By the time May had come, there had been two big changes in my life: Anna was away from my life, and Dāvis, having learned about this blog and had not communicated with me for a long time. If I'm not too upset about the first fact, I wasn't happy about our broken friendship with Dāvis.

So in May, my daily life revolved around work, arranging apartment repairs, workouts and evening trips with my trusty friend M6. My M series didn’t offend me and scold me, and was there every time I wanted to. Unfortunately, even a dream car can't fulfill all my desires, so one night I got bored and installed Tinder again.

I hadn't played the Tinder game for almost a year and, to be honest, I didn't have high hopes for it. However, in the first few minutes I was pleasantly surprised by this application. Once upon a time, there was a fairly uniform contingent in Tinder, with quantity prevailing over quality. It now looks like things have changed for the better in Tinder, and the audience here has become more diverse. When cafes, corporate parties, clubs, concerts and other places where boys and girls usually meet are not available, it only seems logical that more people are starting to look for other ways to satisfy their drives and instincts. In addition to the typical tinder ladies looking for sponsors for the evening, there are also lawyers, architects, artists and even professional athletes.

At first I was a little disappointed that there wasn't a single "It’s a match" with the girls I swiped right on, so I tried the “all right” tactic, and when I got tired I put the phone aside and went to bed. The next day I realized that since my profile had been inactive for so long, I had not yet appeared on the girls' profiles and so there was no likes at first. Now that I had been here for almost a full day, the flattering announcements of "It’s a match" began to accumulate. It turns out that the mutual interests were much more than I even expected. But of course, because in the end I "swiped right" all the time and now there were fish in my pond that I don't usually catch (I don't compare women to fish, I'm just trying to find a good metaphor). Another thing I noticed, unlike my previous experience in Tinder, this time the girls tend to write first. By the evening of the next day, I had already been approached by three girls. Two of them didn't interest me at all, but I decided to answer the third. I won't recite all of our conversation here, but I quickly realized that I'm not ready for this Tinder career-woman. When I asked her what her Tinder experience had been so far, the answer was:

"I see Tinder as a job" "I don't want to spend time in long chats and sweet compliments" "Let's go for coffee, understand if we are on the same wave, and if not, arrivederci"

I tried to flirt with her a little more, and lead to a slightly more private conversation, but everything she wrote sounded like impersonal copy / paste answers.

I also don't like to waste time, but I also expect some romance and flirting from Tinder experience.

I corresponded with several girls at the same time, and I was amazed at how quickly it is possible to have a first date. It seems that people are simply longing for contact with another living being. Unlike the previous girl who saw it all as work, I saw Tinder as a game. So I had a long texts with a girl I wouldn't try to meet in other circumstances. She was a very pretty girl, but from the pictures and description I could understand that her list of priorities includes things that do not fit in my daily life. Bicycles, hipsters, veganism and modern art - these things are as foreign to me as a mobile phone is to Rainis'. However, it was interesting for me to text with her, and it seems that Elīza (let's call her that) also perceived our chat with the same research type interest as I did. I offered to meet her. She asked about what I would offer to do on our date? It was the first days of May, and outdoor cafes were not yet allowed, so I offered to just go for a walk around the Old Town. In return, Elīza ordered something more unusual - to feed the ducks to Arkadia Park. Although I would never think of anything like that myself, I really liked the idea of ​​such a date.

We met the next day, which was also the day of the restoration of Latvia's independence, so the park was full of people, enjoying the last long holiday. I was thoroughly prepared to feed the ducks. I knew that it was not good to feed the birds bread, so I had bought a special bird food - protein balls. I'm not kidding, they can really be bought in Rimi, probably for those birds that want to grow some muscles. Elīza was very pleasantly surprised by my careful approach and responsible preparation for feeding the birds. As a vegan, animal welfare was very important to her. It turns out that feeding the park 's birds is no original idea, the park was full of people who had come here to do exactly the same. However, much to the surprise, the vast majority of duck feeders had come with bread which was harmful to the birds. And as happens with such things, unhealthy bread tastes much better to birds than some mystical Rimi protein balls. We could fly our balls in the direction of the ducks as much as we wanted, but if there was even a bread feeder nearby, then the ducks weren't interested in our balls.

The date itself went roughly the way I had imagined. We really had nothing in common, and we quickly realized that we lived in two different worlds. I also didn't fully understand how she was making money, but I realized that she didn't have much of it. She weaves some rugs and tries to sell them for terribly expensive money that no one buys. She showed me the pictures, and to be honest, I wouldn't buy them either. She also could not fully understand what I was doing. I don't usually tell people about my way of making money, because then they feel like I'm an ordinary gambling addict who relies on bare luck. I just explained that I am an entrepreneur and am currently working on real estate projects. She asked if I was a real estate agent, I said no, but it confused her even more. I went on to describe in detail how you can earn money by renovating old properties and then renting them out, but she just nodded and it was visible that this topic flew over her head. So we didn't really understand what each of us was doing. I revealed my primary source of income only to a few people.

In any case, we spent a rather interesting hour and a half in the park, but we both realized that we were too strange to each other, so we parted ways with politeness phrases, knowing that we would never meet each other again.

But I was hooked on Tinder's hook and wanted to have another date. After my relationship with Anna, I wasn't looking for anything serious, but I was longing for physical intimacy, so I decided not to sign up for funny dates in duck ponds.

I had a couple of interesting texts that seemed like they would turn into a real date. One of these correspondences was with a Russian girl Valērija, who answered me in mixed languages, part Latvian part Russian. She sounded quite easy going and it seemed that at the right coincidence she could come home to my place after a walk or dinner in a cafe. Since outdoor cafes were finally allowed in those days, I invited her to the Naples restaurant where there is one of the best terraces in Riga with a fantastic view of the Daugava. The invitation was for the next day, I thought to give her time to prepare, get dressed up and hope that she would agree to such a romantic offer. However, her response completely shocked me. Valērija wrote that she had returned from the countryside an hour ago, she had a bottle of vodka, she was bored, and she would love to come to my place now. I wasn't ready for that. 

After about an hour and a half, Valērija was here. Hmmm… Tinder's profile picture technique is really a special art, because in the pictures she had well hidden her true body size. Undoubtedly, she was a nice girl and not fat, but in the pictures she had somehow mysteriously hidden all the flaws and unique points of her body. This is by no means my first experience when a girl in life does not look like in pictures at all. This is a common practice today. However, in this case, I also found a certain charm in her imperfect body and behavior (she was quite loud and vulgar). I wouldn't go to her at the club, but in these circumstances, after a couple of glasses of vodka, I already knew what would happen. Also, the bottle of vodka with which she arrived was easy to say a thorough disappointment. I don't remember the last time I drank "3 graudnieku", but I knew that this would not be the day I would start it again. Without Valērija noticing, I hid the cheap bottle of vodka she brought in the freezer, and instead poured a glass of Gray Goose vodka into glasses (by the way, that "3 graudnieks" also slept in my freezer all summer, and I have an idea how to get rid of it, but I'll tell about it in a different story). Having taken two glasses, I sat down at the kitchen table and offered her a drink for the first time. She stood at the window and viewed the city like everyone coming here for the first time, then sat down at the table opposite me and we sipped our glasses and drank the first shot. We started talking and sshe confirmed my suspicion that she was a pretty crazy girl. After the third glass, I was even interested in her life story and crazy decisions that seem to follow one another. I knew this would probably be the last time we met, but Valērija was an almost perfect girl for a one night stand. I didn't even have to try to be particularly charming or witty. After the fourth glass, she went to the facilities, and when she returned, she sat down next to me. I poured in another shot, we chatted, drank, and after drinking and snacking, I leaned over and kissed her. Of course, Valērija had no objection to that. A girl from Preiļi who arrives at the home of a complete stranger with a bottle of "3 graudnieks" will not stop you at this point and will not say:

“Dear! What do you imagine !? I came to you with this bottle of pure "3 graudnieks" vodka in the hope of an intellectual and conversation about art or culture. ”

No, we both had an idea what would happen tonight before she had crossed the door of my apartment. She sat on my lap and took off my T-shirt while kissing. Her long nails stabbed me in the back so that it even hurt me a little, but I didn't complain. Instead, I took off her top that revealed Valērija's large breasts hidden behind a black lace bra. I freed her from that too. When I offered to move to the bedroom, she replied that no she wanted to stay in this room and continue our session with the panorama of Riga in the background. I had no objections and after a while Valērija leaned completely naked with her whole body against the large windows of the living room in ecstasy, shouting some Russian swear words. Something in that crazy Valērija excited me, and anyway, I hadn't had such good sex in a long time as with this crazy Slavic girl from Preiļi. When we had finished our mini marathon it was already midnight, we moved to the bedroom, and after some naughtiness in bed, fell asleep sometime in the middle of the night.

The next morning, she did not ask me to say any beautiful words to her and did not ask me to promise another meeting. After a shower and coffee, she gave me a kiss, told me it was a really cool night, and if I wanted to, I have her number, she will call a taxi herself, then she was outside the door. WOW… all due respect to Valērija. She knew what she wanted, got it and asked for nothing more.

Despite my initial skepticism and frustration with Valērija's misleading Tinder profile compared to reality, I still decided not to delete her number. This is not a woman for whom I will lose my mind, but given that she did not ask me for trust, dates and promises, I assume that one lonely evening, I could write to her again.

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In this blog I want to share the stories from my personal life. You will be able to read my beliefs, thoughts and confessions from personal experience. In order not to hurt anybody, I've changed people's names and introduce myself with pseudonym Mr Hunter.


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