At the end of March, my life was back to normal. I hardly felt the effects of Covid. I just couldn't  train with the same intensity as before, my body was still a little tired, and I got short on breath faster, but I had resumed doing light home exercises and running. I spent two hours a day on my money-making system, and the rest of the time I pushed other projects. First of all, since the winter was practically over, it was possible to start repairing the parents' summer house, and we talked about starting work there soon. As well, I was ready to finally buy real estate and renovate it to rent. I have heard that now the real estate market is expected to bubble and prices start to rise, so this is the last moment to buy an apartment or some other property.

Everything went normally with Anna, too, and for a surprisingly long time she hadn't been mad at me or started a fight without a reason I could understand. On the last weekend of March, Anna's parents had a wedding anniversary, so she had planned to spend the whole weekend with her family. Although I had no objection to Anna practically living with me, I was very happy to learn that I could be home alone all weekend.

On Friday night, I sat at home and researched the real estate offerings. I decided that I didn't want my first real estate investment project too big, from the beginning, just try my hand in this niche before I start risking big money. I chose to look for an unrenovated Khrushchyovka type

apartment, which I will then renovate nicely and rent, because the rental market is very active. If it will be possible to sell profitably, then I will definitely consider such an option. offered various interesting offers for unrenovated Soviet-era apartments, at quite reasonable prices. Then suddenly the doorbell rang! The only people who call the door these days are Bolt couriers, but I hadn't ordered anything. I looked in the door peephole and damn it, it was Ramona! I was a little confused because I was confused about what she was looking for here. As soon as I opened the door, Ramona threw a flirty, "Hi!" and got into an apartment as if I had been waiting for her, and she would be an everyday phenomenon in my life. OK, this will be interesting, and as I closed the door I asked why she is here and where is Dāvis? Ramona avoided answering that and asked if I had anything to drink because she was very thirsty. First of all, she was already in pretty good shape, I don't know if I wanted to get her drunk even more, but at the same time, I was intrigued and wanted to know where all of this was going. I said I only have Gray Goose and some juice, and Ramona agreed for me to make her a cocktail. While I was making Ramona's drink, I asked again why she was here. Ramona didn't answer directly and immediately, but started telling me about Dāvis. She said that Dāvis had given her an expensive gold chain with a pendant and offered to live together. I suddenly remembered that Dāvis in Liepāja had told me how much he liked Ramona and that he wanted to take his relationship to another level, but then he could not explain what he meant by that, because the girls disrupted our conversation. Now I realized that he wanted to tell me that he was planning to offer Ramona to live with him. I gave Ramona her cocktail and asked, what did I have to do with it? She drank half a glass in one fell swoop and began to say that Dāvis was not the right one for her, and although he was a good person and a normal dude, she was looking for more than a "normal dude."


To those who are new readers of my blog, I will briefly explain that Dāvis is my best friend and he does not know that I have had a relationship with Ramona. Ramona also harassed me once a couple of months ago, while she was already in a relationship with Dāvis, but I politely avoided her back then. To be honest, I haven't liked Ramona anymore lately. Abnormally sexy bunny, but I think she is aware of it and uses her sexiness to manipulate men. I was a little sorry for Dāvis that he was so in love with Ramona, he bought her expensive jewelry, but she drank cocktails with me here and told me that she was not interested in him.

I said that I didn't think she should tell me all this, but Dāvis. Ramona didn't answer, but instead asked, how am I with Anna? I replied that everything is ok for us. Quite shamelessly, and with a sense of superiority, she asked if Anna was as boring in bed as in life? Ramona was not at rest, and got up from the couch and came to me, put one hand around my neck, and almost whispered and said, “Damn Dāvis and Anna! I'm here and we could have fun! ” At that moment, I lost all respect for Ramona. I'll tell you quite honestly, part of me wanted to pick her up here and now and, I apologize for the expression, fuck, and then throw her out of here. But, of course, it wouldn't help, but instead would end my friendship with Dāvis and my relationship with Anna. So I just took her hand off my neck and calmly said she was drunk and needed to leave. It seemed that Ramona didn't hear it or didn't want to hear it, and she wasn't going anywhere. She took me by the hand and dragged me to the couch, saying something from the series: "c’mon, one last time," "let's just forget everything today, and let go of emotions," and so on. I continued to say no to her, but nothing helped, and she was only more aggressive in her attempts to break me into something naughty. At one point, her arm was already between my legs stroking my crotch. Maybe if she wasn't Dāvis girlfriend and didn't smell so much from alcohol, I would give in, but this time I took her hand off of me and became quite angry with her. I didn't know how to get rid of her until I thought I'd call Dāvis to come get her. When I threatened Ramona with it, she finally seemed at peace, and noticeably disappointed, she was ready to leave. I called her a taxi and told her I wouldn't say anything to Dāvis, but she needed to tell Dāvis how she felt. This idea obviously did not excite Ramona, and when the taxi was present, she said as she walked away that I have no idea what I’m letting go of here, and I shouldn’t wonder if I regret my decision later. Ok, ok… I could not wait until she would be away from my apartment.

Ramona had put me in a pretty stupid situation. Dāvis is my best friend and I would like my best friend to tell me if he knew that my girl did not want to be with me. At the same time, I don't like to interfere with other people's affairs, and I try to avoid such dramas. I decided to wait a week and let Ramona reveal her true feelings to Dāvis.

Two days later, on Sunday, I met Dāvis. We had started a habit to run around the Māra pond and Uzvaras parks once a week . While we were running, we talked some nonsense and impersonal small talk, but when we finished, Dāvis told me that he had some pretty great news. I immediately thought he would tell me that everything with Ramona was over, but instead Dāvis announced that Ramona had agreed to move in with him and they would look for a shared apartment. Shit, Ramona is a complete snake. I said something, congratulations, or something like that, but I wondered if this was not the last moment to tell about my and Ramona's history and her last visit. I seemed to be in a situation like in American movies, when they ask at the wedding - "if anyone has any objections as to why these two people can't be together, then say now, or be silent forever." While I was thinking and calculating something in my head, I thought maybe Ramona just had to do something stupid when she came to me, take a risk and realize that nothing would happen with me in order to be with Dāvis? Of course, this is not right, and it will probably not lead to a long-term relationship, but this is not the first time I see a girl doing this and Dāvis enthusiasm was so pleasant that I could not kill it, telling what happened a few days earlier. I decided to give them a chance, and if I saw that Dāvis would be suppressed in the relationship, or that Ramona would continue to do something stupid, I would have this story, this trump card to tell. That is why I did not say anything. I still don't know if I had to say anything or not. This time it would be really interesting to hear your thoughts from my blog readers. What do you think I should have done in this situation?



In this blog I want to share the stories from my personal life. You will be able to read my beliefs, thoughts and confessions from personal experience. In order not to hurt anybody, I've changed people's names and introduce myself with pseudonym Mr Hunter.


Riga, LV


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