I am young, passionate, independent, and, yes, I am not completely ugly. Perhaps it is the mixture of these qualities and the maximalism of youth that has led to the situation that I am currently meeting two beautiful girls at the same time. But I am determined that this cannot continue and I must finally choose one. However, such choices are always more difficult than it initially seems. Just one day I was on a great date with Dace. Everything seems perfect and could lead to a life together, but at the same time, the thought of Ramona's ass and our dirty adventures breaks into my head. The other day I am with Ramona and when our adrenaline rush is fulfilled, I imagine how nice it is to kiss and chat with Dace.

What could be the perfect solution to my dilemma? Unfortunately, Dace and Ramona don't even talk to each other anymore. It became clear to me during the Dāvi's birthday party from the atmosphere in the air, because openly they had no conflict. What happened was more like a subtle psychological thriller, where I was in the lead role and the silent cinema took place in the background, where the girls just burned each other's eyes and competed for victory in a game where I happened to become the main prize and trophy. Honestly, it started to make me feel uncomfortable.

In the first week after the party, I felt like a virtuoso communication juggler who skillfully keeps all the balls in the air. Sometimes I corresponded with Dace and Ramona at the same time on different topics and had to be careful what I wrote to each of them. One morning, while I was still in bed, I wrote to Dace about our joint plans to have lunch, while Ramona and I had a hot chat, where we already got to take off her panties and my hand between her legs. I was disturbed by Dāvi's call, in which he invited me for a drive on a boat and mentioned something about that Ramona and Dace will join. This topic completely knocked me off the rails… Putting the two girls together could end badly! We agreed to meet in the evening and talk about the details. Then I hung up. I got lost in my thoughts and started writing my fantasy of caressing Ramona’s soft legs with my hand in Dace's chat… Sent. Oops! It is good that I did not mention Ramona's name. I was thinking about how to fix the situation, but this time my brain let me down .. I just saw the word "typing" and waited for my fate.

I like your proposal for dessert :) ”was Dace's answer. I was born lucky!

I met Dāvis the same evening in the THC bar for aromatic smoke and chat. We drank cocktails, talked about the party, how amazingly organized and thought everything was and how everyone liked it, and then like a shot from the clear sky - Dāvis told me, by the way, that after the party he accidentally slept with Ramona! Whaaat ?! Such was the silent question in my head, while in Dāvi’s presence, however, I had enough restraint not to show how shocked I was by what he had just said. Ramona had managed to surprise me again! Usually, I am not surprised when Dāvis talks about his usual game at parties. He also had no idea about my and Ramona's "active communication". At first, I was overwhelmed with anger, but then I realized that I hadn't behaved much better. Would it be fair for me to blame her for hypocrisy if I also am meeting another girl at the same time? And knowing Ramona's temperamental character, is this really a surprise? Definitely no. When I overcame the first shock, I calmed down, gathered, and decided not to ask Dāvi’s about anything anymore. I just said an acknowledging "my man!", changed the subject, and decided to discuss this situation with Ramona.



In this blog I want to share the stories from my personal life. You will be able to read my beliefs, thoughts and confessions from personal experience. In order not to hurt anybody, I've changed people's names and introduce myself with pseudonym Mr Hunter.


Riga, LV


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