Usually, I like setting the rules of the game and making the events go my way. I like imagining the best scenario and then realize it in real life. And when I successfully integrate my fantasies into the real-life events I feel like Justin Timberlake in the movie “In time”, although Cillian Murphy’s character in that movie seems more charismatic to me. Anyways...This time I had nothing against Dace’s initiative. Which normal dude would say no to a threesome? I was in a very interesting situation - in a recent photoshoot in my car I imagined a playful evening threesome. And here we were all three, and one of the girls was my "almost girlfriend". Of course, at that time I could not have foreseen that to some extent I would still have to regret my initial enthusiasm…

As I opened the door to my apartment, Ramona stood leaning against the door stand, a bottle of gin in one hand, and fluff of her dark hair around her finger. "Did you call in additional forces?" she laughed, pressed the bottle and her leather jacket into my hands, and came into the apartment as if she had done it countless times. Needless to say, Ramona looked stunning - a white, slim-fitting trouser suit and slightly protruding nipples - she didn't have a bra! I whistled, accompanying her with a look until she sat down next to Dace on the couch. Dace - in a red mini dress as passion and seducer and Ramona - as white innocence. I laughed to myself, to her innocence was as far as I was to a puritanical lifestyle. My imagination began to actively play bold and exciting scenes. I went to the kitchen to prepare snacks and cocktails. Although I like to experiment and try something new in making gin cocktails, a slice of citrus is an irreplaceable classic. As I mixed the gin with the lemon bitters and filled the glasses, I could hear both girls chirping and laughing from the room. It sounded like they didn't need alcohol at all to have fun.

I cannot say that in this situation I felt absolutely like a fish in the water. As far as I can remember, there have been several 2 + 1 episodes in my experience. For the first time, I was too green and probably stupid because I refused. For the second time, one of the girls said that she was not ready for anything else and left. The third opportunity came in one of those weekends, when Patrīcija, my ex, was once again busy with her friends or shopping - I don't remember anymore - and I went to enjoy the nightlife in another company. I said no then because I was in a relationship. But now it would be hypocritical to say that I do not regret it.

Anyway, what made me safer tonight was the fact that it was Dace's idea and initiative. And at that very moment, to be honest, I didn't think about what motivated her to spend the evening together. To warm up the atmosphere, I offered the girls to smoke one of my hookahs. They liked this thought, so I began to prepare a pipe in front of their eyes. I call it a "gentleman's ritual" because I offer the ladies to choose the tastes that suit their feelings and mix them. Some time ago I had replenished my tobacco stocks on a trip to Russia. I started to feel more as a determinant of the situation, I saw that the girls watch my activities with interest and admiration and listen to my story on how to properly mix an enjoyable tobacco cocktail. I was pleased to be able to play my hookah expert card. While working with my special high-capacity hob, I explained to the beauties that one of the main conditions to unleash the taste of a hookah is to get coal at the optimal temperature. Since everything else was ready, all we had to do was wait for the coal to warm up. In the meantime, I encouraged us to shake our glasses, because I liked to see the girls' cheeks getting rosier and the gazes more and more bleak from the amount of gin cocktails consumed.

After several cocktails, Dace offered to have a photo session. I took out my photo camera and started taking pictures of both girls. Sensual music was playing in the background. I mounted the camera in automatic mode on a tripod for better viewing. We made some juicy shots together. They invited all of us to dance together, but I decided to go to the kitchen to refill our emptied glasses and not let this playful stimulant run out. I put the glasses on the table and couldn't take my eyes off what they were doing. So far, it had never occurred to me that they might be "differently oriented." Yet. The movements and touches between them were so authentic that they seemed to be in love and madly wanted each other. Dace was left in just underwear (red lace… mmm!). She slowly slid one strap of Ramona's trouser suit over her shoulder, then the other. I had a suddenly dry mouth. I drank a couple sips of my cocktail, but it only intensified my thirst. After Ramona's shoulders were naked, Dace slid the top of the costume to the waist and exposed Ramon's firm chest. After a moment, Ramona had completely got rid of her trouser suit and, remaining in her white lace panties and wearing her leather jacket, the two of them were slowly approaching me.

I liked this evening more and more! The beauties were comfortably seated on the couch next to me. After sipping our cocktails, they began to caress me and slowly undress me. "Touch Ramona, feel how soft she is? How sexy is she - do you want her? ” Dace whispered in my ear. And, of course, I wanted everything that happened to me at that time. Club music began to play in the background. The girls stood up and, temptingly twisting their hips, invited me to follow them with gestures. We all started moving to music. As I slid my hands under Dace's bra and kissed her neck, I felt Ramona's breasts on my bareback. Then Dace took the camera out of the tripod and started taking pictures of both of us with Ramona. Seeing Dace half-naked with a camera in her hands and at the same time feeling Ramona's arousing body from behind me unleashed an unprecedented lust in me! That's how we took pictures of each other until we got to my bed. Although I didn't have to think much about what to do with two half-naked girls in my bed, I have to say that it only looks very easy in movies. The reality is more like what I call multitasking: both hands, my mouth, and my trusted friend were constantly on a task. This was not a moment to relax, because like a real gentleman, I wanted to pay equal attention to both girls and at the same time enjoyed the show that the girls provided me. They seemed to caress each other with as much zeal as me. Watching them kiss while I stroked their sexy bodies was insanely arousing. Then there were wet, long kisses, hot skin, a quiet moan, and a feeling of being loved on all sides. I would like to repeat this part over and over again and it would never seem annoying to me. What happened in the morning - no!

The next morning I woke up first, I was thirsty. While the girls were still sleeping sweetly, the thought came to me that this moment should be immortalized with a selfie - like I had fulfilled every guy's dream - and also my own! I worked quietly so that they wouldn't wake up. Despite the fantastic night, in the light of day, everything looked a little different and the thought of waking up in one bed for some reason did not seem tempting. I put on my sweatpants and went to the kitchen to relax. It was quite early and I imagined that the girls would sleep for a while. I poured myself another glass of carbonated mineral water with a slice of lemon and went to play soccer on Xbox. I put on my headphones and invested myself in the game. After a while, I heard a noise coming from the bedroom. I took off my headphones and heard Dace and Ramona exchange a few words. Then Ramona came out of the bedroom fully clothed and went straight to the exit door. I couldn't think of anything to say. It's not that I regretted her hurry to leave - in my imagination, the breakfast together in my kitchen was a rather surreal view that I didn't really want to experience. She paused for a moment, left me an air kiss, and walked out the door.

After a while, Dace came out of the bedroom. She walked angrily from room to room. She seemed to be looking for something. She didn't look at me. When I tried to start a conversation with her about having breakfast together, lightly teasing her about the great idea she had come up with yesterday, she shot back at me pretty rudely. She said that it was all a nightmare, that she didn't want it at all, that everything had gone too far just because I made her drunk!!! That when sober she would not have allowed another woman to touch me ever and that Ramona was a whore… insults came from her beautiful mouth and for a moment her voice was muted because I remembered with pleasure what pleasure this mouth had given me yesterday… of course, it was inappropriate moment for such fantasies, but I couldn't focus on Dace's anger for longer. After yesterday, my body was completely relaxed and the head still was like filled with a nice cotton ball. I tried to argue that it was, after all, Dace's idea. But it seemed that Dace had finally lost her grip. She grabbed her jacket, her purse and after going out of the apartment, slammed the door.

I sat for a while and thought about what had just happened. Of course, I lost the match, but that was not the biggest loss. I began to get uncomfortable at the thought that yesterday two beauties were rubbing along me, but this morning there was no one left and for some reason, it seemed that this "situation" would not be so easy to correct.



In this blog I want to share the stories from my personal life. You will be able to read my beliefs, thoughts and confessions from personal experience. In order not to hurt anybody, I've changed people's names and introduce myself with pseudonym Mr Hunter.


Riga, LV


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