The next week after the party was quite busy. After the border opening with neighboring countries, I received several requests for apartments for rent. Spending several months in sleep mode, when only a few adventures with beautiful girls made my daily life more colorful and the ever-increasing amount in my bank account delighted my eyes, thanks to the time I spent diligently, it was a pleasant addition to the events.

I was very pleased and excited by the memories of the evening with Dace and Ramona. After that, I called Dace several times, but all attempts were in vain. It's not my style to be so insistent on the "locked door" in my nose. But her disappearance from the horizon did not give me peace of mind. Dace was a sexy bunny, and she made me really interested in her unruly nature and teasing, which annoyed and aroused me at the same time.

I'm not used to giving up, and if I have something in my head, I have to get it. I wanted to meet Dace at all costs. I decided to use mutual people, and who is closer to both of us than the hot-blooded Ramona! I still hesitated for a while due to the restrictions that still existed, but to invite Ramona to myself seemed like a bad idea. In the end, I offered to have dinner together at the Wine Studio. I wanted to charm her a little with refined dishes and high-quality wine. With no doubt, she agreed.

We leisurely enjoyed delicious food and good red wine. Ramona looked confident and charming. I could understand that she was getting ready for tonight - light makeup, beautifully styled hair, and a stunning dress. In the beginning, none of us talked about the hot topic. We exchanged superficial phrases. Then we remembered a couple of parties we had both attended, and without noticing we approached the "taboo" topic. I hadn't talked to Ramona after THAT night and she didn't particularly look for opportunities to meet me. I admitted that I had a great time and would love to repeat it. As much as she just mysteriously smiled, sipped wine, and answered nothing, I continued my monologue. Unobtrusively, I tried to find out what was going on in Dace's head and maybe Ramona could arrange a meeting for us.… When Dace's name started to sound too often in our conversation, Ramona's expression changed. Her patience seemed full and the name Dace would now taste like a sour lemon in her mouth. I realized that further questioning was pointless and I risked not only ruining my evening but also thoroughly annoying Ramona.

Sometimes I like to play what I call "if / then…". For example, if I drive through all the green lights along Krasta Street, then tomorrow I will buy myself a new jacket. Or, if that girl smiles at me, today's profit will double compared to yesterday. Sometimes I use this game only for entertainment, but sometimes also - to make decisions. It may seem strange considering how pragmatic I am, but at the same time I'm also a gambler, and this game can be very amusing.

So, on the pretext that I had to go to the restroom, I decided to call Dace and give her a "last chance": if she answered me this time, she would become my official girlfriend. I was excited about my new challenge! Dace replied immediately as if waiting. I was happy with the success, but to my surprise, I was also a little disappointed - I was not in a hurry to have an official girlfriend! I didn't have much time for this reflection, because Dace said very briefly and bluntly, “Everything is through between us. If you keep harassing me with calls, I'll send the police for stalking! ” I was completely stunned by such statements. The phone vibrated, but fortunately, it was not another threat from Dace, but a message from one friend that invited me to a garden party.

When I returned, Ramona's gaze had returned to the previous amusement, and I decided to order another bottle of wine to wash away some of the unpleasant aftertaste left by Dace's words and the thought that I would not meet her again. I had nothing to regret. Back then, the threesome had succeeded and I hadn't imposed anything on anyone. So… bye bye Dace and hello - whatever comes next!

Although I had a fiasco in the original goal of this dinner, I became more and more uplifted in Ramona's company. Putting Dace in the foreground, I had forgotten how skilled the queen of the parties - Ramona, was. If she wanted to, nothing could stop her from having such fun that all worries faded away and were forgotten. After the second bottle of wine was almost empty, I offered to go to the garden party together. I had no specific, forward-looking intention for Ramona. But one thing was clear - tonight I felt much better in her company than without her.

I called a taxi and we went to Baltezers. The area was a bit remote. The gate was open. We crossed a carefully mowed lawn until we came to a beautiful house. The music got louder and louder. Behind the house was an apple orchard with lights hanging from trees. There were about twenty people in the garden. Aleksis had set up an improvised bar counter under one of the apple trees. I never understood who really owned this house. In warmer weather, Aleksis often held his garden parties. Both friends and friends of friends came to them and sometimes a random person from the side who heard about it.

We sipped Cuba libre cocktails that Aleksi's had mixed and enjoyed the evening. I joined the company, who were comfortably seated on the inflatable loungers, while Ramona stayed at the bar counter, but our gazes met from time to time. After a while, three unseen girls appeared in the garden and came to our side. I didn't know them, and to start the conversation, I offered to bring something to drink. I approached the bar and asked for three glasses of Prosecco. Ramona danced nearby with two guys and recorded my every move.

I took drinks to the girls. After a while, Ramona fell in my lap. She hugged me around my neck and "marked the territory", passionately kissing me. Then she said quite loudly that I was great in bed and that we were going to repeat it tonight. The girls sitting across from us looked at each other and I could see that they were uncomfortable. Then Ramona disappeared somewhere among the dancers.

When I went to refill my glass, the only pretty girl at the party was standing at the bar - a slim brunette. When we were already in the conversation, Ramona came in front of us. She cheekily glanced at the girl I was talking to from head to toe, then emptied her glass in one jerk and placed it in the girl's hand with the text, "Gin and tonic, please!" The girl grumbled and then disappeared somewhere. What a…? !! Ramona really knew no boundaries!

The party continued, there were more and more "fallen people" and the pretty girl was nowhere to be seen, so I turned to my tonight’s companion. Ramona quickly regained my full attention as we danced and her hands shamelessly traveled under my waist! She told me to call a taxi and go to a warmer place together. By the time I opened the car door for Ramona, she had already told the driver my address - she certainly did not lack determination!

When we got to my apartment, the devils of lust were already dancing in Ramona's eyes. To me, the amount of the consumed alcohol was pulsating in my veins and Ramona's unequivocal call to share the pleasures of the sex seemed really enticing. There were no candles, no sensual music, no long foreplay. Bold and fast - that would be the name of our hot bodied pleasure in two words. We had sex half-dressed in my bed, which actually fueled me even more as if we couldn't wait until we got rid of the clothes completely.

When I opened my eyes in the morning, Ramona lying next to me looked as good looking as when awake. This "still life" in my bed caused a dilemma: to say thank you to Ramona for a fun evening and goodbye, or maybe try to find out together how crazy she really is…




In this blog I want to share the stories from my personal life. You will be able to read my beliefs, thoughts and confessions from personal experience. In order not to hurt anybody, I've changed people's names and introduce myself with pseudonym Mr Hunter.


Riga, LV


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