I believe that my daily life is full of interesting events, which is why I am writing this blog. However, in recent weeks, I have started to feel like I am a character in a soap opera. The time between Christmas and the new year has been as rich in unexpected turns as this whole past year.

But about everything in a row:

During Christmas, I like to calm down a bit, relax and enjoy my time with friends or family. Financially, 2020 has been the best in my life, and I have honed my money-making strategy to the point where I can calmly relax for a few days or weeks and enjoy the holidays without the stress of spending unnecessarily or buying expensive gifts.

As a child, despite our family's not-so-great deal, my mother had always prepared a full table with traditional Christmas dishes. Together with my father we went to the forest to look for a Christmas tree, which we also chopped and brought home. This time, too, my parents invited me to spend the holidays with them, but I already had other plans, and given the Covid situation, my parents did not get offended by me refusing them. After Anna's birthday, we decided to celebrate Christmas together. Sending roses, organizing birthdays and flirting in joint workouts has finally worked out.

On Christmas Day, we agreed that I would pick her up at her home. Since Anna was still living with her parents and we were just starting to meet, she wouldn't invite me inside yet, and she wouldn't introduce me to her parents. Anna was late, not a big deal, it fits women. I was sitting in the car when I suddenly received a WhatsApp message from Natalia. This was an inappropriate moment. The message was a fairly neutral merry Christmas wish. I looked at the text message and thought, to answer or not, when I noticed that Anna was standing on the street and looking around looking for my car. I quickly put the phone in my pocket and got out of the car. I opened the door for Anna and greeted her with a kiss.

I had come up with a pretty romantic holiday evening. I set the table nicely and made the area of ​​the sofa a chill-out area - I put a hookah there, velvet pillows on the floor, put candles around, two glasses of wine and my favorite Zinfandel bottle. Early, the day before, I had bought Baileys for Anna, a few more good wines and cognacs - after all it was holiday time. I had ordered food that only had to be preheated in the oven shortly before eating. In short, I had worked hard to create a romantic atmosphere in the evening.

When we came to my place, Anna appreciated my work with a big "WOW!". It was a good start to the evening. She (like everyone else visiting me for the first time) was captivated by the view from the window. We talked for a moment about this and that until I offered to put a festive dinner on the table. I joke that I marinated and baked it all myself for two days, although she of course realized that I had ordered it from the restaurant, and my only culinary contribution is to heat it all in the oven, following the instructions given.

The conversations went very smoothly and we laughed and flirted a lot. I felt that tonight was going in the direction I was steering. Anna was in a very good mood. After dinner we moved to the chill-out area. I put Anna's favorite Christmas movie "Love Actually" on Netflix. I made a hookah and settled on the couch. Anna rolled up next to me like a freezing kitten. I felt happy.

10 minutes in the movie hadn’t passed when we started kissing. However, Anna pretended that she wanted to watch a movie. Okay, let's watch a movie. After 10 minutes we kissed again and my hand was already stroking Anna's chest. She stopped me again and asked why I was in a hurry, she wasn't going anywhere after the movie. I wonder if she's really interested in that movie, or if she just likes to torture me. I promised to be honest until the end of the movie. This movie wasn't quite to my taste, so by the end I was getting bored. I asked Anna if there was any objection if I took a shower while she was watching a movie. She replied that I can do whatever I want. I cleaned up the kitchen a bit and went to take a shower. Coming out of the shower, I noticed that Anna was no longer on the couch, and the movie was paused. I shouted "Anna?", Followed by silence. A little weirded out, I went to the bedroom, where the best Christmas present I could imagine was waiting for me. Anna was lying in bed in front of me dressed in sexy Christmas lingerie. "Were you waiting for a Christmas miracle?" she asked flirtatiously. "Oh, yes!" I replied. I jumped into bed and her legs wrapped around my waist. My towel, which I had tied around my hips, quickly disappeared. As sexy as Anna's lingerie was, I wanted to release her of it quickly. Passionately continuing the foreplay, Anna at one point clung to my back with her long nails so that for several more days her nail prints adorned my skin, and I have to say frankly, I really liked it. It cannot be said that the sequel was something extremely phenomenal. This was our first time, we were both drunk, and we will definitely need a couple more such sessions to hone our compatibility in bed. But the fact that it had finally happened made me feel kind of relieved and proud that all the energy I had invested had finally paid off.

The next day, although I was struggling with a light hangover, I woke up in a very positive mood. While Anna was still asleep, I went to the kitchen to make coffee. Scrolling aimlessly through the phone, I remembered that I didn't answer Natalia's Christmas greeting text. Politely, I wrote an answer to Natalia. I didn't write anything very flirtatious, I just thanked her for her good wishes and wished her happy holidays, but I also added a winking smiley face. I sent a message and put the phone aside. Less than a minute later, the phone dinged with a new message from Natalia. As if innocently, and just “by the way”, she asked me what plans I had for this holiday time, and maybe I wanted to meet her? I really didn't want to, no, I wanted to, but with Anna everything went where I wanted it to, so I politely but neutrally replied that I already had plans with friends and family.

The week leading up to New Year's Eve was one of the coolest weeks of the past 2020. All this time, Anna practically lived at my place. As parties and public places were not allowed and events were banned, we carelessly spent time together (we were at one illegal party, but I will talk about that in more detail in the next article). It wasn't that we just rested, because the gym was closed, we did a joint home workout every day, after which we also took a shower together.

One day I also went to my parents to bring presents. I went alone, we didn't have such a close relationship yet to introduce Anna to my parents. My mother gave me woolen socks because she feels that my apartment is definitely very cold, because there are so many big windows and it’s so high that it can't be that warm there. Parents - no matter how absurd they act at times, we can't underestimate their concern for us. 

New Year's Eve came, and armed with a couple of champagne bottles, confetti and New Year's resolutions, we were ready to welcome the new 2021. This time the New Year's fireworks started around eight in the evening. And through the window we could enjoy the festive fireworks until 22:00, when the curfew came, and suddenly everything fell silent. It is interesting that even street lighting was turned off in Zolitūde and Imanta. Around midnight, everything was so hazy that you couldn't see the few who had been waiting for the real New Year to showcase their illegally purchased firework arsenal. When the clock struck midnight, the fired champagne cork was our fireworks. We lovingly kissed, wished each other a happy new year, and continued the night of solitude with a cool celebration.

The first day of 2021 began with a positive mood. This will be a good year! The Covid situation will improve, we will be able to travel again, I will finally get my dream car, and maybe something beautiful will happen with me and Anna. However, especially about Anna, very soon everything turned upside down.

First day of January, we started carefree, and already around noon we uncorked the champagne that was left over from yesterday. By the evening we were both quite drunk. Maybe the fault was alcohol, maybe the fact that we had spent a whole week together and started to bother each other, but I noticed that Anna was getting a little grumpy. And let me be honest, she started annoying me too. But I ignored it, it was a holiday.

In the evening, she announced that she had to go home to take some makeup that she had not brought with her. I argued that we would do it tomorrow, because I cannot take her there today because I had drunk alcohol. Also, that we were spending time around the house so why did she suddenly need makeup for? Maybe I said it in a slightly dismissive tone, maybe I should have just agreed with her, but this objection of mine made Anna so angry that we started arguing. It went so far that she started to get dressed and announced that I could stay alone in my stupid apartment. I told her to end the drama and offered us both to calm down, take a deep breath, and spend the rest of the evening peacefully. I think I even apologized, although I didn't really feel I had something to apologize for. However, this did not stop her, and after a moment Anna was fully dressed and disappeared from my apartment, demonstratively closing the door.

What just happened? How so quickly, from some stupid makeup comment, did all this turn into such a drama? I was sure that Anna would calm down, take a breather, return to the apartment and we would be able to talk about everything calmly and leave this behind. Although I was still angry with her, I was still worried about where she was, so I called her. Anna didn't pick up. I sent a message. She did not reply. Half an hour passed, then an hour and no news. I was really annoyed, and under the influence of alcohol, without even knowing how and why, I wrote a message to Natalia. She replied in less than a minute.

So after a week together with Anna, here I was - alone at home in front of the TV, drinking champagne and chatting with Natalia.



In this blog I want to share the stories from my personal life. You will be able to read my beliefs, thoughts and confessions from personal experience. In order not to hurt anybody, I've changed people's names and introduce myself with pseudonym Mr Hunter.


Riga, LV


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