The week was active and, as usual, profitable. Well, I've already practiced well and I'm making money online smoothly, especially without getting stuck. Currently, the main challenge is to maintain persistent regularity and self-control in order to log on to the work computer at a certain time each day. Of course, my work schedule is "free" because I am the boss myself, but it also means that self-discipline is the keyword in this success story. And in order for routine not to set in on a daily basis, you have to ventilate your head and meet a girl from time to time.

I met Dace a couple of times for dinner and a movie at my place, but during the night she didn't stay with me, each time on the pretext of something. After the SPA "failure", I was not in the mood for wide gestures. Rather, I wanted to be more cautious and watch what Dace wanted from our relationship. At one point, I felt that Dace was starting to slow down when she was with me. It could not be said that she stayed cool or reserved, but something was not quite right. There was a stir in her behavior - her eyes were shooting around and she was very nervous. When I asked her to tell what was on her heart, Dace just pointed to a period of stress at work. But it seemed more to me that she felt out of place next to me. 

On Friday evening I received an invitation to a private party somewhere in the Andrejosta district. I offered to Dace to go to it together and then ride to my place. Dace had something else to do and she promised to join later. So I went to the party alone, but I knew I would meet my friends there. When I arrived, the atmosphere was slow, although there was good music and the choice of drinks was quite high. Gradually, more people gathered and although the dances were missing, the event became more dynamic. I met several acquaintances, including one of Dace's girlfriends Madara. I had never paid special attention to her, but this time we started talking, and could feel that Madara was already noticeably intoxicated. She chatted all the time and when I started considering how to politely get rid of her, Madara started talking about Dace. That was already a topic that interested me.

Her, for the most part, the monologue was about how they met and how good friends they were during school. Madara's talking to me acted like a sleeping pill, but I tried to sound interested because I didn't want to be rude. "Well," she continued, "and that's how we meet from time to time. But it already seems to me that Dace is quite selfish, thinking only about what she wants and what’s more comfortable for her. Well, look at yourself - an attractive, athletic, intelligent man,  you could get a normal girl, what are you doing with that Dace ?! Well, let her go once, why are you torturing yourself ??” This part of the conversation is vividly in my memory because at that moment Madara revealed important information to me. I said I didn't understand what she meant by that. "Dace is engaged! What do you hope for all the time, I don't understand… and how can you drag around such a nice dude, I couldn't… ”I stopped her nightmares with a loud question - what does she imagine there, Dace is planning to come here tonight, everything is ok and sailor and she has long been broken up. At those words, her eyes twinkled, or perhaps the alcohol she consumed made her eyes brighter. "What girls' party ?! She and her fiancé are kissing on the other side of the city, see she sent me a selfie. ” She pulled out her phone and showed a picture of WhatsApp with Dace embraced by a smiling guy.

I didn't expect anything like that !!! Out of anger, the view blurred and Madara momentarily merged with the furniture she was sitting on. WTF and WTF again !!! I was surprised and hurt, but in the end, the whole picture seemed clear. Dace was so nervous because she was cheating not only on me but also on her fiance. Every time Dace couldn't stay with me, she had to be home with another person. Apparently, she had considered breaking up with her boyfriend, but then she changed her mind, and I was her last "adventure" before getting married. Maybe it was the previous situation with Ramona that made her think that I didn't deserve better treatment at all. Although I was unrealistically angry at the way she treated me, the real losers in this situation were herself and her so-called future husband. Such snaky moves will, in my view, sooner or later lead to a breakup of the relationship. In return, I am now free from these lies!

I had to drink to rinse off the news I just heard, which I will not hide, shocked me thoroughly. I wasn't ready for that. To the lies and theater that Dace has been playing lately. In one gulp I emptied the whiskey, then the second, third glass of whiskey… I called shots for everyone! Three times in a row! Everyone praised loudly.

I drank a lot, I wanted to light a fire tonight to forget the negative emotions and everything related to Dace. Well, well, I haven't been an angel myself, but lately, no one could blame me for meeting two girls at the same time. Dace came back to my mind again and again. I needed strong medicine to forget, so I started looking around and saw Madara. She kept moving somewhere nearby. We drank shots together. And in that condition, the fact that she was the bearer of the bad news did not bother me much. I wanted to have fun. Madara even seemed attractive in that situation and light. It didn't matter! I whispered in her ear, "Come to my place, I'll show you something memorable!" I didn't have to say twice. We waited for a taxi and drove to my place. We started stroking and kissing in the car. I didn't care about her or anyone else… She was my next victim. Or maybe the other way around this time, I had fallen victim to Madara.

When we went to my place, the "fantastic panoramic view" tour was left out. I didn't want to romanticize or surprise her, I wanted to take her and forget everything. And she gave in to everything I did to her. I remember the sound that happened when I tore her blouse open and buttons fell out - like in movies with passionate sex scenes. Only it wasn't a movie, I was fueled up, angry. I took her on my new couch, where I actually planned to do it with Dace tonight. These thoughts fueled me even more. I remember having sex with Madara quite vaguely. Something was, something was not, neither this nor that. She definitely tried and enjoyed it, but there was such chaos in my head that I just wanted to take her hard. I grabbed her by the neck and put all my energy out until I was done.

I don't know how, but we both woke up in my bed in the morning. She wished me a joyful good morning and asked optimistically if I had some Ibumetin because her head was hurting. Everything she talked and did annoy me. Then she jumped up vigorously, went into the shower, and then went to the kitchen to make breakfast for us both o-o-k-a-y… as much as I could not sneak out of my apartment myself, I was hoping that at least she would have enough understanding that a lot of things can be done while drunk and that there is nothing to stretch. I wanted her to disappear faster from my apartment and from my life …



In this blog I want to share the stories from my personal life. You will be able to read my beliefs, thoughts and confessions from personal experience. In order not to hurt anybody, I've changed people's names and introduce myself with pseudonym Mr Hunter.


Riga, LV


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