The day came when I had to load my belongings in boxes and say goodbye to my current home. My plan was to optimize the moving process as much as possible, so that when moving things to the new apartment, I would not have to unpack all the boxes, looking for socks, hookah accessories or other things needed at that moment. Only now did I notice how much belongings I had bought lately - accessories, shoes, clothes and many had not even had their tags removed. Therefore, a systematic approach was what was needed this time - clothes in one box, magazines in the other, electronics in the third box.  The plan was excellent, at least until my gaze stopped on the solid wood dining table, which was the only furniture I owned in this apartment. I remembered how hard it was to get it here when I moved last time. This made me think of an alternative solution. To help me move, I took the company "Movers", but instead of helping, they actually did everything for me, even sorted things! Put everything in boxes, loaded it into a car, and took it to the new home. Super fast, convenient, and the service was provided at the highest level.

While I was packing my belongings, I remembered what I had experienced in this apartment - crazy and also hot parties, my first threesome (and, incidentally, not without regret - the last…) girls in tempting lingerie, and even more tempting without it… also peaceful Netflix evenings. A lot has been experienced here, but I looked at these memories without nostalgia, it seems to me a pointless waste of time - too sentimental delays in memories. I was rather overwhelmed by a light adrenaline rush to move into my new, exclusive apartment!

The next day, after an unexpected turn of events with the sudden handover of my apartment to another tenant, my uncle called me. He still felt unwell that he had presented me with such an unexpected fact about leaving. Offered help finding a new home. But everything had already been resolved in the best of ways and I no longer needed his help. At the moment, I also earn enough and can afford to pay 900 euros a month for rent. I have been enjoying this financial independence for some time now, although there is always something to learn from my uncle. In general, I really admire my uncle and his family. Uncle is a distant relative of mine and there are stories about this family tree that are worth a movie adaptation. After the Second World War, Uncle's family went to the United States to take refuge in the wake of the Soviet occupation. The first admirable fact is that they succeeded at all because at first, their path led through a German refugee camp. However, in the United States for many years, with hard work and perseverance, Uncle built a significant real estate business, later buying apartments elsewhere - in several European countries. In this way, rents provide for a decent retirement. From this point of view, the uncle and his way of life are the ideal ones for me to strive for. I often think that my persistence and determination are inherited directly from my uncle's family. All in all, I am quite proud to have success stories in my family where, after the ravages of war, the naked and the poor, despite all the difficulties, have been able to rise from scratch to the highest standards of quality of life. With this in mind, I am also inspired to do my best to increase my financial well-being. I can see this now, although I have not yet reached such a high level, but it is only a matter of time. I imagine how one day an uncle will pat me on the shoulder and say that he is proud of my achievements. Just like my parents. It seems to me to be an extra incentive to try and work hard.



In this blog I want to share the stories from my personal life. You will be able to read my beliefs, thoughts and confessions from personal experience. In order not to hurt anybody, I've changed people's names and introduce myself with pseudonym Mr Hunter.


Riga, LV


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