I returned to Riga and immediately started doing my business. Have to go to some places, have to talk with acquaintances. All-day I was thinking about my not so lucky experience with Liepaja girls. In their background, Dace, the girl with whom I spent the last night in Riga, seemed even more attractive. And that’s just how it was, her body and looks was close to my ideal. But I had my suspicions that by nature she was like a person with whom I wouldn’t be able to live. Me - stubborn, free thinker, and adventure seeker. Her - used to getting her own way, that guys follow her and do her bidding. Okay, that was just my first impression. In spite of this pondering, I really wanted to meet her again.

That’s how I tried and cunningly talked her into meeting tonight. She had borrowed my charger and I said that I immediately needed it back. And since we were meeting I talked her into a dinner with wine. I don’t cook too well, so I ordered it to be sent to me. I chose wine in a hurry 10 minutes before I met her. And I most definitely didn’t need the charger, because I had like 5 of them at home. But...she still stayed at me that evening. And the next evening. And that’s how this week I got a new girlfriend.

To be with Dace was completely different than with my ex. She was very independent. Every day she had her own stuff to do. She didn’t even let me pay for a taxi or to order her food. Possibly, she wanted to leave a good impression of herself. Nothing can be fully understood with girls. Anyway, I still ordered her food to her home, where she worked during the day. I even talked the courier into writing a message on the food pack “For dace. Eat for strength in the evening :)”.

To my surprise instead of her a food courier came in the evening and on the food pack was a message “Eat yourself, because tonight will have to do with your own strength. :)”

And that’s how teasing started. The next day I drove to get her with my work car, full of stuff and left just one space free, so she can sit next to boxes and bags. As well, I put one box in her lap. In her face, there was a visible blush from anger, but otherwise, she hid it. I smiled on the inside, but then I got sad for her. I changed up the cars and drove her to lunch to restaurant Fazenda. While she slowly ate the fried avocado and mozzarella salad that was arranged like the art I made sure she had a filled wine glass next to her all the time. I talked her into getting a Creme brulee dessert and gave her lots of compliments for her to really feel better. As this was an especially warm day we went to the seaside for a walk. Alcohol and the nice words truly worked wonders and Dace energetically danced along to every song in the car. Then in one moment, she started kissing me and making me horny. At the start, I laughed and said that driving like this we will crash. To that she replied - no issue, just stop driving! I drove off the road and found a quiet place in the forest. Dace took me by my hand and started to open my pants. Horniness interchanged with adrenaline because there were visible cars in the distance and at any moment a passerby could see us. The next moments were full of passion and fervent movement. Dace bit her lip to not scream. We finished fast. When returning to the car I had a feeling that everything I did with this girl was ideal and I couldn’t hurt her like last days’ teasing.

We returned home from the trip for a movie night. For a time everything was calm and in harmony, but then we started arguing over a movie which we wanted to watch. I won. But already in the same evening, she put salt in my tea. Then I, while she was in the shower, quietly took all the towels and things. In the morning my shoes were tied around the lamp. This was just a part of the jokes. We teased each other just as much verbally and in behavior. One morning she kissed me, caressed, and totally got me horny till the moment when she erotically took off her bra, she stopped. Then she quickly dressed, put on shoes and a jacket, and went out of the apartment door. At the last moment she returned, came to me, said- sorry, I will help with your “problem” and poured a cup of cold water on my feet. While I ran to dry my feet she was already gone. It infuriated me and made me happy at the same time. I had a feeling that we will never be bored together and I wanted to meet more and more. All-day I thought about how she made me horny and about how I wanted to get back at her for this evil joke. Again and again, I thought about her. This time my revenge wasn’t a childish joke. The moment Dace came home from work, I took her strongly, put her against the wall, and started kissing her. Still feeling the piled up sharp emotions I was especially rough. I held her by her neck, took off her blouse, and threw in the sofa. I could say that this was a time where I roughly “took” her, but she didn’t mind. Judging by her look, she enjoyed it.


One of my jokes was that I confessed about Ramona, that we had me and if I hadn’t met Dace I probably would have spent the night with her friend. She wasn’t surprised at all. Dace had a feeling that there was some contact between me and Ramona. She even said that she was surprised I hadn’t slept with Ramona. I, of course, jokingly said that maybe it will happen. I tried to tease Dace with this comment. But she replied, completely calm - she didn’t have an issue with it. My eyes, of course, lit up. Maybe that time, when I photographed them together, I needed to go for the daring choice and invite them both to my place? But now the situation was completely different.

While I pondered, Dace had thought of her continuation. She took her phone and started texting Ramona “Hey! What are you up to today? Come visit, we will drink cocktails and make a party for just the three of us!”

I clearly saw what she was texting, because she sat in a way so it would be completely visible. Maybe it was another joke of hers. Easy way to annoy me. Maybe Dace just didn’t want to lag behind and continue to be provocative. Anyways, after a few hours, Ramona was at my door with a bottle of gin in her hands.



In this blog I want to share the stories from my personal life. You will be able to read my beliefs, thoughts and confessions from personal experience. In order not to hurt anybody, I've changed people's names and introduce myself with pseudonym Mr Hunter.


Riga, LV


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