I couldn't decide - to touch Ramona with a gentle caress or to cover her with a blanket - or to caress her - under the influence of alcohol it didn't seem like such a bad idea! But I didn't do it and the next morning after the party I woke up in my bed alone, realizing that out of respect for Dāvis, it was the best decision.

I didn't have to hurry anywhere, so I stayed asleep and wondered for a while. I was not mistaken in claiming that my new apartment has a party aura. The day before, I managed to have a big party in the apartment - in a fun atmosphere, people quickly heated up, cocktails and shots were pouring constantly and the DJ could finally be asked to put on any song at any time, because this time the DJ was myself! The sofa was the first piece of furniture I bought, and it was very useful for Ramona because she was still asleep on it. Ramona even proved her maximalist nature in her sleep - if she was partying, so that the roof of the house was taken off, if she was sleeping, then it seemed so tight that even an alarm could not wake her up that morning. Also, of course, the amount of alcohol consumed…

I was about to get up to take a shower when Ramona came into the room. While thinking about how to react to her appearance, she approached the bed and slid neatly under the blanket. "Warm me up, I'm frozen lying there on the couch alone," Ramona came next to me and tried to kiss me. Nothing had changed since the day before, Ramona was still my best friend Dāvis's girl. I could no longer look at Ramona and perceive her as before. Ever since I learned that everything between them is serious, Ramona has been given an invisible veto - although I will admit that after the party, when my friends had left and Ramona had fallen asleep sweetly on the couch - it was not easy to control myself and not touch her in her sleep. Despite Dace and everything else, Ramona has not lost her appeal in my eyes.

I tried to push Ramona away, saying, "I'll make you tea if you're cold." Ramona tried to stop me saying that she was still sleepy and that we could just "sleep" together. I told her to go back to the couch and sleep if she wanted to. Ramona got angry, jumped to her feet, and hurried to the bathroom. This Ramona's hot blood! For a moment, in my imagination, I allowed myself to enter the bathroom, undress, and join Ramona in the shower... But it was good that I didn’t follow my impulses. I do not know what is the case with girls in such situations, probably similarly - it is too much of a betrayal and insult to mutual respect between friends.

After about ten minutes, someone called at the door and behind them was Dāvis! "I came after Ramona," he said calmly and walked inside. I felt uncomfortable, worried that Dāvis might misunderstand everything. I immediately started to say how my new sofa, which I bought before the party, was useful because Ramona blacked out on it and slept all night. I also breathed a sigh of relief because the pillow and blanket left on the sofa testified to Ramona's sleep that night.

Dāvis mentioned that it is good that Ramona stayed here and did not go to the next party under the influence, as she often used to do. O-o-k-a-y, well, and why he didn't come himself, I asked. Dāvis said that he could not come because he had to settle an important thing and it took more time than he had initially thought. I showed Dāvis the apartment. He was, of course, excited and appreciated all the same in this apartment as I did. Ramona came out of the bathroom like a fresh flower and smiled around Dāvis’s neck, kissing him passionately… Awkward! Ramona said that she was deadly hungry, grabbed Dāvis by the elbow, and ordered him to have breakfast. They said goodbye and left. I sighed with relief. It felt awkward to be with Ramona and Dāvis in the same room just the three of us. Especially with Ramona, who had just tried to harass me without Dāvis knowing anything.



In this blog I want to share the stories from my personal life. You will be able to read my beliefs, thoughts and confessions from personal experience. In order not to hurt anybody, I've changed people's names and introduce myself with pseudonym Mr Hunter.


Riga, LV


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