The night before, I had decided to go to bed on time because I had to get up early in the morning. Wrong! It would have been much more useful to spend the night watching a good movie because I couldn't sleep like that. While the street was repaired here all night, living on Čaka Street was pure hell. Every time I fell asleep a little, my dreams suddenly were broken by thunderous sounds, loud shouts, and the clatter of hammers. So, of course, I didn't hear the alarm and now I'm worried I'll be late. In the morning I had an appointment with my uncle's old friend and his daughter, who was looking for an apartment to start her studies in Riga.

I had enough time for a quick shower, but I took the coffee from “Rocket Bean” while on the go. However, I missed the meeting, with which I lost a few points in my favor to create a first impression, because I do not like to be late, nor when others delay the agreed meeting time. I was thinking of showing a couple of available apartments in Pardaugava. To me, they seemed even more than just ok - well above average. All this hurry turned out to be unnecessary because when I arrived at the agreed meeting place, my uncle's friend said that the apartment in Pārdaugava would not fit, but the uncle had mentioned a good apartment on… and then he named the street I live on. It took a few seconds for the whole picture to come to my mind. Will I really have to move out ?! I have always perceived this apartment as a temporary ideal option, but now it turns out that I may have to move out, showing the apartment itself to the next tenant and without any prior warning? Uncle had played a furious joke with me this time! I had hurried so much to this meeting in Pardaugava, but as a result, all three of us went back to my apartment ... it was hard to imagine a more absurd situation at the moment! Of course, they really liked the apartment. They will take it. I didn't understand at all what had just happened. I went down the stairs when my uncle from the USA called me: “Sorry, but you have to move out in a week. No hard feelings, I really regret that it happened like this. I hope you understand, this is a very good friend of mine and he wanted this apartment, which is close to his daughter's university. Let’s talk later, maybe there is an available apartment for you ”.

My brain immediately went into work mode, thinking of several possible new home options. Although there was a possibility that one of the uncle's apartments would be available immediately, I began to think about renting an apartment on my own, so that in a sense I didn't have to live on suitcases all the time. Buying a house wasn’t an option yet. Thinking about it, I sat in the rented car, which I am currently using after selling my car - I still had a long list of work to do today, turned the key in the ignition, and… simply nothing!  The engine did not jump, pressing the button was silent. I got out of the car and slammed the door in anger. WTF? !!! How can I be so unlucky in one day! I called the car rental and made it clear how much inconvenience this car has caused me. They promised to settle everything. All I have to do has come to their office. At that moment, I realized that the day had started completely wrong, and before moving on, I decided to sit still in the sun, in the park on a bench, take a breath and think about what I am doing wrong today, that everything is not going well.  At the moment, it was important for me to get in, analyze the cause of the failures, and come up with an action plan. As they say, just "smoke out" how this not-so-good day could be rotated 180 degrees so that luck is on my side again. "Hi, dude, what are you doing here looking like you’re unemployed!" An old family friend, whom I had not seen since the birth of his first child, approached me and smiled broadly. And it was only through social networks that I learned that his wife was already expecting a third child. Here, in such situations, I get closer to understanding what people think, saying - ohh and ahh, how fast time runs. We started talking and word for word, almost have to agree with the statement that similar people attract one another - the mood was close to zero, he had a quarrel with his wife this morning.. She was forcing him to rent his apartment to buy another family car. An apartment that was a favorite place to relax and work, where you could work or take refuge when too big craziness happened at home. They themselves live in Mārupe, where a defect was discovered on the roof of the house and now a big sum must be collected to put everything in order there. He is now transferring the last property before renting the apartment. Bingo! Finally a light at the end of the tunnel - I could come to live there instead! We talked that in the evening I will be shown an apartment, but now he will drive me to the car rental. While we were discussing the issue of the apartment, we also talked about other life topics - business, taxes, cars, until we came to an interesting topic that he has registered his car in Lithuania. It turned out that there are a number of advantages when registering a vehicle in Lithuania. I ignited this idea because I have my own company, which, with the hope of finally starting to make money before the Covid madness, opened a branch in Lithuania. It made me think that I could also register my new car there.

The car rental was already waiting for me with the highest level of service. Offered soft drinks with snacks while I was reformatting documents. And best of all - at the same price on the porch for a shiny, waxed, high-quality, white-brown leather interior of the fifth series BMW - the previous, third BMW was waiting for me!

I decided to test outside Riga, what my newly acquired beauty is capable of. I settled down comfortably and squeezed on the pedal… suddenly some old "snail" cut out of the side street in front of me in the form of an Opel and continued to block my way at snail speed. Come on, I was furious that the vibe was gone. The flow of passing cars also did not allow me to overtake the snail immediately. After a hundred meters, I noticed a traffic police car catching speeding offenders. If the grandpa hadn't pulled in front of me at 70 km / h, then now, most likely, I would have been left without a driver's license! And I could return the fancy fifth-series BMW with my tail in my crotch, not to mention the new car that was on its way to me from Germany.

In the evening, before going to the sports club, I came to see the apartment. Wow and wow again! Now I fully understood why the dude was arguing with his wife! It was a top floor Panorama Plaza apartment with two small bedrooms and breathtaking views from the living room. I honestly didn't expect anything like that! I started to imagine how I would transform one of the bedrooms into my study. Where will I have a shish corner where I will put the console... We had not agreed on anything yet, but I already felt at home. We shook hands, agreeing on the basis of an old friendship on very favorable rental conditions for as long as I will need it!

In an extremely uplifting mood, I went to my favorite sports club. As I lifted the bars, a very pretty girl passed me by and smiled at me. Mmm, cool! In training, I thoroughly "boosted" the energy level. Then, after a hot and relaxing shower, I picked up the phone in the dressing room. Among the new followers, I recognized the girl I saw during the training in my Instagram account. I followed her back and will soon try to "slide into her DM’s :)".

Just as there is a "series of failures" in life, in my opinion, the algorithm of success works in the same way - I started to succeed and I had to think of something to increase this success. I hadn't tried my luck at the Olympic voodoo casino in a long time and this seemed like a very good moment for me because the feeling was that I could choose any bet - and there is no other option than profit. I like to think of myself as a person who immediately transitions from idea to action, and I also actively practice this principle in my daily life. So mean - done! During the hour I took home a little over 1000 euros !!!

At the end of the day, I had a few valuable insights. Literally translated from Russian, there is one cool saying that well describes my feeling of the day: "Из грязи в князи (From dirt to the throne)". What at first, seemed like a failure as events unfold turns out to bring success. This day once again reassured me that when the misfortune arrived, there was nothing to stress and get crazy about, just take a position of peace and wait. Because apparent evil can be a disguised long-term benefit and can only be distinguished by a positive mood and keeping a cool mind. However, this was a successful day for me!



In this blog I want to share the stories from my personal life. You will be able to read my beliefs, thoughts and confessions from personal experience. In order not to hurt anybody, I've changed people's names and introduce myself with pseudonym Mr Hunter.


Riga, LV


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