I found it interesting to share my experience of how it is to drive everyday with a BMW sports and luxury car M6. It's a relatively rare car that most people don't find in their garage. Not because no one can afford it, but as with all new BMW cars, the rapid fall in value in the first years is quite impressive, so in the used car market, all BMWs can be found at affordable prices. In my opinion, the real reasons why many people don't even consider this type of car at all are different. First of all, the fact that the M series cars aren't considered practical and family-friendly. They always have a slightly harder damping and a sharper response to any movement above the accelerator pedal. When people choose a car primarily for the amount of comfort, the M Series, while actually quite comfortable, will not be the first choice on their potential car list. Second, many simply want to save on fuel costs while using the car. There is a big difference if a trip to the countryside costs you 20 eur in an economy diesel or 60 eur in an M series car. Of course, the main culprit in such fuel expenses is not the big 4.4-liter engine, but your own behavior at the wheel, because who even can drive calmly with the M series. And, in my opinion, the last and main reason why most people do not drive an M-series car - they do not dare to do so. Man is a creature of compromise and M series cars are meant for maximalists. Maximum power, best cornering stability, maximum driving excitement. Many do not see themselves behind the wheel of such a car, they want economy, low road taxes on a daily basis, to show friends that they have made the "wisest choice". There are people who want the appearance of an M series car or acceleration at a traffic light for their car, but are not ready to give up everyday economy. Then on the road appears "Frankenstein" with a 2-liter engine and 4 mufflers or "chipped" diesels on the streets, which leave a cloud of black soot behind a traffic light. The M Series is not for everyone. It's like a beautiful and crazy girlfriend - everyone wants to feel something that this lady can give in bed and in life when she is happy, but only a few can live with her demanding nature and whims when she is angry. Although in reality my M6 is not so demanding, I will mention a couple of disadvantages that the owner of the M6 ​​Gran Coupe has to live with.

I'll start with the practical things that the owners of these cars need to learn. It 's small stuff, but I still can't get used to it. The F10, F06, F12 and F13 series M series, although also found in America with a manual transmission, are mostly equipped with a two-clutch automatic transmission. It has a special gearbox, but it works almost like a regular machine on a daily basis. However, BMW engineers thought it would be more fun to make the gearshift very different. For example, you won't find a "P" button on the shifter, which is the main stop mode for all other machines. This is quite confusing for young drivers, as the machine must always be parked in "Drive" mode, which is against logic, and the electronic parking brake button must be pressed. The machine will always yell and will not let you go if you have not done this procedure perfectly. I'm not joking.

I've been driving this car for a very short time, but I've already come across a statement about an oil refill. No problem, a quick visit to the car service solved it. But in forums and video reviews I realized that this topic is very relevant for M series drivers. The engines are made in such a way that they protect themselves while out of these fluids. It is better to apply the oil immediately and not to worry about the engine breaking. I realized that in some cases, when driving sportily, M car "eats" up to 1 liter of oil for every 500 kilometers. It 's like going to the movies with a guy who will drink 2 liters of cola effortlessly during a 2h session. And I didn't even mention the standard 17-liter fuel consumption for every 100 kilometers. M series - always thirsty car. The bonus of all this has to be added to the cost of new tires, because at the moment it seems that with my heavy leg and desire to make 360 spins and "burnout", the tire treads are shrinking at an impressive pace.

Continuing the topic of M series engines. After visiting the forums, I now have a slight paranoia that my engine can explode and blow up in the air at any moment. The reason is the famous defect in BMW sports engines. The e60 and e92 family of engines earned "fame" for this problem. For my engine, with the factory designation S63, this problem is not very pronounced, but I also plan to have a new main bearing set and replacement serviced in the near future. I'll tell you how much it will cost me. It will definitely be more than many want to invest in a newly purchased car, but many times cheaper than a new engine. In this case, peace of mind is more important.

This car is very dear to me and I want to protect it. Every time I go to the supermarket or some other public parking lot, I have started a new habit. I no longer want to look for a parking space as close as possible to the entrance to the store, but rather stop in a farther, quieter corner. My car is relatively large and I really don't want anyone else in my hurry to slam the door of my car or scratch it with their belongings. Many people are in a hurry or thinking about something completely different in their daily lives, do not pay attention to how far the car is next to them and will definitely not even think to leave their contact information by hitting a small bump in it. So I feel safer leaving my car in the far corner of the parking lot. An additional bonus is a healthy walk to the entrance and the opportunity to take a spontaneous car picture in the parking lot, which is not ruined by nearby cars.

Since I take care of my car and its engine, I had to get used to the fact that every time I started the engine, I had to wait for the car to warm up. It's only less than a minute, but compared to other cars, where people leave immediately, but still feel like a grandpa with an old Opel, where all the starting procedures have to be followed. Even more annoying is that the engine must be thoroughly warmed up until the gas pedal can be safely pushed into the floor. For example, on a short drive of 10 minutes, my engine is not warmed up at any time and I should not tip over properly and enjoy the acceleration of a real M series. Many times an old diesel has stood next to me at the traffic light, which leaves first at the intersection, because I am not allowed to press the gas pedal aggressively for a cold engine. Paradoxically, I have to drive like a mushroom with a more powerful and faster car, while the diesel overtakes me and leaves a cloud of black soot. Even after that, the car owner brags to friends that they have been ahead of the M6 ​​at a traffic light.

The last minus I will mention is not really a minus, it is more my romantic longing for the "good old days", when the car had just everything it needed and nothing more. If 30 years ago the BMW e30 series weighed 1,100 kilograms, now the F06 weighs almost 1,900 kilograms. Ok, much of that weight is security technology. However, there is no denying that BMW wants to be a luxury car manufacturer lately and therefore the car is growing in size, weight and equipment. My car has electronically operated blinds, three-zone climate control and "soft close" doors that close gently when you close them near closing. These are adorable options, but isn't that too much for a sports car? Shouldn't the M-Series really go on a proper diet and save 100-200 pounds on luxury options? Because now it seems funny that the car is stuffed with everything possible, but the carbon roof and other light metal parts are still attached to save weight. A strong philosophy from the beginning would have been more useful here.

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