A complete lockdown has begun… okay, maybe it can get even crazier. At present, at least it is still allowed to move around Latvia, which will probably end very soon. Gyms are closed, shops allow permission to buy only necessities, all restaurants, bars, nightclubs are closed. But at this time Anna will celebrate a semicircular birthday. Poor girl! As she herself told me, I have the opportunity to work a miracle. She wanted some travel, a spa with massages, and a pool. And to drink Baileys. I am very keen on this idea and am determined to find a way to make it a reality. Not just because I felt for her and wanted to see the joy in her eyes. It became a challenge for me, and I was very passionate about proving that such problems can be solved with dedication and money. At first, I had planned to find a private house with a pool for rent. Talk to a masseur who would like to break the rules and something like that. But then I found out that the Baltic beach hotel works because they count as a medicinal SPA. At the moment they also have a special offer - 2 nights for the price of 1. I managed to call the hotel manager, she explained how and where to arrange a doctor's appointment to the pool and massages. I also managed to talk about changing the family room to a deluxe room and all this time for only 170 EUR. Of course, I still remember the previous attempt to stay in Jūrmala with Dace for the weekend and SPA, which then completely and definitively failed. But all that happened should stay in the past. 

My main task this time was not to arrange a gift but to make sure that Anna would really agree to ride. I wrote to her that I had found an option to spend quite an epic few days feeling abroad. And I asked if she was ready to take this time and dedicate two days on a joint mini-trip with me. Anna of course answered with great curiosity and asked for details. But I had a plan not to reveal anything until we were in the SPA. I said that I promise to take care of her as a gentleman and that there will be an opportunity to put on both a swimsuit and an evening dress. Hardly any girl in Latvia could refuse this offer during Covid and Anna could not either. She urged me to really remember the gentleman's promise, then she would be happy to go on an adventure with me. I answered with time when I would pick her up. 

Great, the hardest part was settled. I have a plan and I have a company. I realized that to make the surprise complete, I would also need a real gift to give on my birthday. I accidentally heard Anna's phone call with a girlfriend in the gym, where she was talking about a dress in an online store. I was lucky to see this girl's insta nickname and write to her that I need her help to find this dress. The girl was very surprised but was responsive and we quickly found the right dress in the online store. Of course, the next problem was delivery time. I also begged the online store that I would pick up the dress myself and pick up a beautiful sweater as a bonus. I stopped at a liquor store and added a bottle of Baileys to the gift. I felt very happy with my work organizing a surprise and if Anna is a normal girl, she will really appreciate it. At this point, all my doubts and anxieties about the event fade away. I knew I had done everything I could. If the girl doesn't have enough of it, then let her go away! If she will like it, this will be a great start.

So the next day I met Anna at her home. She was accompanied by a suitcase, where apparently everything possible for all kinds of potential adventures was stacked. Her eyes twinkled and her walking style signaled a good mood. All the way she asked me where we were going, of what I had thought. I was silent as an army prisoner, only to indicate that I would only reveal my cards when we were done. We didn't have to wait long, after 30 minutes we entered the territory of Baltic Beach Hotel.

After checking in and settling into the room, we wanted to go to the pool as soon as possible. Of course, on a first date, taking a girl to a hotel room right away is a pretty brave move. But there are few options available at the moment and we trust each other. The room did not disappoint. We had 2 rooms. One with a small, beautiful artificial Christmas tree, a bar counter with a variety of drinks, a sofa, two bathrooms, and a bedroom with a super large bed. The thought of how I would try to seduce Anna into this bed later caught my head. Anna, meanwhile, walked through all the rooms and didn't hide her enthusiasm for the room.

I had arranged for both of us doctor's referrals and so we could go to the SPA center as a therapeutic pool. In the pool, I finally got to see Anna in a swimsuit. I noticed that I wasn't the only one looking at her. We enjoyed all the saunas and jacuzzi, as well as leisurely swimming in the pool. Anna next to me every step of the way, I could feel that she was enjoying the day and the company. It was mutual. We continued with the restaurant dinner delivered to the room. I picked up a rib eye steak, but Anna chose Tiger prawn salad. Food was the first thing that disappointed us here. I had expected a juicier and tastier steak, this was a bit like the sole of a shoe. And they also managed to ruin Anna's salad in some way. But I give bonus points for good wine.

After the wine and talks, the evening was coming to an end. I already thought of the scenarios of kissing her lips and throwing her in bed. And then she asked if I would be comfortable sleeping on the couch… What? On the sofa? It was a profound hint that she didn't want anything tonight. I was not stunned, I said that I will be a gentleman. I understand her wishes and respect them. I added that this was a great day together and what about a little kiss for it? Anna smiled and agreed. The little kiss became a long kiss. And I felt like winning a marathon, finally the fact that the continuation of our relationship would be romantic. However, tonight I really slept on the couch.

The next morning I served flowers, a gift, and a bottle of Baileys. Anna, already excited about the adventure, now radiated even more. The surprise was also provided by the hotel itself when a small cake with a card was served for breakfast. With breakfast, there were two options. You could also order them in the room, but unlike dinner, you still have to pay 10 EUR for delivery and still pay for the brochures themselves. As the restaurant's food was disappointing the night before, we chose the Continental breakfast included in the offer, which we only had to go after and put it in a takeaway dish.

During the day we enjoyed massages. I chose Thai massage, Anna classic. The Thai massage was really great and for that time I forgot about all my worries and felt like heaven. I didn't even notice how time had passed. Of course, later we went through the whole pool tour again, this time Anna stayed even closer to me. I felt sparks.

In the evening, in order not to spoil the otherwise ideal day, we chose to order dinner from Bolt Food instead of the hotel restaurant. I ordered a very tasty dinner from the Grill Bar 39k. The hotel only helped with a bottle of wine. This time we spent the evening very leisurely talking and laughing. It didn't take long for us to get to the topic of the time she ignored my call to a restaurant where I sat alone for a long time. She explained her version. She said she had a bad experience with a controlling ex-boyfriend. That this move was very much in his style and struck bad emotions. Anna explained that she did not want to be pushed and controlled. That this time she agreed, because I asked in a nice conversation, as well as the fact that in the meantime she got to know me better and saw that I was different, nicer. 

This time the evening ended when we were both in bed. We kissed passionately, but each of my caresses in the chest or buttocks area was quickly repelled. For a hundredth of a second, she could feel how much her body enjoys it and then the mind connects and with a neat hand movement and then I was pushed away. I was ready to try again and again, but then she asked me to slow down and leave those pleasures for another time. I agree. Falling asleep in each other's arms and the next morning I already felt like a guy with a fantastic and nice girlfriend. Anna hugged me, brought coffee to bed, and got caught in my hand while walking. See why she always portrayed a cool attitude - it turned out that she hid a gentle and loving soul, which can be felt only by loved ones who have gained trust. On the way home, we already discussed how to celebrate Christmas together.



In this blog I want to share the stories from my personal life. You will be able to read my beliefs, thoughts and confessions from personal experience. In order not to hurt anybody, I've changed people's names and introduce myself with pseudonym Mr Hunter.


Riga, LV


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