There is a saying - usually, a person is happy twice, the first time when he buys a car and the second time when he sells it. This is not the case with me this time.Saying goodbye to my car is painful because there is a lot we have experienced together. The BMW 530d e39 was not just a car, it was a part of my life. I pampered and cared for this car so much as if it were my girl. So I even gave her a name, but I'll keep it to myself. I spent a very long time with this car and it has been on a lot of different crazy adventures. Recently, however, the car makes it feel that to put it mildly, it is no longer the latest. I want something more modern, faster, more beautiful, so I decided to look for a new vehicle.

There is so much memory associated with the car. When I bought this car six years ago, it was very "cool" and the girls often complimented the leather interior when they got in the car. The car is involved in many important events, starting with how it came to be. There was a time when I was actively playing poker and making a living from it. I once took part in a tournament where I reached a stage where all the players were already receiving cash prizes. At that moment, I thought that I would buy myself my first car for this win. I didn't know yet how many prizes I would win, but all the winnings of this tournament will be dedicated to this purpose only. At that time I won the tournament and realized that winning allowed me to buy my dream car at that moment. However, I did not buy a car immediately. I knew what car I wanted, but researching the used car market, I realized that many of the cars on offer were not fully equipped as I wanted. Three months was the time when I found my real and only one. This car was located in Germany. The car was relatively more expensive than the average vehicle of this model in Latvia. As complete and precise as I wanted and most importantly in excellent technical and visual condition.

BMW 530d Individual. 2003 - the last time BMW produced the E39 and immediately released the new 5 Series E60. In particular, this three-liter diesel engine has been recognized by car experts as the best engine of its time. I chose the automatic transmission because it is much more comfortable when driving on city streets. Laughing, I always say that I chose the automatic, because it allows you to drive the car with one hand and hold the hand of the girl sitting next to you with the other. It is a great pride that I found a specimen with a special Individual orange-brown leather interior that is thicker and more durable than normal leather. This cabin also had Piano Black trim, which is a suitable accessory for interior leather and car body paint Individual Carbon Black. The body is not standard black, which can be seen on most specimens of this model, but dark, dark blue. The small nuances complete the set - a hatch, chrome edges for the speedometer, an electrically adjustable sun visor for the rear door and glass, GPS navigation and also a DVD player where you could watch movies. The car had a full M pack, without which the E39 is not a full-fledged car in my opinion, together with Rondell summer discs. Really, this car had everything I wanted so far.

The car was very close to me. It was relatively old, but all the fine ladies were able to appreciate my vehicle. Partly because I very much set it up and kept it in great order. As carefully as I focused on keeping the car in order, I also created a sales announcement. I had already prepared a complete list of options and an overview of the repairs made, as well as created a great photo gallery. I also planned to send pictures of the girls in the car to the interested buyers as a special "cherry on top". However, all this planning turned out to be needless, because when he found out about the possibility, my friend, who knew how much the car was loved, immediately applied to buy the car.

That day had come and July 8 was fateful when my dear "girl" finally fell into the hands of a friend. So for the last time in the morning, I took the keys to the car, went on a long trip, then handed the car to a friend and watched as a friend went to CDSS with it to rewrite the car. This car was special to me, so the only way not to feel bad about selling it was to realize that I would immediately pamper myself with a newer and better car.



In this blog I want to share the stories from my personal life. You will be able to read my beliefs, thoughts and confessions from personal experience. In order not to hurt anybody, I've changed people's names and introduce myself with pseudonym Mr Hunter.


Riga, LV


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