"If you can dream it, you can do it" Walt Disney

I think dreaming is in human nature. It is a perfectly necessary process to create goals, inner motivation and ultimately achieve success. I was sitting in front of the fireplace and wondering what I want to achieve in life. Our dreams and desires go up in the Universe, but unfortunately in life sometimes such dreams are limited by financial means. It's the same old story that ”money does not make one happy, but it serves as a means for solving many everyday problems”. Therefore, I am reflecting on matters like how not to deny myself of any desires and acquire financial freedom or as it is said nowadays — a lot of money.

Yes, perhaps that cannot be defined as a goal or a dream, but from the bottom of my heart, BMW is my weakness. I am now driving my 15-year-old and beloved baby BMW 530 e39 (together we have experienced so much...), but I am dreaming of buying a new dream car. Obviously, caprice is just a caprice and my attempts hence forward will be directed to meet my wishes one day, but I can’t forget about the current money-making business (I want to become a high roller or investor who ”bids” to higher rates). Continuing with the practical side, me and my friend have an idea worth a hundred thousand. My current financial situation does not allow to begin it. My friend has half the amount needed, so my goal is to earn the rest within this year. In my opinion, the idea has a very high potential, and I certainly don't want to miss my chance to participate in this project.

As everybody, I am a person with emotions and feelings, so without the practical things and earning money, I want to ensure the well-being of my parents. They have always spoiled me. Well, now it's my turn to give back. I believe that if they were in no need to work, they could start to live just for themselves. It may sound pompous, but without them I would not be the person I am today. Together we have overcome various challenges and obstacles in life. Now, I have reached a point in my life, where I feel happy. I want to lead a fulfilled life — cars, women, parties, money... You understand what I mean. But mostly, I want my parents to receive back what they have invested in me. My mother works as a teacher all her life, dad likes technical things like cars and electronic equipment. I got that love from him. My parents give me the greatest motivation in my life, since they have worked hard all their life. Therefore, I will do everything in my power to give them both material and spiritual support.

How about the future? I also want my own real estate. Now I use the beneficial opportunity to rent a house from my uncle, who owns several properties in Latvia for rental purposes, although he lives in the USA. My resolution is not to put down huge sums for rental payments but invest in my own property that I will have for a long time. My uncle from the USA is an example for me, I want to go in his footsteps by investing in properties and have a secured old age and live off rental payments. Currently, I am learning from him because some properties he rents through Airbnb and I am his assistant, right hand and manager in this process.

With this blog post I want to say that I want to live beautifully. We set borders and limits for ourselves. As the saying goes: ”You are your only competitor.” You must define your goals and they need to be measurable, you can't give up once started and must belie""e that all will work out for good. Now, I believe in myself every day.



In this blog I want to share the stories from my personal life. You will be able to read my beliefs, thoughts and confessions from personal experience. In order not to hurt anybody, I've changed people's names and introduce myself with pseudonym Mr Hunter.


Riga, LV


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