I feel a slight nostalgia for the sunny days of summer and the corresponding entertainment. So I wanted to dwell on some memories from the end of August - about which I haven't written yet. Then, as it turned out at the time, I managed to overcome moments of failure quite well with the peaceful awareness that they would be followed by a white stripe of life. The events of those days are, as once, from the repertoire that strengthens the awareness of the succession of positive events that follow the less sweet moments of life.

During the most stressful periods of life, it happens that the first seconds after waking up are in peaceful well-being until the thoughts are filled with heaviness. By and large, what should I complain about ?! My profits are growing steadily, which allows me to gradually transfer my life goals from imagination to reality. As an example, I had chosen my new dream vehicle and all that remains is to expect it to be delivered to Latvia from Germany. Everything goes up, almost. And in that little section where everything is not 100%, the story is about two stunning girls that excite me, make my imagination experience very pleasant moments, and even more pleasantly bodily when I am with them. I'm not one of those guys who is sad for a long time because of girls. So far, if something didn't go exactly as I would like - next and move on, there is not much to stress about. At least it seemed that way to me.

So I’m lying in bed and feeling lost and empty, these are the feelings that only failures with girls can cause. Because Dace probably has a boyfriend and I haven't seen her or talked to her anymore. Ramona is with my best friend. The thought that in the unpredictable hours of the day, in absolutely erotic lingerie and shockingly short dresses, Ramona comes to Dāvis, not to me - what to say - I am deeply furious! There would still be half-sorrow about the sailor, but about Dāvis - it was urgent to undo this nonsense! I value our friendship much more than some selfish aspirations. These self-disciplined thoughts snatched me from the dark cloud, so I got dressed to go for a run when the first encouragement came to me in the form of a Whatsapp message from Dace: “Hi, how are you? Can we meet tonight? ” Good timing, I thought to myself. And at the same time - I was overwhelmed by pride and the desire to shoo away Dace like an intrusive fly (it's nothing that even 5 minutes ago it all caused me something like sadness - but the bad, as they say, is forgotten quickly). Well, okay, not shoo away, but she'll have to wait for my answer though. I ran 10 km in one breath. Although I didn't want to admit it to myself, Dace's appearance gave me a thorough dose of adrenaline, without even really knowing the outcome of our upcoming meeting. In a way, it didn't even matter if Dace was still with this dude or not. The message was a testament to my indifference to her. I am glad to have the opportunity to meet face to face and talk to her about this situation.

The mood was uplifted and I wanted to be somewhere closer to the sky and with a wide view, so we talked to meet at the restaurant "Grill 67", where I reserved a table for us. I had no specific expectations for that evening, and maybe that was the key to success. After not meeting Dace for a while, she looked even more irresistible. Besides, Dace's real joy in meeting me made all the bitterness go away immediately. Even before the wine bottle was uncorked, the conversations were easy and relaxed, and I was honestly surprised. Dace had such a special ability to be likable in spite of anything and skillfully dispel the bitterness caused by the past. After almost half a year of dating, for the first time, Dace admitted to a long-known fact about her (former) boyfriend - sailor. It was not important to talk about him sooner. They have lived like this for several years, half a year on land together and half a year at sea. Only in the last two years, the relationship deteriorated. It seemed to freeze at some stage and did not move forward or backward - these were, in my opinion, details that could have been done without. But I didn't stop Dace either, her openness after such a long mystery was a pleasant change. There was a great deal of trust in this conversation, which created such a special bond between us. I liked it, very much. Then, this time she has been waiting for the sailor on land, not to hug him, or love him, but to break up. And at that moment, it became a little harder for me to hide my grin of admiration for what I had just heard. Dace was not busy twisting her love nest with a sailor, but breaking up - great news! It wasn't that easy, blah blah, he needed time to find where to move, blah blah, in short - Dace had taken a decisive step and put an end to the relationship with the sailor - she was free again!

Of course, not all cards were up to my sleeve. On this wave of unexpected closeness, I, too, said something I had not really planned to reveal. I admitted that I have met Ramona in a more informal atmosphere. But she is now with Dāvis, who had invited us all to a party on a yacht. I immediately regretted saying it a bit - a party is very good, but a party for us all in one place - hardly. After a moment of silence, Dace shuddered and announced that she would be happy to go to this party. I was expecting some kind of jealousy scene or long pauses of awkward silence. But instead, it seemed that Dace jumped in her consciousness from her story of a sailor boyfriend to the fact that Ramona was Dāvis’s girlfriend right away, omitting spicy scenes where my and Ramona's body intertwined. "Let's go to Ķīšezers for a swim!" Dace suddenly suggested. Intended - done! Although the summer was not over yet, the evenings were already quite chilly and a night swim was not the first thing that came to mind. But, any proposal would go well, and with it - to be with Dace together, somewhere away from people's eyes, naked (had any of us taken a swimsuit ?!) - the best of the possible scenarios!

We found a nice, secluded place with easy access to the lake. Calm ambient chillout music was on in the car, Dace looked at me flirty and began to slowly undress. With my eyes, I enjoyed her every movement, which revealed a long-unseen, very coveted body. When Dace got to her underwear, she got out of the car and turned her back, and headed for the lake. Then she stopped and slowly took off her bra, then slid off her panties. Although the air was cool, my friend immediately became hard, imagining her warm crotch and hard nipples in the cool air. She, despite me, began to go inside the water. I dropped my clothes and followed her. The water was c-o-l-d! Dace swam over to me, put her arms around my neck, and kissed me. Despite the heat I began to feel inside, we both began to shake a little. I took Dace by the hand and lifted her out of the water. I turned on the heater in the car at full power and very soon the cabin began to reign in a tropical climate, and not just because of the hot air… At first, I caressed every curve of her body. Dace's skin was soft and smelled of something unfathomable, which made all my senses tremble with excitement. I stroked her breasts, kissing her mouth and neck at the same time, feeling her skin on my own. I entered her slowly, very slowly, irritating our both hot and agitated bodies to the maximum. Dace moved with pleasure and growled under my weight. It was great, just perfect, not 100%, but not beyond the rating scale at all! The emotions I gained were exacerbated by the fact that after a long time I was able to get what I longed for and which was deep in my memory.

On the day when Dāvis's yacht party was planned, the weather was sunny and warm, just perfect. In addition to the four of us, there was another couple and a captain on the yacht. The ride was planned along the Daugava with a view of the city. I will say that driving or crossing the bridge, or looking at the Old Town from the other side of the Daugava is quite different than enjoying these views from the yacht deck! Smoking a hookah in the middle of the Daugava overlooking the Presidential Palace was quite an interesting experience. There was dance music, chilled champagne was available to the heart, the girls sunbathing, dancing for us. It seemed that the captain was something like two in one - not only steering but also photographing and filming at every moment because Dāvis wanted this unique party between the two shores of Riga with his best friends on board to be documented.

The atmosphere on the yacht was quite tense, despite the exclusive entertainment we had. I watched with the corner of my eye as Dace and Ramona conversed, but everything seemed withheld. The party seemed to be a success, I started to relax with the idea that we are all adults and we can have a normal relaxation together - here it was, the famous peace before the storm! The fact that Dace had started a sharp exchange of words with Ramona could be heard from both voices, which far exceeded the decibels of a peaceful conversation. When Dāvis intervened and tried to find out what was going on there. Dace just replied, "Ask Ramona herself!" 

I felt that we were approaching the dangerous border, where when some hidden facts were revealed, at a moment negative emotions could escalate to unpredictable levels. There wasn't much to talk about, there was an urgent need to change the course of events, but before I could say anything, Dace, into the heart of the dispute, had pushed  Ramona into the water and someone even managed to film it all by accident! To somehow improve the situation, I tore off my clothes and rushed into the water, inviting the others to join the swim as well. I was followed by Dāvis and the others, and finally Dace herself. It must be said that this step, or leap, was exactly what was needed to transform the growing emotion into a general fun. And now I can say that swimming in the Daugava has begun to become my tradition. The water was fantastic and the trip was worth it! BUT the lesson has been learned, I need to be a little more careful, and I should no longer risk the emotional clashes of these ladies in such an intimate atmosphere together.



In this blog I want to share the stories from my personal life. You will be able to read my beliefs, thoughts and confessions from personal experience. In order not to hurt anybody, I've changed people's names and introduce myself with pseudonym Mr Hunter.


Riga, LV


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