My house arrest ended on March 6, and I was allowed to go in society on the appointment of my family doctor. Of course, the first thing I did so far was go to get my new car. I have mentioned several times that I have bought a new car remotely, but so far I have avoided mentioning exactly what I have bought. Now I can tell you all that the car I bought is a 2013 BMW M6 Gran Coupe. I've always wanted this machine, and finally I could afford it. The BMW M-Series, have always been a surefire way to identify real sports cars and differentiate real car enthusiasts from Sunday drivers. Finally I have joined the M club.

My family doctor also referred me to an antibody test, but since my disease was definitely Covid, and I had no physical symptoms for about a week, it showed that I had the disease, and according to my doctor, I can be relatively sure that nearest time I will no longer catch it and won’t get others sick. I was so longing for human contact that I talked about driving to get the car with Dāvis. Anna would have been indifferent to such a trip to get my car, because she could not appreciate the car I had bought. In her eyes, it was just another BMW.

On Saturday morning around 11, I saw my beauty for the first time in my life. Oh, yeah! Even in real life, it looked just as sexy as I had imagined. It's nothing that when it was standing at various car logistics points in the winter, it was a bit dusty, it didn't stop me from being excited for finally getting to it. One of the reasons why I had to wait for the car for so long was the fact that I registered it in Lithuania, and due to Covid restrictions, I couldn't get it sooner. When I signed the deed of transfer and received the keys, I was finally able to get into my BMW M6 Gran Coupe myself! 

I got in the car, Dāvis next to me, and the first question arose - where are we going? Of course, there was no time to go far, but it would be stupid to go home. Since I received the car at the car logistics point Kurbads, which is located in Rumbula, it was only logical to drive somewhere along the Daugavpils highway. We decided to drive to Ogre, which is far enough to start getting acquainted with my M6. Let’s go! As soon as I turned it on, I felt every vibration of this beast. It was not a lovely purring kitten, but a tiger who angrily jumped at each accelerator pedal.

At first, at the wheel, I was more cautious than grandma, who is going to the supermarket with her opel for the first time after the winter season. I actually had a fear from the beginning of the force that lived and boiled in the belly of this car. It's hard to describe the feelings that had overwhelmed me. Pleasant excitement alternated with reverence and respect for this 560 horsepower beast. Adrenaline and healthy fear struggled at the same time. Part of me wanted to press the accelerator and enjoy what this car is capable of, the other part fearfully and carefully considered every movement I made at the wheel. When we had already passed through Salaspils, I finally pressed it harder on the accelerator pedal…. Whoa man - I'll soon be without my driver’s license like this! Soon I will have to equip this car with BMW's typical accessories - anti-radar and a few hundred cash in a glove compartment, for special occasions. I didn't force anything, we just got to know each other, we still have a whole life together. As they say - I like to kiss before I fuck!

When I drove back to Riga, I remembered Matīss, a guy who films commercials and similar videos. Once upon a time we talked that his heart's desire is car video making. I called him and told him about my M6 and asked if he didn't want to film my M today. Matīss agreed and we talked to meet at my house to film a few shots so also you could appreciate my purchase.

Before we parted ways with Dāvis, I told him that I owed Anna a Valentine's Day celebration, and I wanted to leave somewhere further outside Riga, and at times consecrate the car. For my part, it was just such a small talk, and I didn't expect Dāvis to take it as an invitation to join. He said that he hadn't done anything interesting with Ramona lately, and he thought he needed an adventure. He immediately started looking for interesting offers outside Riga, and found a good offer in Promenade Hotel in Liepaja. I was a little confused, I definitely didn't want to spend a couple of romantic days with Anna in the presence of Ramona, but I couldn't say no to Dāvis either, so I just determined that if they drive their car, then of course there is no problem. Before I started to consider all this properly, Dāvis had already picked up 2 rooms in Liepāja. Nothing to do, the next day the four of us are driving to Liepāja.

In the evening I also met Anna. I took her to Jurmala. We even walked a bit along Jomas Street, but it was a terrible wind and cold, so we drove to my place to warm up, if you understand what I mean by that. It must be understood that I have not been in contact with any person for more than 3 weeks, let alone any physical intimacy with a woman. I will say as it was, I was quite horny, and when I told Anna that I had planned a romantic trip to Liepāja, she immediately became especially kind to me, and I knew that tonight we would not watch TV at home, instead we would exercise in the bedroom. I was just hoping that I would have enough strength for Anna's temperament, because after 3 weeks of illness, I started to feel a little tired in the evening.

The next day we went on our mini trip. Dāvis and Ramona left their home, we left our own, and we talked to meet in Kuldīga at the Venta waterfall. I was already a little used to my demon in the form of an M6, and although I hadn't used the full potential of this machine yet, I already felt a little safer on the road.

Probably I talked too much about this car and my feelings at the wheel, because shortly before Kuldīga, Anna and I had a small fight about it. I was so excited about this machine that I was obviously just talking about it, and I didn't listen to Anna's stories about her girlfriends' dramas or anything like that. At some point, I had missed her question, and instead shared the experience that this car can't be compared to any other car I've driven. It made Anna angry, and she started to offend me, that I didn't listen to her at all, and I wasn't interested in our romantic weekend, but just to drive, and for me, that car is more important than her, and so on. I did not want to think at all whether or not there was some truth in what she said. I just held both hands on the wheel, occasionally nodding, and saying to myself, “I can't hear anything! She won't ruin this trip! Don't answer anything! You agree with everything and she will calm down! I don't hear anything ... ”. As I "meditated" on it, I suddenly noticed that in just a few seconds the speedometer bar had run over the 200km / h mark. 

I had reached such speed so quickly and imperceptibly that the feeling of happiness and fear caused by adrenaline had marked a real smile on my face, and at the same time silenced Anna's speech. I felt that my M6 was like a magic wand with which I could cause myself happiness at any time and at the same time silence Anna. By the time we got to Kuldiga, our mini conflict was over, and Anna was starting to get excited about the cool atmosphere of Kuldiga.

We had arrived about half an hour earlier than Dave and Ramona (of course, because they don't have M-series). We decided to take a walk around the city. I have not been to Kuldiga since childhood. From that time on, I only remember the old bridge and the Venta waterfall. Now, walking around the old town, I was thrilled. It's just a pity it was such a cold and unloving time. It seemed that if cars were removed from the streets and modern road signs were removed, then it would not be possible to say that we are in the 21st century. We should definitely come here in the summer as well. When Dāvis and Ramona had finally arrived in Kuldīga, we met at the Venta waterfall- the widest waterfall in Europe. It's already beautiful, but somehow since childhood I remembered this place more impressively. Anna and I were already so frozen that we were interested more by the nearby mobile car, which sold Baileys cocktails, more than the Venta landscape itself. We each took a coffee with a dose of Baileys. Anna said that the Bailey’s was good, but why did they have to add coffee? .

We went further, and late in the afternoon we arrived in a city where the wind was born. But I will tell about the adventures of Liepāja (which was not lacking) in the next post.



In this blog I want to share the stories from my personal life. You will be able to read my beliefs, thoughts and confessions from personal experience. In order not to hurt anybody, I've changed people's names and introduce myself with pseudonym Mr Hunter.


Riga, LV


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