I woke up Saturday morning in Natālija's apartment. She was already making coffee in the kitchen when she entered the room dressed just in my shirt. I hope it doesn't sound too narcissistic, but I found it insanely sexy. We had decided to celebrate Valentine's Day together, but I still wanted to buy her a present. So we talked that today I will go home, do various things and come here on Sunday to spend a romantic evening together. But before that I had to get my shirt back, so I got out of bed, lifted Natālija and threw her into bed. It fueled her insanely. She sat down on the bed and gestured with her finger, "come here!" I sat on my knees in bed and approached Natālija, she playfully pressed her foot against my chest, as if not letting her approach. By force, I lay on top of her and we started kissing passionately. With my hand, I rode under her my shirt to feel Natālija's perfect breasts. She clung to my ass and kissed my neck and lips. You know the sequel yourself. It was a good start to Valentine's Weekend.

After such morning exercise, I took a shower and went home. I felt tired and a little sick but nothing serious. I probably felt that way because I didn't sleep much. Not paying attention to it, I now had to figure out what to give Natālija on Valentine's Day. I can't keep track of all the government bans that can and can't be bought in the store now, so on the way home, I went to Spice to walk and get ideas there. Despite the fact that most Spices stores are closed, one of them that is open is the Mádara cosmetics store. I know so much that it is expensive end cosmetics, and girls like this brand. I also explained to the consultant that I needed a gift for the girl on Valentine's Day, but I myself have no idea what I would like to give her. The consultant/saleswoman, a very pretty girl herself, offered an existing gift set, or to combine a unique combination of products that according to her would suit any woman. It seemed like a very good idea to me, and that's how I got a rather expensive and practically useful gift for Natālija on Valentine's Day. In Rimi I bought wine, rum and cola for tomorrow night, bought red roses in a flower shop, ordered a honey chicken with rice from Ganbei for dinner for myself, and went home. I did an hour-long home workout, ate, chat with Natālija, and watched some stupid comedy on Netflix. I went to sleep with a calm mind, and I had no idea that on Valentine's Day everything would turn upside down again.

Sunday morning started as a normal Sunday morning. I woke up at home, took a shower, ordered a light breakfast from Cup & Chino, sent Natālija a greeting on Valentine's Day and sat down at the computer to do a little work. Suddenly I heard someone rattling at the front door and unlocking it. I have already managed to go through all sorts of scenarios in my head, including having to fight some thieves trying to break into my apartment. When Anna unexpectedly opened the door. She simply said "hello" and began to take off her outdoor clothes, as if she had just returned from the grocery store instead of being absent for several days. I was a little confused and replied "hello". She then calmly announced that she accepted my apology (which I had sent a few days ago) and apologized for reacting too dramatically. Ok… I still didn't understand, does she think there was no breakup between us? Then, casually, Anna asked, "What are we doing tonight?" I was still stunned and didn't know how to take it all. I thought, and tried to understand her train of thought, it seemed that our last quarrel, like the New Year's fight, with the smashing of the door and disappearance of Anna for several days, was not something extraordinary in her eyes. That's just how she is. These disputes should not be seen as the end of relationship or a breakup, but as Anna's whims. And if I want to be with her, then I just need to take her whims from time to time and learn to live with them. The question is, do I want to be with her despite her behavior? I don't really understand why, but the answer to this question is - yes, I want to be with her! Despite the fact that everything was great for me with Natālija and her behavior was much more normal, I wanted Anna here and now. Maybe in the future I will try to talk to her that I do not consider her actions quite normal from time to time, but for now I wanted to spend the evening with her. Something in Anna's unaccustomed madness attracted me. 

After a short break, I told Anna that we would celebrate Valentine's Day at home. She came close to me, wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me. She said he was happy to be here again, but to take her to the party next time. I agreed. Then, as if jokingly, she asked, "And where are the flowers?". I automatically pointed to a bouquet of flowers that were meant for Natālija, which was still wrapped in paper and stood in the kitchen sink. She kissed me again and asked if there was a gift? I replied that there is also a gift. So I was in a stupid situation again, when I had now promised Anna the gift and flowers that were meant for Natālija, I would also spend Valentine's Day with Anna, which made me happy, but also put me in an awkward position - I had to refuse Natālija once again.

I told Anna that I had to go to the car because I forgot my wallet there. I lied, I just needed a reason to be away from Anna for a moment to send Natālija a message of refusal. I sent a message to Natālja, apologized and wrote that I would not be with her today. I said something about that suddenly I had a lot of work to do, and something like that. When I was down at the car, I looked at the phone and saw that she had read the message and was writing something back, then suddenly she didn't write anymore, and I didn't get any answer at that moment either. I didn't feel very good about how I abandoned Natālija on Valentine's Day. But in this situation I did not know how to proceed. Anna had arrived at the apartment, and I couldn't (or didn't) want Anna to drive away to celebrate Valentine's Day with Natālija.

After a short while I went back to the apartment. Just before entering the apartment, I received a message from Natālija - an expressive picture with a raised middle finger addressed to me. The picture was accompanied by the text: "Never call me again!" I looked at these news and thought it was an adequate reaction from Natālija's point of view. I deleted the entire history of texts with Natālija so that it would not interfere with my phone, and respecting her wishes, I decided never to write to her again.

I came back to the apartment where Anna was waiting for me, she was in a very good mood and ready for a romantic evening with me. I pretended that everything was as usual, although I wondered how stupid it was to abandon Natālija like this. Yesterday I told her that I did not want to hurt her, but now I have really messed with her. In any case, it had to be forgotten now. It happened as it happened, and there's not much to go through. I started talking to Anna about where it is better to order dinner  from, when suddenly Kaspars called me. It was weird, he usually doesn't call and on Valentine's Day. I picked up, and Kaspars asked, how do I feel?  I'm told I feel ok, normal. And then came what many have heard during this time - Kaspars announced that two of his friends who were at the party had positive Covid tests, and he himself is now experiencing various Covid symptoms. Since we all drank from the same bottle at that party, we all have to go in isolation. Shit! Suddenly, I suddenly looked very different at the fact that I wasn't feeling too well this morning. It means only one thing - self-isolation and the hope that my feeling unwell today is just a mild cold!

The stupidest thing was that I had to send Anna home. Even more stupid, I had to tell this to Natālija as well.



In this blog I want to share the stories from my personal life. You will be able to read my beliefs, thoughts and confessions from personal experience. In order not to hurt anybody, I've changed people's names and introduce myself with pseudonym Mr Hunter.


Riga, LV


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