Adventures and sharp feelings - that's me. Also the fact that I am not a routine person. So last week, which was saturated with Ramona, seemed like it was created just for me. At least initially …

Usually in the first act of the day I was faithful to my wellness formula - morning coffee, running, shower. Then I spent several hours working. The rest of the day was purest improvisation, mostly led by Ramona. In this regard, I was overwhelmed by a small déjà vu, because Dace had also taken the initiative THAT TIME, and I see how ironic it was that she left the stage herself, and the main role was now played by a girl who, according to Dace's script, was supposed to be a supporting actor. As for Ramona, I could never have predicted what we would do today. Ramona had taken her "carta blanca" - and by that I don't mean Bacardi rum with a delicate taste - she did absolutely anything she wanted and it was more like a crazy roller coaster ride. And the more I liked it, the more Ramona's eccentricity took hold.

What could be more innocent than traveling by car from point A to point B? Nothing unless Ramona is sitting next to you! One day she expressed a desire to drink champagne with a "view". I imagined that the Baltā Kāpa in Saulkrasti offers a sufficiently picturesque panorama. We were not halfway there when Ramona told me to return immediately. She has forgotten about her manicure appointment, to which she must make it. I tried to protest because driving back for such an unimportant reason seemed silly. But Ramona was adamant. She said that she would provide me with enjoyable moments, took the champagne out of the ice bag, with a couple of neat hand movements it was uncorked and she drank from the neck of the bottle just like that. After a moment, Ramona leaned over to me as if to kiss, I tried not to distract myself from the road - a warm champagne poured into my mouth with my kiss… A few more sips and she suddenly took off pants with the text - If you are a good boy and listen, you will get a prize! The rest at the same time delighted me, as it confirmed Ramona's daring nature, and confused me, because I could never know what Ramona would think of next…

She told me to keep driving and pretend that nothing was happening. Then she took my hand off the wheel and slid under her panties - there was a tropical climate! It immediately excited me. I was about to stop the car so we could do something about it, but Ramona told me that if I stopped, she would stop. The choice was not obvious, because I am a conscientious driver, but you will agree that it is difficult to say no to such a thing! Then she opened my pants in front, pulled out my friend and took it in her mouth. I felt both physical pleasure and a thorough dose of adrenaline, which made my face feel hot as if I had a temperature. Bad Guy by Billie Eilish sounded in the background as it became increasingly difficult to concentrate on the ride. Ramona's mouth and tongue moved faster and faster, until everything blurred before my eyes for a moment… So that’s how we drank champagne without a "view", but with strong feelings!

The other day, when we wanted to have dinner at a good restaurant, Ramona mentioned that she wanted to get a new dress in honor of the occasion. I wanted to make her happy and when we went to “Stockmann”, I told her to choose something beautiful - at my expense, and in the meantime I went to see something new for myself. My sense that even ordinary shopping with Ramona will not be so ordinary turned out to be accurate. After picking up the clothes I liked, Ramona approached in a glamorous mini dress that highlighted the perfect outline of her body and slipped into the fitting room with me. I didn't try anything on, afterwards I took everything to the cashier and paid for our two purchases… In the fitting room, Ramona leaned forward to lift the shirt that had fallen to the floor - there was nothing under the mini dress! She looked at me from the bottom up with a facial expression that said, "Act!" How well she can press the right buttons! Instinctively, I grabbed her irresistible ass and pressed myself against it. "Take me!" she said. I was overwhelmed by familiar feelings - strong lust and anxiety pulsating in my head - only the curtain separated us from the other store visitors. I succumbed to temptation and tried to be as quiet as possible. When Ramona began to moan, I squeezed her mouth tightly. It obviously aroused her, I felt her hot panting in my palm. The excitement that someone might surprise us at the culmination made the pleasure indescribably sweet. I couldn't believe we had sex in the fitting room !!! I began to understand why Ramona had chosen this particular outfit. She probably had something like that in mind from the beginning.

After dinner, during which I was still intoxicated by Ramona's erotic performances of the last days, we planned to go to me to spend a quiet evening with a movie and a glass of cocktail. I paid the bill and the moment I handed Ramona the jacket, her phone rang. It was a short conversation, after which Ramona announced that she needed to disappear for an hour, to put out one fire - as she put it. Ramona did not return that evening. Her phone was off all the next day. Misunderstanding - maybe something bad happened to her, alternated with irritation, because I felt ghosted.

The next night someone called at the door. When I opened it, I lost my ability to speak for a moment - Ramona was standing on the doorstep, holding a large bag in one hand and an iguana in the other! "Don't be afraid, green iguanas are vegetarian!" she laughed and went inside with her whole farm. Of course, I wasn't excited about all this. First, her disappearance without any explanation, and now this scene is like from a nerve-wracking thriller. There was a problem with plumbing in her apartment. She needs a few days to settle somewhere until everything is fixed. Another bell rang at the door. The taxi driver had carried the Eros (as otherwise!) Terrarium. Great! - I thought to myself. - The farther, the crazier! And that's not all. The sequel will be even crazier ...



In this blog I want to share the stories from my personal life. You will be able to read my beliefs, thoughts and confessions from personal experience. In order not to hurt anybody, I've changed people's names and introduce myself with pseudonym Mr Hunter.


Riga, LV


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