For good or for bad, but Anna is away from my life and I'm again free. However, in the middle of May, my time was filled with things not related to girls. The renovations in the cottage were finally finished and I was able to take my parents to see the freshly renovated country property. Unfortunately, they already had sensed that I was planning something, because when I found out in the first days of May that my mother was planning to go to the cottage, I dissuaded her from this idea and, without explaining anything, did not let her drive until all the work was done. So the big surprise that I was doing something there without their knowledge was left out.

However, despite that my mom and dad saw the upgraded interior of the house, I could see that this initiative of mine has made them both very happy. They have been owning this house since the 80s. Until now, they had only made minor renovations, such as repainting the windows, installing a new stove, and repairing some of the effects of wear and tear here and there. It wasn't like I had done a complete reconstruction of the house either, but the kitchen underwent the biggest transformation. It was worn the most. I had ordered new kitchen furniture with quality MILE appliances. The rest of the house underwent cosmetic improvements and the old Soviet furniture was replaced with more visually and functionally modern one.

I hadn't spent all day with my parents for a long time, but that day we spent all day in a peaceful atmosphere in the cottage. It was like a nice idyll before the storm that followed me when I returned to Riga.

On Sunday night I chilled home and was happy with life. Anna was gone and, as I thought, I didn't miss her. The cottage was finished, the work in the new apartment would start soon, the car was driving well and everything appeared in bright colors, when suddenly I received a message from Dāvis: “WTF ??!? !!? Nice to meet you Mister X !!! ”

Here it was! The moment I had long feared had come! Someone in my life had visited this blog and recognized themselves in my stories, and it was none other than my friend, whom I wrote about on the blog often enough for him to recognize himself. Let me explain at once that I have changed the names of all the characters from the very beginning, and Dāvis is not really called Dāvis, Anna is not Anna, and Ramona is certainly not Ramona. I give them words according to my imagination. In fact, I really like the process of choosing words for friends and connecting their characters with my imagination as an appropriate word for a particular personality. But, of course, many people involved will recognize themselves by reading this blog because the details of their personal lives are too specific to be a coincidence. Anyway… I did not know what to answer to this message from Dāvis. I have been waiting for a long time for this to happen, but I had not come up with an action plan either. I wrote: “sorry… really forgive me! I have wanted to tell you about this for a long time. "

After a while, Dāvis sent another message: “FUCK! … Is it all true? Also about you and Ramona (so the name is changed)? ”

I replied that unfortunately yes. I started reading my blog thinking about how Dāvis might perceive it, and realized that in his place, I would be really angry with me. Less about that I have revealed any details of his life, because, as I said, I have changed his name and I have not mentioned his job, his place of residence or anything else that could easily identify him. But the biggest thing, let's call it a betrayal, is that I haven't told him about my relationship with Ramona and Ramona's behavior in my apartment when they were both together. In a way, I had broken the so-called bro-code. I sent another message to Dāvis. I wrote that maybe I should meet for a drink and talk about this thing. Dāvis replied briefly and succinctly: “Go f**k yourself”… ok, I accepted this attitude from Dāvis. But I can't change anything now, what has happened has happened, and I can't turn back time.

The next day I woke up with such a hit to my morale. I felt bad because I was not open to Dāvis, and I was very hopeful that we would eventually be able to resolve the situation as they say "without the fallen." I looked at the phone and during the night I had received several messages from Ramona! I think that Dāvis has definitely told her about my secret personality and this blog, so I was preparing for Ramona's barrage. When I started reading the messages, I realized that Ramona doesn't know anything about this blog, but she just complains to me that Dāvis has broken up with her out of the blue and made her leave the new apartment. She asked if I knew what had happened to him and why he suddenly behaved like that. At that moment, I realized that Dāvis had not explained anything to Ramona and had not talked about my blog. He just read my stories, saw the true face of Ramona and finished it all. My respect for Dāvis thus only grew, and unfortunately guilt also grew. I replied to Ramona that it was not my business that was happening between the two of them, and if Dāvis had done so, he has his reasons. She asked me if I had told Dāvis anything about us, to which I replied that I had not.

The next day, no communication took place between me and Dāvis, and I felt a little depressed. Since he didn't let me apologize face to face, I decided to do it here because I have no doubt that Dāvis will read this story.

So, the following message is for you (which I call Dāvis in this blog):

First of all, I am sorry that I wrote about the behind the scenes of your private life without your knowledge. I was really trying to hide your true personality without mentioning your occupation or place of residence, or otherwise pointing to something that would make it easy to identify you. However, I understand that people who know us well could easily mark us both here.

Secondly, I'm sorry that when you started meeting Ramona, I didn't tell you about our relationship and spicy history. You already know that I don't particularly like to talk about such things. Maybe it's because I write it all on this blog, so in real life I don't discuss such things. However, I understand that I needed to tell you about me and Ramona when your relationship started to get serious.

Thirdly, I understand that I needed to tell you right away about Ramona's behavior in my apartment. There is no need to have to start living with a woman who openly flirts with other guys, and I didn't reveal this information to you, because, as I wrote before, I don't like such conversations in my life.

Finally, sorry that you have learned about this blog in the way that you did. I consider you my best friend, and it would only be normal if I told you about this part of my life before.

You know me very well, and I hope you understand that such openness is not typical of me and it is not easy to say the word "forgive" so often. I want to think that our friendship will not be affected by this event in the long run, and I would be happy to go with you for a beer and leave it all behind.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Right now, this is the best I have been able to do to resolve this matter with Dāvis. In general, I probably had to reckon with all this, and most likely in the future some other people from my life will discover this blog and mark themselves in my stories. Maybe I need to start working on words of apology.

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In this blog I want to share the stories from my personal life. You will be able to read my beliefs, thoughts and confessions from personal experience. In order not to hurt anybody, I've changed people's names and introduce myself with pseudonym Mr Hunter.


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