After the incident with the police on the way to the sea, I can not say that the continuation of the day was perfect and met my expectations. Of course, the unpleasant event left its bitter aftertaste, but the reason for my displeasure was different. Ramona was challenging, as always, and regained her sense of humor as soon as we resumed the trip. But for some reason, it didn't catch me. Ramona joked, changed songs, sang, and danced along. Then she pulled out of her bag assortment of small bottles of wine, which she had taken from the minibar in a hotel room - I steered, smiled at her jokes, answered questions, in a word - played it up. But it all happened automatically as if my body were operating separately from thoughts that had strayed elsewhere.

Dace. I think about how we got to know each other. How she caught my attention and I thought about how much she fits the ideal of an all-around girl. How we teased each other and how much it amused me. How long had it been since our first meeting? Several months. It was spring, the beginning of Covid's self-isolation. Relatively recently, but it seems as if an entire eternity has passed - two-thirds of the summer is behind us, the days are getting shorter and the strawberry season is over. Strawberry? What a connection… mmm, but if you think about it, it recalls Dace's red lace underwear, her slender legs, and delicate skin, which in contact with mine causes goosebumps. That's how Ramona and I spent the afternoon by the sea. Everything was great, apart from the fact that I was constantly thinking about Dace.

In the evening, after taking Ramona home, I wrote to Dace: "Sunset overlooking the rooftops of Riga + dinner + me ?!" At first, she pondered, but then pretty quickly agreed. Ideal! Walking around the spot is not my style. If the thoughts of Dace didn't back down, I had to meet her so that fantasies would turn into reality. And it looked like Dace was on the same wave.

The location for this evening seemed to me to be the Restaurant "Herbārijs" in Gallery Riga. I previously ordered a table on the terrace, where Dace and I could talk freely against the background of a picturesque sunset. The view was fantastic, but the food and cocktails were not the best. Yes, I will admit that I was in the mood to create a romantic atmosphere between us. This time there was a feeling that Dace was not thinking about the seriousness of the relationship and its continuation in the future, but just enjoying the moment. Because Dace was no longer a gentle kitten that would roll my lap and purr. She had become a panther who went hunting. This version of Dace is a bit like Ramona, as she is in everyday life, and so sometimes I need to relax from her. Tonight Dace was captivating and at the same time conquering. I really liked this combination. I felt her try to seduce me and at the same time hold on to space between us. I missed this chemistry that occurs naturally among us!

I offered to continue the evening at my home, but, as might be expected, Dace had a different plan for concluding this evening, which did not include satisfying my cravings with the first request. She wanted to tease me! I called a taxi and offered to "escort" her home. She just refused to be a big girl and knows how to get home herself. I was sorry to let her go… I imagined how our night together could turn out, and the dress that Dace had on her back and highlighted her fantastic stature only suffocated my glowing imagination and lust.

Disappointed and a little annoyed that despite the great evening, I still didn't get what I wanted, I was about to watch a movie when the doorbell rang and behind it - Dace, with the text: I didn't sleep. Uuu, how glad I am for this surprise! Well, in bed we were around four in the morning - and what we did until then, let me tell you. All I can say is that the bitter taste of the evening was replaced by a symphony of pleasure. That night, I noticed something in Dace that I might not have really paid attention to so far - she too can be spontaneous and make crazy decisions. I had thought that only Ramona was full of this quality, which I appreciated in her. A little sharpness in life is always needed. I liked the feeling of being a newcomer to already familiar territory.

In the morning I was waiting for a shared breakfast in a calm post-sex mood. Here it was. I don't know how we got to this topic, but Dace suddenly started talking about the night we spent in threesome. Skeleton fell out from the closet, from which I could not get rid of. While Dace was half-joking, half-serious about it that night, I felt uncomfortable. I know I should choose Dace or Ramona at some point, but if Dace can't get over what happened, I don't see how I can take anything more seriously with her. At that moment, I said out loud - STOP, we won't talk about it anymore .. and by the way, you would have time to go home!

I was thoroughly angry, so I showed Dace the way to the door and after Dace had left, I closed them with a loud bang. So I thought that tonight I would rest from her and go to the planned party alone.

I had to find suitable clothes for an evening party in Gatsby style, organized by Dāvis, my good old, unbeatable party master, with whom I went to spend New Year in the USA. I had also provided him with a great gift, which I ordered especially from America. However, the gift had not arrived yet. So I had to buy a temporary gift - a bottle of high-quality cognac.

A jubilee greeted me at the entrance to the party. Immediately after the greeting, I was asked to put the phone in the drawer, because, behold, there will be no Instagram postures and selfies at this party, everyone will rest for real and not think about time or other disturbing news. I went to the large living room and understood why the party was given the name "Gatsby" - the hall was full of guests in suits and cocktail dresses, the waiters brought champagne, Gatsby's movie music was played. The room gleamed and everything was illuminated by a show of light. The projector even showed the original film on the wall.

The first person I noticed at the party was Ramona. This was not a surprise, as we have many friends in common and she is always at Dāvis’s parties. I was going to take a breath away from her extravagant spontaneity. But I couldn't say that the thought of meeting her made me sad. On the contrary, there are no events that Ramona would not decorate with bright clothes and her glowing personality. The atmosphere of the party was very elegant and fun. And it became especially electrified when I saw Ramona dancing in her tight dress. I was in the mood to ignore her, but looking at her outline in tight clothes, I remembered getting caught up in her over and over and trying to seduce her. Then she looked at me and what usually happened - there was a click between us and in both of our eyes, we could read that we had to look for a quiet place to unload each other. We had agreed to hide our contact with friends, so I slowly approached Ramona and whispered in her ear to meet me in the toilet in 5 minutes.

I was the first to go to the agreed place, and although I knew that Ramona would join right away, I was troubled. The handle turned, the door opened and there she was. Without saying a word, she looked at me with her wide eyes. This is the adrenaline rush caused by Ramona that binds me so much to her. I was about to release Ramona's tempting body from her dress when someone started knocking on the door. Damn it! That way, I couldn't afford the madness of the moment. Those knocks brought me back to reality and upset me a little. … And the moment was over. It was a big surprise for me to see Dace in the opposite corner of the room as I left the toilet. She had just arrived with an acquaintance. Whatever, but I wasn't expecting Dace at this party. She seemed to be here just to make me jealous, but to be honest - she did it! Dace looked at me indifferently and then accompanied Ramona with a very expressive look, who went for a drink - and I couldn't decipher the expression on Dace's face at that moment. I didn't want her to think that I had come here together with Ramona or that there was something between us. In short, I didn't want to think about it, but just enjoy the party.

Unfortunately, this failed. I still don't understand what really happened, but that night I didn't even manage to talk to Dāvis, because one or the other caught me somewhere and tried to set me on fire. When a faster song started to sound, I saw Ramona dancing with Dāvis. At that moment, Dace approached me with tequila shots. Let it be! We dealt with them in one fell swoop and Dace leaned over me, slipping something into my pocket. I got a small piece of clothes - they were Dace's panties! I figured who I was going with home tonight.

If before that it seemed to me that there would be a local catastrophe, if Dace met Ramona with me somewhere in the middle - after the continuation of the evening, I didn't think so. It began to seem to me that Dace was only fueled by Ramona's presence and she wanted to get me for herself at all costs. And I'm just happy about that! Her body smelled and tasted so good! Passionate and gentle, wet, moaning… hot, very hot! I don't like such signs very much, but that night we made love, not just had sex. Dace fell asleep, but I was still awake thinking about this day. I wonder where the thought came from, but I realized that I can no longer continue like this. I have to make a choice. I like challenges, especially the ones I invented for myself. And choosing between two girls that attracted me almost equally seemed quite challenging. Dace was like an ideal girlfriend, but Ramona is able to evoke such strong emotions that it is difficult to give it up. And so I told myself that by August 15, I would decide which girl to stay with, Dace or Ramona!



In this blog I want to share the stories from my personal life. You will be able to read my beliefs, thoughts and confessions from personal experience. In order not to hurt anybody, I've changed people's names and introduce myself with pseudonym Mr Hunter.


Riga, LV


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